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The Battle Of Blenheim

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The Battle Of Blenheim. Robert Southey (1774-1843) Robert Southey's poem,The Battle of Blenheim was writen because the writer wanted to express his opinion of this partucular war through poetry. The poem is anti-war. It shows the futility of it, because all that came of it was "many thousand bodies here lay rotting in the sun" and "land was wasted far and wide", nothing good actually came of it, as Kaspar and his family are still living just as happily as they were before the war, indicating the war brought nothing good to ordinary life after. Robert shows this by setting the start of the poem in an ideal, happy atmosphere, "Old Kaspar's work was done, and he before his cottage door was sitting in the sun, and by him sported on the green, his little grandchild Wilhelmine." ...read more.


The message the poem is pejecting is that the war did not change anything, the outcome didnt affect the life of this old man Kaspar. This shows how the deaths of so many was not worth the victory, and affect it had. The poem is structured in small paragraphs that consist of 6 lines throughout the whole poem, this keeps the piece organised an consecutive. This structure also keeps the poem fluent and easy to read and understand. There is also use of rhyme placed at certain points, for examle, "They said it was a shocking sight after the field was won, For many thousand bodies here lay rotting in the sun". ...read more.


"Now tell us what 'twas all about, young peterkin, he cries; And little Wihelmine looks up with wonder-waiting eyes". This creates a feel of innocence, this brings it into comparison with war. When the writer creates the calm image of innocent children, listening to their grandfathers old stories, and then goes on to describe the crule acts of the war, it supports the writers views. Innocent children and crule war an at each end of the spectrum, and the reader would feel well inclined to feel, imagine, and take the mental approach that the war is wrong. This poem, The Battle Of Blenheim, portrays the writters views in a very unique way, unlike any other. It is well structured, creates mental images, uses many ways to show his view, and also make the reader understand it. Robert Southey sucssesfully puts across his views for the war in this piece. ...read more.

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