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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. All the poems in the section 'That old rope' are about parent child relationships. Both 'Nettles' by Vernon Scannell, 'Lullaby' by Rosemary Norman and 'upon my son Samuel' by Ann Bradstreet

    The poet makes effective use of sound effects by using embedded alitteration such as 'But in two weeks the busy sun and rain' the clever use 'of the 's' sound gives the impression of pain and sobbing. Also the sibilant 's' creates the sound of a slicing noise such as the cutting of nettles that is discussed during the poem. 'That regiment of spite' shows the extended metaphor used throughout the poem as the nettles are portrayed as an army ready to cause the son pain. The rhythm of this poem contrasts to convey the marching of the personified nettles.

    • Word count: 951
  2. poem must be magical

    It must be a brightness moving And hold secret a bird's flowering.

    • Word count: 94
  3. survival

    I died a plant and rose an animal.

    • Word count: 90
  4. Poetry Comparison - In both great-grandfather, and on the verge the writers present an old person as the key figure.

    The theme of time as presented through the gramophone is an extended metaphor for a human life cycle, particularly the ?great grandfather? presented in this poem implying as he ages he becomes ?like? his younger self. The theme of time is also used in ?On the verge? to, like ?great grandfather?, portray older people. The time theme in this poem is a lot more systematic and chronological than Great grand farther with lines such as ?year after year?, and ?lifer turns another page? giving a very negative tone to the passing of time and this tone is reflected upon the portrayal of old people.

    • Word count: 652
  5. Both of these poems Tramp by Rupert Loydell and Decomposition by Zulfikar Ghose represent the homeless and less fortunate people in our society

    Furthermore, the use of well-structured poems could also suggest the narrator as being the judgmental society (being higher than the homeless and structured in life) looking downs over the unrefined and ragged men that the poets have presented. The titles of these two poems present different concepts. In the poem Tramp presents an image of a dehumanised person of who is merely a tramp that is an outsider in our society. In the poem Decomposition the title has a different meaning.

    • Word count: 594

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