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Evaluation of our role playtaken from Goblin Market by Rossetti

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Evaluation of Our Role Play taken from 'Goblin Market' by Christine Georgina Rossetti In our class we were given half of the poem the 'Goblin Market' to read through, we then had to come up with an ending to it based on the theme of temptation. In our group we elected Lindsey to be the director and Laura and Lizzie were played by Hannah and Emily. First of all we shared our ideas for the ending and then brought tem together with the help of Lindsey to decide what we should actually do. I really liked the idea of Laura somehow becoming trapped in the world of the Goblin's and suggested that we could incorporate this with the idea that once Laura had given into the temptation of eating the Goblin's delicious food they would then want something in exchange. ...read more.


As soon as she had done this I, along with the other goblins, immediately tried to desperately grab the lock. I showed a great contrast in my acting, from being all sweet and enticing to attract Laura to savagely leaping at her in a bestial manner. When all the goblins circled around Laura I chanted cries of "Come buy our orchard fruits" and "sweet, delicious, succulent dewberries". I said these in a distorted tone which made me sound inhuman and contrasted with the normally pleasant sounding words. I kept the power of my voice strong but not too loud in order to be able to build it up later. ...read more.


As Lizzie tried to get to Laura we wanted to come up with a way of stopping her without actually touching her. I had an idea that something like a sudden move without making contact with Lizzie could do this and we developed this into stamping our feet or banging the floor with our hands as if casting some spell which knocked Lizzie back. I used confident and jerky movements against Lizzie and when we did it all together it made us, the goblins, seem very scary and powerful. When we finally caught both Lizzie and Laura together I changed my facial expressions so that I was smirking and leering and laughing at the girls in a sadistic manner. I kept my body language still hunched over and starred greedily at the girls. ?? ?? ?? ?? D.C.B ...read more.

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