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GCSE: War Poetry

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  1. Pre 1914 War Poetry - The Drum and Drummer Hodge analysed.

    He also uses 'that' instead of the more conventional word "the". This indicates that he is almost accusing the drum of being discordant, trying to single it out, and he is using it as a symbol of war. This is continued into the second line; he personifies the drum. By saying that it is 'parading round', John Scott is implying that is a soldier, and the use of the word parading also has a military reference. He writes "parading round and round and round,"- a long string of repetition. This is implying that war is relentless, repeatedly causing destruction to families, towns and youths who join up.

    • Word count: 2884
  2. Look at a variety of poems but First World War Poet comparing the different ways in which the poets show their attitude to war

    The poem is made up of four verses and vary in length it seems that the more personal parts of the poem in stanzas and the thoughts and feelings that Owen has at the particular time are shown in this manner, perhaps because the stanzas are more intense and therefore, the fact they are short makes them more effective 'all my dreams, before my helpless sight..' In the first stanza the soldiers are described as tired and starving, with poor health and nothing much in the way of quality of life '...

    • Word count: 2178
  3. Tale of the Arabian Legends

    Before she could even touch it, suddenly, I saw myself disappear from the construction site. I saw myself flout in empty darkness. I then flew faster then a bullet. I saw a luminous light ahead of me. I tried to scream, but a sound didn't come out of my mouth. As I got closer to the light, I went right into it. "Argh. Where am I?" I opened my eyes at that moment. My eyes widen. I saw a prodigious streaming lake with vast, but ancient building all around me. As I started walking, I realized that I was walking on sand.

    • Word count: 2527
  4. Britain and the Western Front.

    The attack was launched upon a 30 kilometre front, from the North of the Somme river between Arras and Albert, and continued to the 18th November, at which point it was ended, due to non- military advance on both sides. In this essay I will cover the main events of Battle, which caused the interpretations and accusations of General Haig's commandment of the British army, in various opinions. I will also cover the end results of the Battle, which led to Aftermath reactions and changing opinions, within the British Public.

    • Word count: 2651
  5. English Tennyson Coursework

    In The Defence of Lucknow however, the English people wanted to take over India so they started to trade with them, soon they had taken over the trading companies and built their own palaces which still are in India today. In both poems Tennyson uses various techniques to stir up emotions and gain sympathy for the British. In The Defence of Lucknow he talks about death and disease to show the soldiers' suffering though not mentioning that it was England who wanted to occupy India in the beginning and were now suffering for that reason.

    • Word count: 2570
  6. Why is the battle of the Somme regarded as a great military tragedy? The battle of the Somme started on July 1st 1916 and took place in the Somme

    The Battle of the Somme was the result of both of these. I believe that the Battle of the Somme is regarded as such a great military tragedy because so much unhappiness was caused due to the amount of the strategy that went wrong. The fact that the tragedy was partly caused by delayed bombing, failed tanks an inexperienced soldiers highlights the fact that it is regarded as such a great military tragedy. For many the Battle of the Somme is regarded as a great military tragedy. This is for many reasons, but in my eyes the biggest reason for this is the thousands of soldiers lost.

    • Word count: 2082
  7. Saving Private Ryan Examine Steven Spielberg's use of images and Presentation of war. Refer closely to the first twenty-five minutes of "Saving Private Ryan."?

    He also shows how the allies seemed to be in a state of shock, horror an confusion. This is because most of the troops had never seen action before. Infact it was a massive 95% of troops who hadn't been in action before. Spielberg also seems to use handheld camera's in the battle scenes. This shows the Jerkiness of the battle and makes the audience feel as though they're there in the battle and part of it. Spielberg creates the film to give a realistic prospective of what the war was like in an unbiased view.

    • Word count: 2660
  8. Consider the way in which Shakespeare presents Martius in the early part of the play.

