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English Listening piece.

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English Listening piece. Nicholas-"Good morning and you're listening to Radio X" (Cheerfully) Jane-"Yes that's correct and today's topic that we are going to discus is about Lady Thatcher's long career in politics after her announcement that she is taking a back seat in politics" Nicholas-"Yes, but Jane do you really believe that she has been at the forefront of politics since 1979!" (Emphasis on 1979) Jane-"Really..?(Pause) Goodness she has had such a busy time in power what with Great Britain taking back control in the Falklands and 3 million being unemployed." (Serious) Nicholas-Oh yes. ...read more.


us here yesterday and said that many families admired Mrs Thatcher and at the age of 77 is amazing that she can still hold a high profile and that her Euroskeptic ideas have slowly got more eccentric." Jane-"So what are her views on Europe then Nick?"(Questioning) Nicholas-"Well from what we have read from the newspapers and from the promotion of her new book is that she has slowly disliked Great Britain being integrated into Europe." Jane-"Oh and have her warnings from her new book been listened to?" Nicholas-"Well that's what we are asking our listeners to call in and tell us about on: JINGLE Call Radio X now on: 0845 55 22 55 And you ...read more.


Nicholas-"Now there's no doubt about it that "Statecraft Margaret Thatcher's new book will be a best seller because she served for 11 years in office! (Surprise) Some may say that was long enough (side comment, jovially said) but she managed to survive through things such as Black Monday during her terms in office..." Jane-"Sorry what was Black Monday Nick?" (Interrupted) Nicholas -"Well it in the USA actually but it caused a ripple affect on our market here rather like the Wall Street Crash." Jane-"Gosh she also survived the riots which took place over the poll tax didn't she? Do you remember that? (Addressing Nicholas) Nicholas-"I do indeed, well we would like your comments and ideas about her career and we shall be taking questions right after this old favourite:" "Mariah Carey-Never Too Far" ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Charlotte Bronte section.

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