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English- letter from Romeo to Lord Montague/Father.

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English- letter from Romeo to Lord Montague/Father. Dear Father, I apologize for all that I have done. I haven't told you everything that has been going on and I should have done. I'm sorry. I have a robe of guilt hanging over my shoulders, which I would like to get rid of, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain everything, as this will be my last chance. I have fallen in love. However it isn't Rosaline's heart I sought out for, for so long. It is Juliet Capulet. I know that our families are fighting over my doubted love for Rosaline, and I apologize for all the trouble I have caused over that. I loved Juliet from the moment I saw her. My friends and I decided to go to the Capulet's ball, the one that was held a few days ago, on the eve of our last brawl. ...read more.


Later that morning, Juliet and I were married by Friar Lawrence. I was even happier knowing that I was bound to her, I couldn't tell you. The longer this went on the harder it became for me to tell you. I hope that you understand. After Mercutio died and my anger made me murder Tybalt, I loved Juliet more that ever before. The only reason that I didn't want to fight Tybalt in the first place was because I felt bound to him. As him being the cousin of my wife, I loved him as a friend and didn't want to fight as enemies' any longer. Tybalt and Mercutio didn't know that any of this because the only people that we allowed to know and needed to know were, the holy Friar Lawrence and my Juliet's nurse. They are both good people, so don't harm them in any way or blame them for what has been going on when I am gone. ...read more.


You have been so wrapped up in revenge for the Capulets; you have neglected to see the truth. So many timed I have nearly let it slip, but I was afraid that you wouldn't understand and listen to the whole story. I have been waiting for the right moment, and I thought that this was it. Now that you have listened, I thank you for you time. Please take heed of what I have said and don't neglect my advise. I won't be seeing you again but I apologize for everything. Hiding everything, committing murder and getting banished. At least now I will rest in peace with that robe of guilt lifted form my shoulders. Please give my regards to dear mother and tell her not to worry. I have done what I think is best and I have followed my heart. Say sorry to all of my friends for not telling them the whole story. My apologizes Love from Romeo Emma Haynes 10BM ...read more.

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