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GCSE: Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 1
  1. Compare and contrast Carol Ann Duffys treatment of love and language in the poems You, Text and Name

    The poet writes "glamorous hell" - this summarises love for her. It tells us that although she likes herself being there, she doesn't like the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. The third stanza continues talking about Duffy's love for the man, and how she secretly watched him as he came into sight - "You sprawled in my gaze". Then, we come to the fourth stanza. This stanza writes about the poet walking into the bedroom and seeing the man she dreams about "on the bed".

    • Word count: 2290
  2. Discuss the ways in which Carol Ann Duffy explores the theme of alienation in Stealing, Education for Leisure and Originally

    The neatness of the presentation of the poem could represent how neatly the thief is organizing his thoughts on the other hand it contrasts with the thoughts of the reader, as we are confused, as we do not understand the idea of stealing a snowman whereas the narrator does. Duffy uses the technique enjambment often, for example, "I joy-ride cars/ to nowhere," this makes the poem sound more like a speech as it is more fluent, this results in making the situation and the speaker in the poem more realistic and therefore more sinister and disconcerting.

    • Word count: 2354
  3. Carol Ann Duffy - Childhood and Youth

    out violence to be noticed, which tells us that this stage of their lives where difficult as they feel they have no purpose or meaning. In "Education for Leisure" it is clear that the teenager's education is not doing him any good, as he has not been able to find work as he is on the dole, and not working, nor has it helped him to control his boredom or frustration. "I squash a fly against the window with my thumb."

    • Word count: 2381
  4. The two poems which I am going to discuss are "Stealing" and "Valentine" both written by Carol Ann Duffy.

    No matter how miserable the children will be because of his inconsiderate action, he doesn't care, for he is in need of a mate. The phrase 'slice of ice' seems very cold and heartless in itself, using it to describe a part of someone's brain seems to me to be a very negative personality trait. The thief is morally confused- he sees "not taking what you want" as "giving in", as if you might as well be dead as accept conventional morality.

    • Word count: 2200
  5. An evaluation of TWO poems on the theme of 'outsider'- 'Education for leisure' by Carol Ann Duffy and 'Miracle on St David's Day' by Gillian Clarke.

    This day is like any other day for the man because his life is filled with sadness. He feels uninspired and may feel frustrated due to the 'boredom'. He wants to destroy something, 'I am going to kill something.' This phrase is directly alerting the reader that the man is unstable and is enthusiastic to kill. He is too weak and defenceless to kill a living thing so he mentions of victimising an object. It also indicates that the poem is occurring in the present tense. Duffy has used this to add to the tension in the mind of the speaker.

    • Word count: 2327
  6. Duffy sometimes creates a character for the speaker of her poem - What methods does she use to do this in valentine and before you were mine?

    For her, the onion is the ultimate representation for both love and knowledge of what love is. It is the combinations of both pleasures and pains, both opposites that are equal in intensity and are entirely unavoidable in a relationship. An onion for her, avoids the sentimental simplification of a gift - "NOT a red rose or a satin heart" which makes love appear only sweet. She uses the use of not at the very beginning, to clarify and warn the reader what she is about to say is a negative rejection from the normal.

    • Word count: 2356
  7. Explain how Carol Ann Duffy conveys her feelings towards the subjects of the two poems 'War Photographer' and 'Stealing'.

    However, in this poem, the narrator is the character and he is angry and resentful. In both of the poems she uses the expressions and speech rhythms of an everyday conversation. 'Stealing' starts with a question, 'The most unusual thing I ever stole?', which I think, makes the poem more interesting and intriguing for the readers as well as making it more conversational. The question is then answered with 'A snowman'. This is quite a shocking and unusual thing to steal and I believe this will grab the reader's interest. By making the poem more conversational, it makes it more personal and gets us more intrigued and makes us think about the unusual question at the start of the poem.

    • Word count: 2066
  8. "My grandmother", "Piano", "At Castle Boterel" are poems which are concentrated on the main idea of 'looking back".

    He misses those days now knowing that he is unable to go back.. In `At Castle Boterel' the poet reflects back to the past and shares the reader the most enjoyable times he spent whilst he built a strong relationship with the most important person in his life, the person he loved. The times when they spend the day talking, climbing up the hills together were all a very precious and a special time for the poet. But now he knows that his time is approaching to an end, and knows that he will not be able to go back to those days, ever again.

    • Word count: 2424
  9. Poems by Carol Ann Duffy.

    In Valentine Carol Ann Duffy describes the feelings of the woman to her lover. Valentine When you think of Valentine you think of happiness love, sweet joy, anything that is good related with love. Giving the impression that the poem is going to be about loves happiness etc. We are still given this impression even when the poem starts 'Not a red rose or a satin heart' This tells us that someone has thought hard about the Valentine message she is going to give, rather than traditional presents. This person in the poem is making us wait before she tells us what she has bought her lover, making the reader curious about her.

    • Word count: 2572
  10. We have been instructed to compare two different poems both written by the same author. The two poems I have decided to compare are 'Stealing' and 'In Miss Tilscher's class.'

    The poet chooses not to rhyme the poem but to use alliteration and assonance instead. For instance, in the first stanza it quotes '...Midnight. He looked magnificent; A tall, white mute beneath the winter moon. I wanted him, a mate...' The repeating of the letter M and W with the sound of 'I' is quite frequent. Assonance and alliteration are very cleverly constructed to make a repeated textured pattern, so when these words are spoken, they roll off of the tip of your tongue portraying a cold, silent, lonely noise. This giving the effect that no one is around, just the thief.

    • Word count: 2250
  11. "My Grandmother" by Elizabeth Jennings and "In Mrs Tilcher's Class" by Carol Anne Duffy

    for and kept her like an antique: "She kept an antique shop-or it kept her" So again this gives an old, frail look to her outlived and past her sell-by date. Jenning's describes the atmosphere and area around her very well using different uses of language and gives a clear and detailed picture and is able to transport you there. Not only is the poem about her Grandmothers obsession but also is about a particular experience. This is one she has kept on her mind since she refused to go out with her Grandmother she explains her feelings of no grief but guilt but straight forwardly and clear.

    • Word count: 2215

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • In "Little Red Cap" discuss the use ofimagery, syntax and structure.

    "In conclusion, Duffy has cleverly written this poem based on the fairytale little red riding hood, but there are many hidden meanings to various parts of the poem, for example touching on childhood innocence and teenage rebellion. There are also arguably different interpretations to what Duffy has written. Date Set: Thursday 9th Sept Teacher: Miss. Gruder Date Due In: Monday 20th Sept Ellie Frost - 12SP 1"

  • Compare and Contrast Havisham and Anne Hathaway by Carol Ann Duffy

    "The poet, in my opinion has had a love who she felt this strongly for. 'Havisham' is a poem full of rich imagery, the tale of a woman who remembers her husband in a wonderful, loving way with no hint of sorrow. It is beautiful to read and to dwell on the magical pictures that are painted within it."

  • The Poem Havisham creates images and feelings of death, anger and destruction. Discuss how Duffy communicates this to the reader.

    "I find this poem interesting and I enjoyed reading it, but there were parts, which I found slightly hard to understand. My immediate response to this poem would be... Miss Havisham needs to wake up and get over the fact that she was stood up, but after reading into this poem, I have started to understand why she feels so bad, and why her hate is as strong as it is. I think that Duffy has communicated well with the reader, and has passed across all the points which have been made in the poem. Ben Riley"

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