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The survivor.

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The survivor It was a bright, sunny morning. Tom arrived at the dock with his friends ready to board the ship - Atlantic. Tom was hoping to have a better life in New York. He often heard people saying there were more job opportunities and a better lifestyle in America. America is everyone's dream, especially attractive to a young and ambitious man. So, just like the other dreamers, he boarded the ship with great hope, ambitions and plans. As the ship set sail to New York, they could hear the cheers from the crowd below. They stood waving and calling to anyone they knew. Smiles lined their faces and their eyes gleamed. They were all so happy. Tom and his friend then spent the rest of the day exploring the ship. ...read more.


He told Tom to wear warm clothes and then report to the lifeboat with a lifebelt. Tom headed to the deck. There he was reunited with his friends. Up the deck, women and children had first priority to get into the lifeboat. Everywhere children were crying for their fathers and there were lots of goodbye kisses. Some of the wives refused to get on the lifeboat. They wanted to remain with their husbands until the last moment. People started to panic and feared that they might die. Tom helped women and children to get into the lifeboat. He also helped the crew to let down the lifeboat. There were a few times when Tom could have escaped from the sinking ship. But he didn't, he gave his chance to women and children. ...read more.


As the woman and the baby safely boarded the lifeboat, Tom was making his next rescue. Time passed slowly. The lifeboat was already half full. And the crew told Tom he had better get some rest. They said it was dangerous to rescue any more people, because the ship going to sink at any minute and he might be killed. Tom's only thought was to rescue as many people as possible. On the final mission, people on the lifeboat saw him disappear into the fog. The ship remained vertical for a while. Suddenly, the ship snapped in two and slid down into the black freezing water. Tom gave his lifebelt to a woman who knew how to swim. The woman swam safely to the lifeboat. But Tom never returned and his body was never found. Although Tom had died because of his heroic actions, his spirit lived on in the survivors' hearts. Those whom he helped and rescued will always remember him dearly! ...read more.

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