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GCSE: Dylan Thomas

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  1. Under Milk Wood - review.

    The dead Mr Ogmore and the dead Mr Pritchard are often in Mrs Ogmore Pritchard's dreams. In these dreams they are lying beside her in her bed, one to each side of her. And here she wakes in her dreams and gives Mr Ogmore a nudge in the ribs. Then she starts to command them and treats them as if they were totally unable to live by themselves. Once they are awake she starts this, firstly by telling them that 'it is time to inhale your balsam'.

    • Word count: 2287
  2. Dylan Thomas' style in Under Milk Wood.

    emotions "O Tom, Dick & Harry were three fine men" the whole song is very sombre and is a technique that wasn't used in very many plays. It is very effective and the songs are repeated again numerous times throughout the play this use of familiar repetition is another attractive device to incite the listeners. To contrast the sombre song there is a happy song about Johnnie Crack and Flossie Snail sung by young children this is very useful as it is a step from the opaque and poetic style that he normally used.

    • Word count: 2010

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