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GCSE: Romeo and Juliet

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  1. Consider the characters of Romeo and Juliet and explain how the description of ”a pair of star-crossed lovers” presents their relationship appropriately

    Romeo's character at the moment seems to fall in love easily, he has a good group of friends and usually is sociable, but when he is in love he changes and is very quiet and reclusive. We then go to see Juliet for the first time; her mother and the nurse are talking about getting married. This is the first time we meet Juliet and we notice that she is very respectful of her parent and obeys their every command.

    • Word count: 2173
  2. How important are the characters of the nurse and the friar in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?

    This source concentrates greatly on Romeo and Juliet, only mentioning some minor characters. Tybalt, Juliet's cousin was only mentioned in the scene where Romeo killed him, yet Shakespeare involves him in many other scenes building him up as a link between play the and audience, also he is evolved as a certain side track for Romeo bringing Romeo's violence to the surface. Mercutio is also an essential character in Romeo and Juliet .He is Romeo's best friend; he adds many different aspects to the play including humour.

    • Word count: 1400
  3. What Role Does Fate Play In the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

    However, the two most distinct outlines to fate are said by the two main characters; first Romeo then Juliet. In Act I Scene 4, Romeo is anxious about attending the Capulet's party. He looks uneasily into the future and has a premonition of death. His tone is ominous, filled with foreboding and he uses legal language by prophesying that his untimely death will result from what begins tonight, at the Capulet's feast. However, after much persuasion, he still goes, leaving God to direct his future.

    • Word count: 2043
  4. Compare and contrast the roles of the Nurse and Friar Lawrence in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

    The Nurse is very affectionate towards Juliet, and dotes on her as her own child. In this way, she wants the best for Juliet and gives her the 'best' possible advice according to her beliefs. Unfortunately, since she lacks the greater wisdom of other characters, her guidance is sometimes flawed and she is easily swayed by other characters conflicting opinions. The class boundary between Juliet and the Nurse is easily apparent whenever she talks, probably due to her lack of education.

    • Word count: 3889
  5. Compare and contrast the opening scenes from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet to these in the Franko Zeffirelli Version

    It then moves to the Montegue Boys in a car driving through veronabeach, then parking at a petrol station. The Montegues Sampson and Gregory are filling up the car and the capulets arrive, Abra gets out and scares the Montegues then they insult Abra and a gunfight begins. Tybalt gets out of the car and Benvolio returns from the toilet the gunfight continues. During the brawl Sampson spills petrol on the floor witch Abra lights by dropping a match. As the petrol station goes up in flames you hear a helicopter approaching and a chase away from the petrol station begins, this ends with Benvoilio and Abra dropping their guns.

    • Word count: 1631
  6. How does Shakespeare create atmosphere in act 1 scene 5

    Count Paris has asked Lord Capulet for his daughters, Juliet's, hand in marriage. Although Juliet is only 13 arranged marriages were common at this age: Paris says 'Younger than she are happy mothers made' Lady Capulet replies 'I was your mother upon these years' Lord Capulet arranges a ball and invites Count Paris to a ball, to be held for the announcement of Paris and Juliet's engagement however Juliet knows nothing of this as yet. Juliet is then informed by her mother of Paris interest in her.

    • Word count: 1844
  7. An Examination of Different Attitudes to Love and Marriage found in ‘Romeo and Juliet’

    As the play progresses, Romeo's attitude to love changes dramatically, his love for Rosaline makes him slow and sorrowful, but his love for Juliet makes him witty and joyful. After meeting Juliet he banters with Mercutio, who is surprised but glad that he is no longer in love with Rosaline. Sure wit. Follow me this jest now, till thou hast worn out thy pump, that when the single sole of it is worn, the jest may remain after the wearing solely singular.

    • Word count: 1514
  8. Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

    Maybe this is because one of his twins died, at the tiny age of eleven. As well as that, the whole of England was afraid that Queen Elizabeth 1st was going to die in the near future, and there was no successor. This is the era in which Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a classic story of 'a pair of star-crossed lovers'(Prolouge line 6) that goes back a lot further than the time of Shakespeare.The plot has been traced back to poems and folk stories well over 200 years before this.

    • Word count: 1176
  9. Romeo & Juliet – Did love or hate win in the end?

