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GCSE: Love Poetry

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  1. A Comparison of the two poems, 'A Red, Red, Rose' by Robert Burns, and 'Valentine' by Carol Ann Duffy

    The colour red, which is associated with love, expresses passion and intense feeling. The rose is formed perfectly, is very beautiful and is very sweet smelling; this may be a metaphorical reference to his lover. The poet, in the next line goes on to say, the rose is newly sprung, which suggests his love is fresh and that the rose, like his love, is at its best. This line also suggests Burns' realisation of this new powerful feeling; love. Throughout the poem Burns makes reference to the natural world, firstly with the 'rose' then the 'seas', a 'rock' and then the 'sun'.

    • Word count: 1402
  2. Discuss the extent to which psychologists have been able to explain love

    What is the difference between liking someone and loving? Love isn't something that just appears over night. Often you start of by liking someone and duration of time spent with that person & the more you get to know them that fondness can turn into love. Love is said to be "a strong positive emotion of regard and affection." This type of love can be felt for family, friends and lovers. However, regarding friendships between two of the opposite sex, how can you tell when you love someone? Rubin's theory explains that love is based on intimacy, dependence and support whereas liking is based on respect and similarity.

    • Word count: 645
  3. The presentation of love (and loss) in How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, First Love by John Clare and Remember by Christina Rossetti with further reference to My Last Duchess by Robert Browning, When We Two Parted

    First Love explores the complexities of love at first sight. Unlike both the other poems, it is separated into three stanzas, in which the poem shows gradual, yet perceptible progression. The trochaic rhythm used by John Clare represents the heartbeat he felt when he first gazed upon his love. The rhyme scheme ABAB reflects upon the separation of the two lovers, similar to When We Two Parted by Lord Byron. Although he is gazing lovingly upon her, the poem does not suggest she is looking back at him, so, physically there is immense separation between the two, but his love being so deep suggests they are closer than they will ever be.

    • Word count: 2298
  4. Analyse an Compare the themes of loss and isolation in Long Distance (Harrison), The Sick Equation and Looking for Dad (Patten)

    The meaning of the poem The Sick equation is how hard love can be and as the boy grew up he found out as his mum and dad divorced and he found out that ' one and one made one' by the end of the poem I think he has found love because one and one doesn't always equal one. Brian Patten had a very emotional life as put forward by his website 'From first to second childhood and back again, with a little chaos and much humour on the way!

    • Word count: 1042
  5. How does Shakespeare use love to create drama and interest in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream?'

    This essay will discuss the evidence that love is associated with a higher power. There are many themes in William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (1595 or 1596); the main theme of the play is love. Another idea is that love is blind: '"Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind."' Another idea could be love does not always run smoothly: '"The course of true love never did run smooth."' Shakespeare suggests we should learn from love's mistakes and mend them, making it run smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Theseus shows Lust for Hippolyta while Hippolyta shows Shyness in love towards Theseus.

    • Word count: 1788
  6. 'The Sick Equation' - Brian Pattern

    This shows that the eternal law of one and one becoming two is contradicted by his parents' relationship. Two oxymorons are used in line five - 'raw cocoon' and 'parental hate'. The cocoon is meant to be loving and nurturing and protective, however the 'cocoon' is raw which gives a good effect as it shows that he was not nurtured or cared for as he grew up. It also gives the reader the image of the cocoon being untreated and desolate. The 'parental hate' is also an oxymoron because two contradictory terms have been placed together. Parents are meant to be loving and caring and by using a negative word, such as hate, is very effective as the reader realises that there is a 'wedge' between him and his parents.

    • Word count: 1558
  7. The first poem I am going to analyse is Cousin Kate this poem is written about a cottage maiden who falls in love with a rich

    The scene for poem one is on a farm were the maiden works. The second poem is set on the edge of the Merseyside. Both poems are about lust and love and betrayal both poems also contain men who are only after one thing. "Cousin Kate's" title doesn't really portray how the poem is going to go were as the title "The Seduction" explains fully. Poets use poetic techniques to distinguish their work from every one else also it gives the poem flow and structure.

    • Word count: 895
  8. The film trailers designed to promote the film Love Actually represent a particular view of modern love and relationships. Explore this idea within a media analysis framework.

    This means that they are more attention grabbing as there is more instant information given along with appealing images. Love and relationships in modern society means a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. In my views, it is an intense affectionate concern or an intense sexual desire for another person. It is a term of endearment and a strong fondness or enthusiasm for something. A stereotypical view of contemporary love exists, which is based principally on gender, social class and race. In Love Actually, Huge Grant, who is the prime minister, falls in love with his secretary; Martine McCutcheon.

