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GCSE: Shelagh Delaney

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  1. When Shelagh Delaney began working on A Taste of Honey, she intended it to be a novel; but instead, it became a very famous play

    Nowadays people like that are nosey and interfering busybodies. It is also easy to be 'anonymous' and for people not to take any notice of you. When Shelagh Delaney wrote the play, her intentions were to express how she felt towards those topics raised in the pla. Delaney was not predjudiced but she wanted to put her veiws across, she wanted to change the audiences' mind and bring them to the attention of the broader range of people that lived in their community.

    • Word count: 3056
  2. In "A Taste of Honey" Shelagh Delaney presents Jo as a young woman looking for security and love. Compare the relationships she has with Helen, her boyfriend and Geoff. To what extent does she find security and love with each?

    It was very common for a youngster to be involved in any of the above, as the senior members relied on their traditional customs and philosophies and took a lot of care in their every move. Ironically this play doesn't seem very concerned with all the issues that emerge from that society, and makes it a much more rebellious and interesting play to watch. However interesting it was, not everyone agreed with the content of the play, as some reviewers confessed that this was the first play they had seen with a coloured person and a homosexual man.

    • Word count: 3460

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