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GCSE: Carol Ann Duffy

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  1. In Mrs. Tilschers Class by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem in which she explores the themes of childhood and the transition to adulthood.

    It represents the unpleasant transformation. She personifies the sky and the air as well which is ?feverish? and ?untidy?, indicative of the unrest and turbulence of growing to adolescence. Another noteworthy feature she uses in her language is the caesuras and enjambment. In the first line, for instance, she says ?You can travel up the Blue Nile?, and in the next line, ?with your finger?. The pause adds and element of awe in travelling the Nile. This is abruptly let down by the disclosure that it is simply on a map in a classroom.

    • Word count: 1250
  2. War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem which explores the theme of moral ambiguity.

    At the start of the poem, Duffy conveys that there is no moral issue in taking pictures of suffering. She re-enforces the image as the photographer sets out the spools of photographic film into ?ordered rows?. The word ?rows? has connotations of the headstones in a graveyard. This is relevant as the poet could be suggesting that the mass burials during a war are very impersonal and the photographer is actually conducting a funeral for these people. Duffy describes the photographer as a: ?Priest preparing to intone a mass? By using the simile ?as though...he a priest? the photographer is conveyed as almost giving each war victim a proper burial.

    • Word count: 1487
  3. A poem which describes a persons experience is War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy.

    This suggests that the photographer has seen very traumatizing and disturbing mass burials and graveyards that have taken place because of the war. It is almost as if the photographer is giving all the wartime victims a proper burial that they never received. His experience in war inflicted countries is definitely one he, as much as he tries, will never be able to forget. Duffy shows the photographers profession by listing several places: ?Belfast. Beirut. Phnom Penh.? These are all places with some type of war and conflict.

    • Word count: 1158
  4. Compare how Carol Ann Duffy presents women in the poems Havisham and Salome

    The characters are also very different as Havisham has very low self esteem and thinks she isn?t worthy of anyone else. Whereas Salome has very high self esteem, ?Good looking, of course? this suggests that she doesn?t fall in love with men who are below her high standards. Also ?I?d done it before? this suggests it isn?t the first time she has slept with a random man. She also says ?I needed to clean up my act? suggesting that she may start to become a bit more mature and settle down.

    • Word count: 1530
  5. War Photographer is an anti- war poem.

    Moreover, the intensity of the unending suffering is emphasized with the help of enjambment to add to the effect of continuity of the poet?s miseries. While the photographer undergoes pain, he tends to take the position of a priest of a church whereby, he is the only one to attend the helpless. At the warfront all are dead and its only he who is left. His conscience doesn?t permit him to leave them unattended hence the poet says, ?the only light is red and softly glows.? In the harsh realities, it?s the photographer who is soft on the ones who lost their lives.

    • Word count: 1424

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