    • Word count: 2018
  9. Compare how "Nettles" and "Upon my Son" Show Love for their Child

    Firstly in "Nettles" the father shows love for his son by protecting him when he is hurt. 'And went outside' implies that inside: the little world they have created is safe. However the father is going outside into the world to attempt to destroy some of the things his son may need protecting from. Therefore if his son needs protecting from nettles, that is what he'll protect him from. On the other hand in "Upon My Son" the mother shows herself to be selfish as she expects someone else to protect her son. 'Thou heard'st mer then, and gav'st him me' implies that it is Gods son aswell because he gave the son to her.

    • Word count: 1115
  10. Compare the ways in which Kate Chopin and James Joyce portray Dorothea and Eveline

    However whilst she had her parents a man named Randall came along where he became infatuated with her and offered her, almost a fresh beginning where she could be relieved of being dependant on her parents. The way that he could have gave her the fresh beginning was because he was because he is a wealthy, middle to upper class man. Eveline, in contrast was a working class women. However even though she had a job in the store, the men with the same type of job as her tried to show that they were superior, by teasing and taunting her.

    • Word count: 1830
  11. Carol Ann Duffy, (born 1958) tackles the issue of love in her poem "Valentine," as does Percy Bysshe Shelly (1792-1822) in the poem "Love's Philosophy," and finally Robert Burns (1759-1796) considers the topic in "A Red Red Rose."

    In the poem love is portrayed as a unifying force. Images of the sea, "the seas gang dry my dear" give the poem a natural element. This emphasises that love is universal to all. The image of the rocks, "the rocks will melt with the sun," also contributes to Burns implied natural element. By using examples from the natural world that will never occur, Burns emphasises that his love will last for eternity thus showing love's everlasting power. These aspects contribute to the poem giving an overall impression that love is everlasting and also holds the world together in a unifying way.

    • Word count: 2015
  12. Valentine v First Love Valentine is by Ann Duffy. The first thing that caught my attention was the title "Valentine".

    In this poem it also constantly compares love to an onion. It uses the same words that can describe love as well as an onion , doesn't really use sweet and fragile words or phrases that you would normally expect in a love poem but in my opinion having a bit of a change is always a good thing. "Blind you with tears" The word blind and tears show the nature of love and how love can hurt which leaves you heartbroken and in rivers of tears.

    • Word count: 1548
  13. Compare and Contrast George Herbert's 'Love' with Donne's 'Holy Sonnet'

    Also we see his boldness and defiant tone when he uses strong stresses at the beginning "mighty" and die". As opposed to Herbert who uses the simplistic 'a,b,a,b' rhyming scheme portraying his anxiety of what he feels. We see his insecurity when he says "yet my soul drew back". When using the conjunction "yet" we see his uncertainty of his own feelings. Donne scarcely uses any Latinate words; he uses more Anglo- Saxon language. He also uses more colloquial, monosyllabic words. As opposed to Herbert's "love" that seems to be in more of a sophisticated context. We also notice how "Love" creates a more intimate feel; this is depicted through the length alternating and by the three stanzas as opposed to the Donne's one stanza sonnet and also as the poem is dialog between two people.

    • Word count: 667
  14. "To compare the attitudes towards love at the time both poems were written

    This shows the poet's structure of the poem and how the poet's mind is working. The haste of the poem suggests that's he's thinking rashly, this woman has obviously clouded the poets mind and judgement and he can't think clearly. This enables me to come to the conclusion that the poet isn't a strong enough to cope with this matter by himself. This also shows the poets frame of mind. It suggest the poet see it as love or nothing and that he was obsessed with this girl. It gives an insight into his relationship with this girl that it was only a one way thing, he really loved her but she didn't really love him and that's why he is really upset.

    • Word count: 3126
  15. Love Poetry

    This arouses our sympathy for her. Love has been disrupted by death. 'of our future that you planned:' this relation is strong and is experienced. She wants her husband to remember her even when she is not around, 'Yet if you should forget me for a while'. It is human nature itself that could make this happen. 'do not grieve' , she does not want her lover to feel that her love is possessive, she does not want him to feel guilty. She wants him to cherish good times that they had, 'forget and smile'.

    • Word count: 2916
  16. How Does Hardy Use Language to Create...

    The moon seems to be looking over the lovers and trying to get closer to them because of the words southing and blent. The girl is described as being beautiful like how a princess of a fairytale would be described, the words twinkle and shone have very soft sounds and therefore we feel that the environment is soothing, builds up the 'perfectness' or fairytale-like qualities. The final lien in this verse is much like the 'happily ever after' endings in a fairytale, they lovers are very close with each other and they are laughing together. b. Melancholy and Wistful Atmosphere?

