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Discuss the way that childhood is dealt with in the three different poems

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Discuss the way that childhood is dealt with in the three different poems The three poems, Half-past Two, Piano and My Parents kept Me from Children who were Rough, all deal with the simplicity of childhood. The three poems all portray slightly diverse views on youth as one show it as being a joyful memory and the other saying that it is a throbbing reminiscence, which you would want to put behind yourself. The different structures of the three poems are relatively easy to pick out. Half Past Two consists of eleven stanzas with three lines in each of them. The poem is in an organized manner as it goes through a chronological order over a period of time. Each stanza takes the reader through time as the situation is seen through a child's point of view and it is later referred back to from an adult's point of view. The poem Piano has three stanzas each with four lines. An adult who is reminded of his past by a woman singing narrates this poem. D.H.Laurence takes us back through time to a place where he was a little child and brings these memories back to reality where he doesn't find the singing all that great anymore. ...read more.


And we can tell that he was still too young to tell the time, as it 'hides tick-less waiting to be born'. In the poem Piano there is lots of onomatopoeia used, as it is very descriptive. It describes the scene under the piano where the child listens to the 'boom of the tingling strings'. It is very effective as it gives a clear image of the scene of the past and this helps the audience to think up the present and therefore makes the poem more realistic. As I mentioned before, there are rhyming couplets in the poem. This is powerful; it gives the poem a general flow to it, as it will emphasize certain words or phrases. This poem is unique as it doesn't look at the memories from a child's point of view in the first place. It is a poem where the narrator is recalling certain memories which are relevant to the subject of his childhood. Unlike the other two poems this poem has a more negative viewpoint. Unlike the joyful and exciting memories of childhood mentioned in the other two poems, the poem Piano remembers childhood memories haunting. Lastly, the poem, My Parents kept Me from Children who were Rough, the poet tries to portray the rough kids to the audience. ...read more.


In other words, the language and the structure is much complex when compared to the other two poems. Piano is a bittersweet poem about thinking back to his past times. The poem itself is evocative as he remembers the past as a painful memory. He initially finds the singing of the women very comforting, but his view on these changes after he thinks back to the time where he was sitting under the piano. Somehow when he came back to his adult self, he doesn't find it comforting anymore, he finds it very haunting. On the other hand, in the poem, My Parents kept me from Children who were Rough use specific examples for each of the emotions the poet feels. Words such as 'tiger' and 'dogs' shows that the rough kids are dangerous as well as being wild but at the same time they are free from the society and are packed in a community. In conclusion, the three poems deal with the simplicity of childhood but all in different ways. The poems are different in the means of the emotions that the poem gives in sequence to the story. All the poems have different structures and imagery used to suggest the viewpoints of a child. One point to note is that the poems do not give character to the narrator as they suggest that they can be anyone. ...read more.

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