    She is glad that Romeo was not involved in the fight, but she then says that her son has been in a melancholy and depressed state of mind. Romeo enters, appearing downcast and distracted. Romeo explains to Benvolio that he is madly in love with a woman named Rosaline. Who is sworn to chastity? Benvolio says that Romeo should "forget to think of her," and his friend replies that he will stop thinking about Rosaline if Benvolio can show him "a mistress that is passing fair".

    • Word count: 3841
  10. Make a close study of Act III scene I. How far can it be seen as a turning point in the play?

    In addition, in act 1 scene 4, just before Romeo goes to the Capulet masque he speaks of his suspicion of what may be the consequence of him going to the ball. Romeo says, "Some consequence yet hanging in the stars", this may link to him meeting with Juliet but it may also link with act 3 scene 1. Also he says, "By some vile forfeit of untimely death", as well as linking with his and Juliet's death this also may link with Tybalt's and Mercutio's.

    • Word count: 2437
  11. Examine closely how language reveals the relationship between Juliet and her parents in Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’

    Also normally the parents would try to pair their children up, but Capulet is not making the choices, he is letting Juliet decide. Paris then replies by saying: ' Younger than she are happy mothers made' Meaning that girls younger than she, have been married and had children and were perfectly happy, but Capulet stands his ground. His love, and care is too strong for him merely just to pair up Juliet at her age. We know that Capulet's care for Juliet is vast as he says 'She is the hopeful lady of my earth'.

    • Word count: 2895
  12. “Romeo and Juliet” - Youth and Age

    Verona is a patriarchal city and fathers hold virtually absolute sway over their daughters. Near the beginning of the play, Capulet is conversing with a possible suitor to Juliet, Paris, and agrees that if Juliet finds the man attractive, then he shall give his consent to marry Paris. This is a very reasonable decision of Capulet, as he is not actually forcing his daughter to marry Paris and is allowing them to meet before Juliet makes her decision, "...within her scope of choice, Lies my consent and fair according voice".

    • Word count: 1668
  13. Examine the Role of Fate and Destiny in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

    The another mention of fate and destiny comes at the Capulet's feast when Romeo says "My mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars.' Suggesting Romeo can tell what is going to happen. As if it was in the air almost. Romeo is saying he can tell something bad or life changing is going to happen. This is said just before he meets Juliet, leaving Shakespeare showing his audience that Romeo believes in fate. However this belief is then questioned again when later in the play Romeo says, "Then I defy you stars!"

    • Word count: 875
  14. Romeo and Juliet Media Assignment

    This shootout is fast, furious and serious which shows that this is a thriller a western retrospective because it shows two groups shooting at each other and a western style type of music comes on in the background. Later there is a scene with a frightened lady hitting one of the Montegues with her handbag, these lightens there feeling in the film and opens up other options on which direction the film can go in, it also helps to appeal to the modern audience because it is comic and many people find that appealing The director uses these different conventions

    • Word count: 1166
  15. Romeo and Juliet

    The nurse is un-ladylike and crude when speaking to Juliet about men and her future. "Thou wilt fall backward when thou has more wit wilt thou not Jule? I get the feeling that the nurse loves Juliet more than her parents do. The Friar tried to help the two families to have peace by assisting Romeo to wed Juliet, and therefore force the end of the feud. But he was not completely convinced that Romeo was in love with Juliet as only a short time before Romeo had fallen for another.

    • Word count: 947
  16. Comparison between the two versions of Romeo and Juliet

    Zeffirelli's version of the opening was set in a market square, whereas Lurhmann's opening was in a petrol station. When the Montagues and Capulets have a confrontation in Zeffirelli's film, the argument is quite courteous, in a mocking way. But in Lurhmann's version, everyone is frantic, especially the 'Montague Boys, but they still manage to put a shouted 'Sir!' at the end of each sentence. Also, before the 'Montague Boys' were shown at a petrol station, a newsreader is saying the prologue of 'Romeo and Juliet'. The newsreader then fades out and the viewer is shown empires, belonging to the Capulets and Montagues.

    • Word count: 2571
  17. Who is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet

    Their deaths lead to Romeo's banishment and his banishment lead to his separation with Juliet, which caused much grief and sorrow. As for Juliet, maybe Capulet was to blame for her death. He was a wise and strict man, who tried to do the best for his daughter. He wanted to get Juliet married as soon as possible, it seemed as if he wanted her out of the way. Especially when Tybalt died as he felt that this would help her recover from his death and so that she would not put of marriage any longer, yet he did not know that she was more upset about Romeos banishment.

