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To me, Billy Casper seemed to be a shy boy with a terrible home life. A boy his age working to support his family, taking abuse from his brother and torment from his mother? His mother! The one woman in your life that is supposed

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Billy Casper There he was. Billy Casper. Standing in the doorway of the living room to the small two bedroom house I had a perfect view of the young boy with his snow like skin. His trouser and shirt ripped, covered in mud, seemingly stretched to fit his size. As I approached him I noticed several things about his behaviour. He seemed to have an invisible barrier around himself as though he was shielding himself for what was yet to come. Sitting in a corner silently staring deeply in to nothing, he seemed like that isolated kid you'd always hear about in school but would never want to approach in fear of becoming just as isolated. The only thing that was bothering me about this, the only thing I couldn't figure out was why he seemed so happy in such a situation. Surely no kid likes to be isolated. Why would a young Billy Casper be any different? Sitting there in his corner he looked perfectly content. Almost as though he was at peace with the world. ...read more.


well, honestly? I'm not quite sure what. How do you figure out the meaning behind such a pained look? That was the moment I realised Billy Casper was a boy misunderstood by one too many people, after all what exactly had he done to get people despising him so much? Yes he had been on the wrong side of the track in the past. Yes I know so wrong he was in trouble with the law. But what kid today had not? Where these people giving these other kids the same treatment they presented Billy Casper with? The front door to the small house opened and a woman walked in, or rather stormed in, running straight to Billy's corner, (him sitting in that corner must have been a regular thing seeing as the woman didn't even need to search for him, she went straight to that corner like it was a daily routine. I soon came to realise it was). "'Ey did you get mi cigarettes?" she slurred. "Yes mother" he returned in a voice that had no tone. ...read more.


His mother! The one woman in your life that is supposed to love you no matter what. Give you care, reassurance, strength, love, support. Well. Not in Billy's case. Infact in Billy Casper's case it was the total opposite, in Billy Casper's case your mother was the one women in the world that gave you hatred no matter what. Hatred and nothing else. Pugnacious they had said. Well, I wouldn't be too surprised if he was. Having to live in these conditions on a daily basis could even make the most angelic kid become eager to fight. Yet Billy did not, maybe in the past he did, but right now. In the present. He has not been in any sort of fight he has sat back and taken what has been laid out for him, with not a word of protest. I had come to Billy's home to investigate and unveil the cause of his behaviour, and had succeeded in doing so. There was now only one thing left to do. Figure out a way in which I could help Billy. After all, what was the point in bringing to surface the cause of the problem, when you are not going to proceed in rectifying it? ...read more.

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