    • Word count: 606
  17. To begin with, Angie is my best friend, and Kelvin is my boyfriend

    I first met Angie about four years ago. We quickly became good friends, and it wasn't long before we were inseparable. I met Kelvin through her boyfriend (now husband). They were best friends too, so it was very convenient for Kelvin and I to become close. Before we knew it we were falling in love. Thus, he became a best friend, too. The most obvious contrast between the two is their physical appearance. Angie is a 29 year-old, white female that stands about five foot -five inches and weighs around 250 lbs. She keeps her short brown hair styled to perfection, and her clothes must fit just right.

    • Word count: 573
  18. "The Garden of Love" and "A Poison Tree" by William Blake

    Both of these poems are narrated in first person, like stories about experiences, creating an impression of personal connection. By using various images Blake illustrates abstract concepts in physical means and with help of hidden clues he effectively expresses his criticism. In the poem "The Garden of Love" the "Chapel" with "shut...gates", "priests in black gowns" and "briars" represent the church, while in the poem "A Poison Tree" it's the "apple" and the "poison tree", apparently standing for the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, that gives the reader an indication of Christian religion.

    • Word count: 523
  19. three Tony Harrison poems

    In the last stanza, the father's ignorant mind is shown to us poor use of language, according to Harrison, but the theme of love is introduced as the poet "can't squeeze more love into their stone", which suggests that the poet feels like an outcast from the family and that the father is the only person allowed to inscribe feelings on the gravestone. It is also ironic that the poet is unable to articulate himself on the gravestone as he is an educated person, unlike his father, and writes for a living.

    • Word count: 1630
  20. "Watching Tennis" and "A Subaltern's Love Song"

    This type of sonnet is divided up into two verses, one of length eight lines; the other of six. John Heath Stubbs has divided these two verses in equal lengths again. This results in both halves of the poem containing different verse lengths. The first two verses contain four lines, whereas the last two verses contain three lines. The rhyming scheme too is unorthodox. The rhyming scheme is in the form ABAB for the first two verses and although the first two verses rhyme in order, the last two don't. This shows how the author is trying to create an image of loss of control and harmony.

    • Word count: 990
  21. Love after Love and This Room

    of itself" this line is obviously a metaphor, which I believed to mean that the room is alive and it is liberating itself.., I think this means that if the mere room is doing this, that you should liberate yourself. She presents this rather literally, with a bizarre or surreal vision of room, bed and chairs breaking out of the house and rising up - the chairs "crashing through clouds" suggesting upward motion. The crockery, meanwhile, crashes together noisily "in celebration".

    • Word count: 1373
  22. How is the meaning of what is said affected by silences and omissions, pace, tone of voice and bodily movement

    If a soft, slow tone is used, it could be seem as a sign of quitting or giving up, on the other hand, if it is said in an angry, aggressive tone it could mean that the speaker is exasperated, annoyed, probably with someone else. Emotion therefore accepts the meaning of what is said greatly, as it can entirely change what is meant. Pauses are used more commonly to emphasize what is being said, instead of changing the meaning. However, it does depend on where the pause is placed.

    • Word count: 586
  23. Evaluative Phase-Love and hate

    Next we looked at the word 'hate' and its implications. Everyone in the group had to say one thing they hated. Then we all went into small groups (about 3 people) and had to make a still image of some form of hate. We chose to do an image of a person being executed by terrorists. Then as a whole group we thought about how we could add hate to the poem.

    • Word count: 483
  24. Love in the Time of Cholera - Commentary on pages 344-345.

    She discovered that roses were much more fragrant than before, the birds sang at dawn much better than before." They have realised that they are not as young as they once were, and they have accepted this fact. They have grown accustomed to each other, as is demonstrated in the quote "they made the tranquil, wholesome love of experienced grandparents." This is also a reference to earlier in the book, when Fermina's daughter Ofelia had commented that love at their (Florentino and Fermina's)

    • Word count: 1845
  25. How does the Merchant subvert the courtly love code?

    With this in mind, how does the Merchant present those characters involved in the courtly love code, and how is the courtly love code therefore subverted? From the beginning the physical contrast between the old, grey husband, "oold and hoor" and the young, fair wife is established. This is an indication of the Merchant's dismissive attitude towards courtly love: "Where as thise bachelors singe 'allas,' Whan that they finden any adversitee In love, which nis but childish vanittee. And trewly it sit wel to be so, That bacheleris have often peyne and wo."

    • Word count: 2027

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