    • Word count: 1724
  18. How does Shakespeare engage the interest of the audience in the ballroom scene?

    I would direct the actors to all stand around Capulet, looking at him and smiling. I would place well-dressed waiters very close to him, holding plates of food and wine to offer to the new guests. The two references that Capulet makes to age develop the major theme to the play because the two main characters, Romeo and Juliet are also very young and wish to get married at a young age to prove their love to each other. The two lines "Come, musicians play" and "A hall, a hall, give room!

    • Word count: 829
  19. Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet: Act 1, Scene 5

    or "If I am wanted there, why are you calling me over here?" At his point, the audience is worried that the audience will find out that Romeo is a Montague, this creates an atmosphere of danger and excitement. In lines 16-24, Capulet welcomes his guests, giving a special welcome to the masquers. He is a jovial host, and he is pleased to see the masquers because they help to make his party spontaneous and lively. He is also probably honoured that so many people who weren't invited would want to come to his party.

    • Word count: 1344
  20. What 30 years have done to Mercutio & Tybalt?

    The Montague in the car shows his holstered gun and says "quarrel I will back thee". The Capulet smoothly shows his gun and then draws back his lip to reveal a metal plate where his teeth should by with 'sin' inscribed on it, he hisses when he does this. The Montagues are so panicked that the one in the car jumps and falls back into the car. The Capulets start to mock them for their wimpy behaviour and laugh as them.

    • Word count: 2418
  21. A pair of adolescents entrapped in a feud

    Romeo and Juliet knew in their actions there would be consequences, but were those consequences something that took place because of his actions, or were they going to take place regardless. Right at the very beginning of the play superstitions embarked an important place in the play and foretold the young lover's destiny, which was significant. There are many suggestions in the play that the deaths were destined by fate, that the whole thing was meant to have happened, in order for anything to take affect.

    • Word count: 3004
  22. Consider the character of Romeo. Do you sympathise with him thinking him a tragic young man, or did his conduct and attitudes annoy you?

    This does not really show any love or emotion. When he begins to talk about Roseline and why she does not love him, we begin to see that this might not be 'genuine' love. He believes that she will not "Ope her lap to saint-seducing gold" When Benvolio tries to be a good friend, and help Romeo forget about Roseline, he just ignores him, and it seems he enjoys being down. "Farewell: Thou canst not teach me to forget" Could this be that he is really depressed about the situation, or maybe he likes the attention?

    • Word count: 1229
  23. Write a conversation between a director and the actress playing Juliet discussing how should act in Act 3 Scene 5

    I think you should say lines 26-35 in a dull tone as if wishing that you did not have to say it. Juliet: OK. How shall react when the nurse is calling me away from Romeo? Director: Juliet will be slightly frantic to see as much of Romeo as can she can in the last few seconds they have with each other. You should be quite careless about people seeing him but she always resorts back to her mature side and realises that they cannot take risks.

    • Word count: 1134
  24. Tybalt and Anger in "Romeo and Juliet".

    Tybalt is presented as a violent, provocative, yet justified character within this extract as his intense anger for the Montagues begun from his love for his family. During Tybalt and Capulet?s conversation in this extract, Tybalt constantly refers to violence and anger, allowing Shakespeare to present ideas common in the Elizabethan society, as Tybalt?s violence is due to his revenge because Romeo has attended the Capulet party uninvited, however, Tybalt?s anger could also be triggered because he has a deep love towards his family, therefore the ?ancient grudge? mentioned in the Prologue has an immense effect on his actions.

    • Word count: 624
  25. How does Shakespeare present conflict at the start of Romeo and Juliet

    Therefore right at the start of the scene he calls them ?profaners?. This is very emotive language and helps to underline the Prince?s contempt for both of the families and their conflict. The audience when they hear language like this will then associate both families as being not being very religious and being opposed to God and His purposes. The contempt that the Prince and the audience is supposed to feel for both of the fighting families is further emphasised in the description of their swords as ?neighbor-stained steel?. Clearly what the Prince is trying to highlight here is that both families are behaving in a very selfish immature way and are showing an unchristian regard for their neighbours.

    • Word count: 800

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