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Your honor lady's and gentleman we are gathered here today to assess wither Michael lamb is guilty of 1st degree murder

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Your honor ladies and gentleman we are gathered here today to assess whether Michael lamb is guilty of 1st degree murder. Michael has no previous convictions; he has come from a good family background. Michael lamb comes from a little farm outside Ballycastle in Co Antrim. He had a mother and father who didn't abuse him like Owens's father and mother had done to him. Michael had a desire to give his life for others because he knew taking Owen out of out of the country would be having terrible consequences. He did this because he wanted to give an abused child a better chance in life, by taking Owen away. Michael had a deep faith because he dedicated his life to the church. Michael wasn't a violent man. He didn't believe that violence sorted situations out. Michael was in opposition to Benedict's tactics, Benedicts tactics were "kill and cure", a little of God and a lot of fear. ...read more.


He lay awake waiting for his mother to go to bed. The door opened, Owen closed his eyes and pretended to be a sleep, and then he felt her pillowcase from beneath his head, and then suddenly he felt it close over his face, Owen began to struggle, and shout but she pinioned him tight where he lay. He thought he was having another fit, he screamed and gasped and managed to turn his head side ways, she try to force his head back into the pillow. He felt her hand and he bit it as hard as he could. She screamed and for a minute let go of him, Owen wriggled away, ran for light of the hall, as she shouted drunkly "if it wasn't for you ya wee shit." Is this what a mother does to their children if she can't get a man? Owen was the youngest brother of five. One was in the merchant's navy and the sixteen-year-old brother had just joined Free State army. ...read more.


If he were still in the home he would probably be getting beatings from benedict for crimes he didn't do. "What would you wish for your child" would you like to be a defenseless child getting whipped with a bamboo cane rubber pipes and other household weapons or even would you like to be that child getting beaten black and blue' would you now? Think about this ladies and gentleman would you? Because I certainly would not like it a all. I, as Michael lamb's barrister believe that this man is not guilty of murder because at the end of the day all he was trying to do was to take him away from all the unhappiness. He didn't take him away by force, Michael loved this child and he would have done anything to help him, I appeal your compassion that this man is not a victim of circumstances, not a cold blooded murderer, I feel that was done for the sake of the child. By: Patrick Kelly 4 lismoyle ...read more.

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