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4 Poems - How do the relationships between men and women differ in the poems you have studied?

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How do the relationships between men and women differ in the poems you have studied? Refer to four poems and compare how these relationships are shown and described. Focus on the language and style of poem used to convey the emotions, balance of power and meaning between the men and women in each The four poems I have chosen are - * The Lady Of Shalott * La Belle Dame Sans Merci * First Love * To His Coy Mistress First Love The poet is completely mesmerized by his love. He had not known love or been infatuated before. The softness of his love shows in the way he refers to, "Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower." (Verse one. Line three) His love is an uncontrollable love with his face turning pale and his legs refusing to walk. The gentleness of the love portrays where he feels his life turns to clay, where clay being a soft earth. The second verse becomes a more dramatic love from the man, "And then my blood rushed to my face." (Verse two. Line one) His eyes being sensitive to a musical emotion, "They spoke as chords do from the string." (Verse two. Line seven) The softness returns again in the third verse when he talks about his love again, describing his love with winter flowers and snow. The loves do not speak and no physical contact is mentioned. She seems to accept the love by being silent and repays the emotion with her by just being with him. ...read more.


She did not speak, but looked and sighed as if she loved him. He gave her his horse to ride, and he walked beside them. He saw nothing but her, because she leaned over in his face and sang a mysterious song. She spoke a language he could not understand, but he was confident she said she loved him. He kissed her to sleep, and fell asleep himself. He dreamed of a host of kings, princes, and warriors, all pale as death. They shouted a terrible warning -- they were the woman's slaves. And now he was her slave, too. Awakening, the woman was gone, and the knight was left on the cold hillside. This poem is a Ballard. In this poem the women is completely different to First Love and To His Coy Mistress. In those two poems the women are very weak and powerless but in La Belle Dame Sans Merci she is a very dominant woman and the man respects and loves her and he thinks she loves him back. "And her eyes were wild." (Verse. Line 4) This line shows that as soon as the men saw her, he was very attracted to her. "I made a garland for her head." (Verse VI. Line 1) This line shows the man is very loving and caring towards the women, as he has gone to the trouble to make her something. In the previous poem I studied the man was completely opposite as all he wanted to do was make love to the women in To His Coy Mistress and was even frightening the women. ...read more.


In these four poems there are similarities between them. In First Love and La Belle Dame Sans Merci the men act the same way towards the women as they both fall for her and both want to be with her. Only in La Belle Dame Sans Merci does the man think the women likes him as well but she might of just been using him. Only in these poems are the men similar as the women are different as in La Belle Dame Sans Merci she says to him she loves him. To His Coy Mistress is different to all the others as the man comes across very dominant as all he wants to do is sleep with the women but the women does not feel ready. You could relate the women in this to First Love, as they both might not feel the same way about the men. The women in To His Coy Mistress starts to get scared as the man is frightening her as she does not want to sleep with him too early, so he is starting to get angry. In The Lady Of Shalott you cannot relate the men and women to any other of the poems as this time the man has the power over the women, and she is very desperate and breaks the curse for Sir Lancelot by just looking at him. In all the other poems the women have been different in either not liking the man in the same way, or could just be using the man and now been very attracted to the man, Sir Lancelot in this case. Robbie O'Brien ...read more.

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