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Write a story based on the life of an actor in the Elizabethan Theatre. Concentrate on a single day, or span a wider period to take in touring and introduce Shakespeare if you wish

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CREATIVE WRITING - Based on Shakespeare and his times Task: Write a story based on the life of an actor in the Elizabethan Theatre. Concentrate on a single day, or span a wider period to take in touring and introduce Shakespeare if you wish. "And Robin shall restore amends" the play ended with an applause like no other. The audience cheered the actors as they came on stage, and one of them, Oliver, the main actor was saluted in honor by Will Shakespeare for such wonderment. Oliver was a boy of seventeen, born an aristocrat in a French family. The young boy had begun acting ever since he turned into his teens, while acting was a hobby he worked at the London Bank, earning a good deal of money each day. He lived in a home fit for him, although he had no house companion. Most of his friends were married, but he himself had no bride and no love. As he stepped out of the Globe, he made his way into London, where his home was. Although he didn't know he was traveling with an unknown companion, he didn't take notice of who he or she was, until they stepped of into a market street. ...read more.


The letter was an invite to an audition for his newest play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream". He made his way from his home to the Globe Theatre, the centre of all acting and performance. "Oliver! How very good to see you again!" greeted Shakespeare, he took Oliver's hand and gave it a thorough shake. Like in most Elizabethan theatre, only men could be actors, the Globe was crowded with men of all ages and status. Most of them were a young generation of men, aging from 15 to 40's. Auditions were carried out as usual by reading transcripts from plays. With Oliver's experience in acting this should have been no problem for him. He picked up a transcript and read loudly with spirit and emotion, "My lord, fair Helen told me of their stealth, Of this their purpose hither to this wood, And I in fury hither followed them; Fair Helena in fancy following me. But, my good lord, I wot not..." when his turn concluded, others went after him. Since you couldn't choose your character you were chosen by your appearance. ...read more.


He greeted his lady with a kiss and took her outside where they sat under eternal starlight. The night sky shone above unlike any other. Oliver spent the night watching the sky with his wife. As it grew older he went back inside to bed, where he waited for the new day to greet him. The morning greeted him with the smell of freshly baked bread and the sweet smell of cinnamon. He ate his breakfast, and left his glamorous home for the playwright's house. He passed the castle of Queen Elizabeth which loomed grey and dull. He arrived at Will Shakespeare's house to converse more of the play. As weeks and days of rehearsals passed, the day of the final performance of a Mid Summer Night's Dream arrived. The queen was invited to watch the new comedy. Oliver was extremely nervous, but at the moment he stepped onto the stage all his fears and doubts were cleared from his mind, making room for passion. The play went by with laughter from the queen and the audience. The play ended with an applause grander than anything Oliver had ever experienced. Perhaps his fame will make him store a new goal in his life. The Sun settled and the day grew to night, and Oliver walked home. ...read more.

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