    In fact, he is further described as, 'a very dog to the commonalty'. Here Shakespeare uses animal imagery, common throughout the play, to great effect in portraying Martius' unpleasant character. The assembled hoi polloi continue their criticism of Martius' personality, describing how he 'pays himself (that is, for his services to the country) with being proud'. Additional reference is made to his pride in line 35, where the First Citizen alleges that 'what he hath done famously...he did...to be partly proud - which he is, even to the altitude of his virtue'.

    • Word count: 2402
  9. Why did William win at the Battle of Hastings?

    To make things worse for Harold he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. "Pope Alexander II was a pupil of Lanfranc who was now a trusted adviser to William. It was this fact that his blessing was eventually given. William now had the papal banner on his side. This made it much easier to rally his men to arms. " (1066.com) Many of the knights William recruited had their own horses, men and equipment and were trained for months leading up to battle. This meant they were organized and knew what to do when the time came to set sail for England.

    • Word count: 2735
  10. Comparing and contrasting "The charge of the Light Brigade" and "The Defence of Lucknow" by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

    They refused to face defeat and go down and under but instead rise for victory since that was their primary objective for the cause of Britain "The Defence of Lucknow" was one of the most famous episodes of the Indian Mutiny in 1857. It is based on a battle that took place during the time that India was a colony of England. This battle was of high intensity between the British settlement in India against the rebels. This poem is set in Lucknow.

    • Word count: 2987
  11. The Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916.

    If this was achieved the generals planned to advance and capture those positions giving way for Haig's cavalry to charge through and travel North, capturing and rounding up German troops. The British theory was to use aircraft to spot German artillery so the soldiers on the ground would know their whereabouts and could destroy them during a heavy barrage. This would also eliminate German soldiers and trenches and cut up the barbed wire that protected the enemy lines so the British soldiers would have no problem in advancing and killing the few German survivors.

    • Word count: 2344
  12. The Battle of the Somme - source related study.

    The Germans built reinforced dugouts and when the bombardment began they moved into them. The 1st July saw the official start of the battle, 11 British divisions walked steadily to the German front line. The Germans simply came out of their dug-outs, mounted their machine guns and the infamous slaughter began. The ensuing day was the most deadly day in the whole history of the British Army; it saw around 60,000 casualties including 20,000 dead. The British decided to focus their next offensive on the South banks of the river. Following some significant territorial gains on the 14th July, which could not be withheld, the next two months became a stalemate.

    • Word count: 2404
  13. Using the two poems, The Charge of the Light Brigade and the Destruction of Sennacherib, compare and contrast the attitudes to war expressed in the poems.

    So the heroic soldiers obeyed their higher ranks and charged for the guns without any questioning of authority, and the battle lasted for a mere twenty-five minutes. This has always been confusing to historians about whether this battle should be remembered for the stupidity of the commanding officers, or for the heroic cavalry of the Light Brigade charging to their deaths. As this battle was the first to be properly reported and photographed the public had a much better understanding of the Charge of the Light Brigade because of reports sent back by W.H.

    • Word count: 2412
  14. Vimy Ridge: The Battle of a Nation

    To protect these from infantry attack, concrete Machine Gun Posts were built. Being 60 meters high, Robert Nivelle the Commander-in-Chief of Allied forces on the Western Front had debated that if Allied forces had control over this key position, German activities would be in the commanding view from the front-line. Despite many failed attempts by the British and French to secure the position, 288,660 combined casualties had been reported in these assailants. Being destroyed of the their pride, British and French forces had called upon the assistance of Canada to aid in the capture of Vimy Ridge.

    • Word count: 2215
  15. Compare and contrast the presentation of war in 'Charge of the Light Brigade, Dulce et decorum est and After Blenheim'

    In both of these it states that faith makes people brave when they are faced with death. In the earliest published version of this poem the command to charge forward was attributed to Lord Nolan, a well-known military figure of the time. It was later changed the speaker to an anonymous "he". In addition to hiding the identity of the speaker, the final version of the poem changes the command given from "Take the guns" to "Charge for the guns!"

    • Word count: 2312

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