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Comparisons of 'The Wild Horses' and 'Pike' In these poems, the horses are portrayed as natural and a part of nature while the pike are unnatural and don't fit in with the rhythm of nature. Firstly, in 'The Wild Horses', Gilmore

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Samia Naifeh 11SV Comparisons of 'The Wild Horses' and 'Pike' In these poems, the horses are portrayed as natural and a part of nature while the pike are unnatural and don't fit in with the rhythm of nature. Firstly, in 'The Wild Horses', Gilmore portrays the horses as having a beat or a pace which mimics their heartbeat. This is evident in the rhyme scheme: AB AB CC DEED which is in each stanza. The polyrhythmic structure is like a heartbeat and the noun heartbeat suggests the need to live and the pace reflects the speed which is natural. However, the pike poem has no rhyme, ellipsis or enjambment which adds to the broken lines. This is illustrated in the poem when the author describes 'the jaws hooked clamp and fangs not to be changed at this date'. this reinforces the point that the poem has no beat like the heartbeat in 'The Wild Horses' which emphasizes the broken lines give and gives the poem unnaturalness. On the other hand, the horses are natural objects as they are compared to natural objects. This is indicated in the first stanza when the speaker says 'let the dark mountain shake to the thunder/ Where the wild horses trample the fern'. ...read more.


It is like a flowing structure in the first and third line because of the repetition. It is portrayed as a journey with no end. As the beginning is also like the end, there is a sense of balance which reflects the horses' harmony which is linked to the cycle of life and the natural cycle. On the other hand, the cannibalistic description in 'pike' is violent and shocking as one is forced into it's own death. This is illustrated in the description of the pike getting swallowed 'one jammed down it's gills down the others gullet'. This depicts the idea that one pike is eating another and ironically dies in the process. The verb 'jammed' displays the idea of the pike being forced down a gullet and is extremely violent. The horses are harmonious and the pike are rough and do not spare each other which is violent. They are almost alpha males because they are in charge. The horses, are portrayed as dramatic and unstoppable while the pike are silent, trapped and sinister. As the horses career across the landscape, they are unstoppable because they are constantly moving and active and the pike are confined and are not moving. ...read more.


However, the poet puts in colours associated with royalty in the 'Pike'. This is represented in 'pike in al parts, green tigering the gold' and green represents an ambiguous and unclear colour and gold displays royalty and wealth. Moreover, the horses are elegant because they are elongated. This is interpreted by 'outstretched like a racer' and because the horses are free, and all running together it makes them look as if they are very stretched out which is beautiful. Furthermore, the poet uses imagery to portray a beautiful place. This is characterized in 'owls hushing the floating woods' and the noun hushing represents the calming down of nature and it is beautiful because the woods are not really floating, because of the shadows and movement of the owl. By both animals being portrayed as beautiful, they are in a way harmonious too because of their link to the natural world. I conclude that I like 'The Wild Horses' poem more because I like poems that have a meaning and the imagery in 'The Wild Horses' is so touching that I preferred this poem. I did not like the 'Pike' poem as family is quite important to me and it shows betrayal of the family and the gain of someone that came from the loss of someone else. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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