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How the introduction to All My Sons, form an effective inroduction

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This essay will be assessing how this section forms an effective introduction to the play. Firstly Miller sets the scene. He begins with describing 'the backyard of the Keller home, in the outskirts of an American town.' (pg 3) Automatically from this we gather that the play is an American drama. Evidently if you had read previous playwrights by Miller or know his Nationality you would have all ready established the fact of an American play. If not then with-in the first line you are well informed. Next he states the particular time of year in which the play is set "august of our era" (pg 3) this suggests the weather would be "beautiful? Not a cloud" (pg 4). It also even goes into further detail informing you of the date and time "early Sunday morning" (pg 3) He then progresses into describing the house and garden here we can already begin to guess the state, and class of the family. "The house is two stories high, and has seven rooms" (pg 3.) He then describes the arrangement of the garden. "Garden chairs and a table are scattered around" (pg 3) this is very affective as we can imagine a clear picture of where the main conversations and drama will take place. The atmosphere is very cheerful and friendly and suggests that the Keller's are a popular family. This contrasts later on in the play, when we find out they dint always used to be a popular family due to Joe's jail incident, and the fact that the neighbour thought he was a 'murderer.' ...read more.


"I would love to help humanity on a Warner Brother's salary" (pg 7) Again another person who is realistic about money, already we get an impression that one of the themes of the play is money and materialism. This also parallels Joes actions, both men have had to compromise their occupation, and had to do things they regret to earn a living. However there is a huge contrast at the start of Act Three. Jim realizes moneys not everything "money. Money-money-money-money, you say it long enough it doesn't' mean anything" (pg 69) This is a sub-plot in the play. But could this need for money all be down to his wife sue? Sue comes in just as Jim talks about "not a damn thing to look at in the neighbour hood" (pg 7) an awkward moment to introduce a new character but miller purposely picked this so automatically we can get an idea of Sue and Jim's uneasy relationship. Sue comes across as jealous "she enjoys it more when you tell her to lay down" (pg 7) implying one of her husbands clients fancies him. Her jealously is seen more stronger later on in the play when she speaks to Ann about trying to convince Chris in moving away, she can be quite harsh and nasty. She is very money obsessed. This is effectual. Two more characters are introduced Frank and Lydia (husband and wife) Frank is optimistic and superstitious and he is helping Kate out with a horoscope for Larry (her dead son) ...read more.


(pg 5) the audience is given a clue that the tree is meaningful to Kate, and we also learn that Kate is in a fragile state of mind, who lives in hope of Larry's return. Even though the tree was planted as a memorial to Larry, it could symbolise other things such as; the characters broken hopes and dreams for example Jim's desire to be a humanitarian "... the kind of man I wanted to be" (pg 70). It could also represent Larry's disillusionment and the destruction of his own life he "cant bear to live anymore" (pg 79) and takes his own life because he is so ashamed of what Joe had done. Finally the tree could represent the Keller family in general, that's how they feel broken like the tree all because of Joe's selfish crime, and in a bigger sense the destruction of society, and the selfishness off all people who has profited because of the war. In conclusion this section is very effective as it introduces the characters and gives us a little background on them, not too much because that would spoil it, but just enough so we are able to piece together some of their relationships, and beliefs. Also various themes are hinted at such as; the science V superstition, money and materialism, and the great significance of the broken tree. Because so many ideas are introduced in a small period it is action packed, and Miller makes sure his audience isn't going to get bored, and are going to want to read on. Rebecca Jones ...read more.

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