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Comparing how the poets present attitudes towards death in "The Laboratory" (LT) and "The Man He Killed"(TMHK)

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Comparing how the poets present attitudes towards death in "The Laboratory" (LT) and "The Man He Killed"(TMHK) Both poems "The Laboratory" written by Thomas Hardy and "The Man He Killed" by Ancient Regime, contain death and murder, they both have victims and murderers, they are set in unpleasant places, they are both emotional "While they laugh, laugh at me, I fled to the drear" the repetition in this quote from TL shows the poet is emotional. "I shot him dead because- because he was my foe" the stuttering in the quote shows that he is reassuring himself I was the 'right' thing to do. The woman in TL is planning on killing her lovers mistress because she wants revenge and is upset about the affair, she is planning on poising the mistress to get her lover back "Sure to taste sweetly,-is that poison too?" this quote shows that the woman enjoys the power that the poison gives her. The soldier in TMHK has killed someone on the battlefield for it was his job but he feels guilty about it "my foe of course he was;". ...read more.


The victim in TMHK feels like the solider who murdered him, it was a war that's what was supposed to happen. The killer in TL feels no sympathy towards her victim "Pauline should have just thirty minutes to live!", this shows she doesn't care about the victim and she resents her. However in TMHK the man feels sorry for his victim "my foe of course he was; That's clear enough;". "Although" by him saying this we know the solider is unsure, and is trying to reassure. In TMHK the contrast between the two worlds are in the Inn "By some old ancient inn, We should have sat us down to wet", the other world is on the battlefield "ranged as infantry,". The Laboratory is described as a hell "thus devil's-smithy-" this tells the reader that this is an unpleasant place to be in. However it is also described as an attractive place the poet does this by describing the potions colours, "soft phial, the exquisite blue," TL is written in the first person, the poet dose this because he wants you to feel anger towards the mistress ...read more.


In TL the woman uses alliteration " poison to poison her, prithee?" she uses alliteration to stress the same sounding letters. The use of Onomatopoeia "Grind...... Pound" makes the word sound like the noise. In TL the woman shows her enjoyment by describing her vials and bottles with lots of rich colours" gold oozings...."Exquisite blue". In conclusion both Poems are similar in which they include a murder, both talk about the deaths and they are both emotional in TL"my tears flow" and in TMHK "That's clear enough all though". However there are many differences, the murders are different the woman in TL planned the murder and enjoyed planning her revenge, she talk about mixing her potions "Grind away, moisten and mash up thy paste," she's having fun thinking off killing her husbands mistress "Let death be felt". Where as the solider in TMHK feels guilty about shooting his 'foe' and it was something he had to do, it wasn't his own choice. "no other reason why". The woman in TL feels no guilt towards killing and could care less, where as the man in TMHK feels the opposite he is guilty and upset about his mistake. ...read more.

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