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COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE WAY WORDSWORTH AND HUGHES WRITE ABOUT NATURE IN THEIR POEMS "DAFFODILS AND THISTLES" Hughes wrote the poem "Thistles" which is about how these plants are. He speaks about them as if they were a sign of violence, and violent creatures. He views them as a symbol of vengeance, pain and threat. The thistles are spiky and can hurt anyone. They are dull, immortal, green, rough, and produce a big amount of chaos, written in???????? Wordsworth on the other hand, wrote about "Daffodils" which are small golden flowers. They look vivid, colourful and peaceful. These flowers produce a state of calm, sweet and memorable moments. Written in romantic era of literature, in 1804 Each poet creates a different mood in their poems. Hughes' use of imagery creates a bad and nasty mood. It even creates horrible and mean moods, and sometimes a scary mood. The use of imagery has a reason to it as well; the purpose of it is to make people get a vision, a small scene, and a picture in their minds of what thistles look like, and what they do to be so painful. ...read more.


The theme of the poem is that the thistles represent a battle. More and more plants appear, and the other plants get other older. They get chopped, it becomes a big fight. So the theme is about a battle that takes place which some thistles moaned and some are planted. The theme is mainly about violence and about how the thistles are, what they look like. The "Daffodils" poem has a different theme. The theme is about happiness, joy and good things in life when daffodils are around, how colourful they are their movement and the way that they have affected Wordsworth's life. The form makes the theme and content be different to the form of the "Thistles" poem. The content of the "Daffodils" poem is that it is full of words that makes you feel calm and relaxed while you read the poem, as it has nice and sweet things, and the way Wordsworth expresses his feelings for the daffodils is such that it even affects the content, it makes the content better. ...read more.


I like this poem as well because, when you think about the scene and the moments Wordsworth lived, you get a nice view, a pleasant view, which makes you want to keep the scene in mind all the time and makes you think about the daffodils. But, when you think about the scene of the thistles poem, it isn't as nice and pleasant. This is because the thistles represent a battle, a fight, in which death is involved, when you read it, it reminds you of wars, of fires and all unpleasant memories. The daffodils basically show happiness and joy to everyone, that is why I prefer it. The words that the poet uses in order to describe the poem are exceedingly special as they describe the location in which the daffodils can be found and admired. In the poem he doesn't talk about the daffodils beside the lake, it also talks about how it affected his life and how he kept on thinking in the daffodils after being in the lake. This poem is more memorable than the thistles one, which is why I prefer it more. English Literature Poetry Essay 11/02/05 Hastings School Year.11 Muhammad Ammar Siddique ...read more.

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