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Discuss the works of two people who write on the theme of people and landscape

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"Discuss the Works of 2 Poets Who Write On the Theme of People and the Landscape" The works of William Wordsworth and RS Thomas is very first-rated work. The poems that I will compare about landscape are "A Day in Autumn" and "On Westminster Bridge". The poems that I will weigh against about people are "Tramp" and "The Solitary Reaper". I will first illustrate "A Day In Autumn to you" They are describing a typical day in Autumn". The air is windless, there aren't much leaves left in the trees but the one's that are there add "decorations" to the trees. Later on in the poem it says "From the day's chores, pause a minute, Let the mind take its photograph, of the bright scene". This infers that we should take a moment out from our daily routines to look at and appreciate the beauty of the nature that lies outside. R S Thomas describes this "picture" as "something to wear, against the heart in the long cold". He is trying to acquaint with us that, that if we are feeling cheerless or something tragic has happened then take a look outside at the beautiful autumn scenery and it will warm you up inside and make you feel better. ...read more.


A sight so touching in its majesty, this city now doth, like a garment, wear". "The beauty of the morning; silent bare", this is another stanza that rhymes. It also projects the beauty of how the city looks, from the view of the Bridge, in the morning. It says that the city is soundless in the mornings and all it looks like is a body with an expensive piece of clothing on it. The next two lines tells us the variety of different things that there is to offer in the city and how big the city is, "Ships, towers, doors, theatres, and temples lie, Often unto the field, and to the sky". "Ne'er saw I never felt, a calm so deep". He is reversing the sentence so he is using inversion. It says that the view makes people feel calm. And the river would glide at its own pace, "The river glidth at his own sweet will". "Dear God! The very houses, seems asleep". he is using personification' because he is saying that he house is sleeping. I think that the last line is the most powerful line of all of them. ...read more.


"A Day In Autumn but a "On Westminister Bridge" tells us aobut a general things that happen every day and a usual scene. In conclusion I believe that R S Thomas and Williams Wondswoth vreat a calm atomosphere when they talk about the landscape. They portray landscape in an excellent way. Now I will take about the theme of people, that the same two poets creat in Tramp" and "The Solitary reaper. Tramp is a poem by R S Thomas. It is about a tramp who s compared toa normal person. He first ....... At a door asking for ten" A tramp with his can, asking for tea" Later on he compares his ambition with someone else ambition by saying" He looks a this feet, I look a the sky" This .... That ausual person would look up in the sky and reach for the starts but a tramp would look for pennys on the floor. When R S Thomas says "Strong for a poor man" he means that he is physically strong and mentally strong. Physically, because he can survive on the streets and mentally because he is a brave to knock at someone's door. The next line isn that paragraph he says. ...read more.

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