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poem comparisonstwo different poems. The first is called 'Upon Westminster Bridge' by William Wordsworth and the other is called 'Kensington Market,' by Afua Cooper.

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I am going to be analysing and comparing two different poems. The first is called 'Upon Westminster Bridge' by William Wordsworth and the other is called 'Kensington Market,' by Afua Cooper. We have been covering different styles of writing including poems and imagery. Upon Westminster Bridge is about the imagery of a town in the morning as it talks of a town possibly London 'waking up.' The other poem, Kensington Market is about a market which maybe anywhere in the world and shows different attitudes and atmospheres. Kensington Market is describing what a market is like and how the market is different in different places. All of these are various skills used to portray each poem. The poem Upon Westminster Bridge is a sonnet, which is a poem with 14 lines. It is has a rhyming patter. It stars of with lines 1 and 4 at the end rhyming and towards the end it rhymes on all the lines. ...read more.


This shows that the city is waking and it is morning which shows the side of tiredness. The poet uses commas every so often for the reader to gather what is happening and to show a new piece of imagery. In this piece he use many different pieces of imagery and personification as shown n the quote above; as a city cannot wear clothes but it is waking and getting ready for the day ahead and in this way gives a bright and happy mood. But the second part says "the morning; silent, bare" which shows the side of tiredness. Here are some of the quotes he uses to create imagery within the piece to make us feel what the city in the morning feels like: "Never did sun more beautifully steep The river glideth at his own sweet will: Dear God! the very houses seem asleep." This shows personification and imagery. ...read more.


So imagery is created through comparisons and how something reacts. There is no use of repetition or lists in this poem. Kensington market has very little imager and only one piece as shown above. This may be to show the feeling of the place through words used in the atmosphere of the local market. This poem leads us round the different markets rather than using imagery in a way of personification. It uses short lines, and appeals to different senses; sight sound and smell. I think that both of thee poems are good in their own way due to different techniques and the techniques used suit the poem for each better. My personal favourite is Kensington Market as you can actually picture the markets and how they are run and what it feels like to be there. In this way I like Afua Cooper's poem but both are good in their own way. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jai Malhi-9P Poems and Imagery English - 1 - ...read more.

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