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GCSE: Pre and Post 1914 Comparison

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  1. Compare and contrast how different poets, some from the past and some from the modern era, develop the sonnet form to explore different themes and ideas

    The most popular English sonnets were written by the infamous William Shakespeare; they all end with a rhyming couplet at the end but will always follow a similar pattern. "On his blindness" by John Milton is an example of the Petrarchan sonnet written in 1642, and follows the traditional subject of experiencing love, however his sonnet is not about his love for a woman, but about his love for God and how God loves him. The sonnet is split in to two different parts, the octave and the sestet, the effect of this is that the poem has two different perspectives of the subject in the poem.

    • Word count: 804
  2. Compare the portrayal of misfortune in The Last Night and Refugee Blues

    songs and poems it is written about a time of depression in the writers life and the tune helps the reader appreciate the situation of the poet W.H. Auden, who having been born a German Jew, has found that he has no where to live and his own country wants him dead; "Once we had a country and we thought It fair....we cannot go there now,". This characterises his misfortune, for he is being punished although innocent of crime. Similarly in The Last Night Sebastian Faulkes initiates the misfortune by highlighting the innocence of two boys' misfortune of being Jewish,

    • Word count: 726
  3. Compare the ways parent/child relationships are represented in Before You Were Mine by Carol Ann Duffy and three other poems, one by Simon Armitage and any two from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank.

    Each verse shows a different aspect of Margaret's desperation to hear from her child, e.g. in the first verse she appeals for him to "find me, prosperous or undone!"; in the second verse she recalls the doomed glimpses of hope she's had: "I catch at them, and then I miss". This gives the impression that her state of mind changes from day to day. The structure of 'On my first Sonne' is simpler than 'Affliction'. It consists of six rhyming couplets, making up just one verse in which Jonson, as a parent pays tribute to his dead son.

    • Word count: 894
  4. Compare and contrasting 2 poems (Blackberrying and Blackberry Picking)

    more childish such as "It wasn't fair" and "I felt like crying", these are the word which children generally use and this is why he has included it into the poem. 'Blackberrying' is written in 3 stanzas and in free verse. Her poem gives a physical and spiritual journey: the physical journey is that she is going to the sea from a countryside lane; the spiritual journey is that her emotions change through the poem as she goes from being relaxed to being anxious and doesn't seem contented.

    • Word count: 833
  5. Comapre and contrast upon westminster bridge and london.

    In 1802 William married his childhood companion, Mary Hutchinson. In 1850 William caught a cold on a country walk, and he died on the 23rd April, St. Georges Day. He and Mary, who died 9 years later, have simple tombstones in the churchyard of St Oswald's church in Grasmere. The poem is based in London and is also based on a bridge somewhere in the city of London. This poem is William Wordsworth's own opinion of how London was in 1802. The poem seems as if it is set in the morning because it says 'all bright and glittery in the smokeless air', this shows that nobody is awake yet and there is nothing lit such as fires.

    • Word count: 934
  6. With reference to two poems by Heaney and two by Thomas, compare and contrast the ways in which both poets draw on nature to give us insight and understanding of some of the thoughts and consideration which matter greatly to them.

    He focuses on one element, the blackberries, rather than talking about his entire surroundings. This poem creates a very strong story that is easily imaginable thanks to the descriptions. Then reflects upon the entire poem in the last lines with "I always felt like crying It wasn't fair That all the lovely canfuls smelt of rot" This puts the entire poem into perspective as it shows firstly what he did then moves on to show how he feels about it. If you compare this to As the Teams' Headbrass by Edward Thomas it has a completely different feel.

    • Word count: 900
  7. Compare and contrast 'Cousin Kate' by Christina Rossetti with 'The Seduction' by Eileen McAuley

    And in 'The Seduction' the young girl is exploited by magazines, and the young na�ve teenager actually believed in what the editors wrote about perfect stories of romance and she believed after reading this magazines that it was almost abnormal not to have sexual intercourse. The author of this poem, Christina Rossetti, begins this poem with "I was a cottage maiden." This shows us that the narrator is writing in the past tense the narrator is reminiscing on the past.

    • Word count: 805
  8. The novel Night demonstrates that the worst of conditions can take there toll on even the most loving relationships. Do you agree?

    In order to save themselves, these sons sacrifice their fathers. Elie's relationship is the strongest and most loving relationship of them all but he also feels that his father is sometimes a burden but keep by his side. He depends on his father for support, and his love for his father allows him to carry on. During the long run to Gleiwitz, he says, "My father's presence was the only thing that stopped me (from allowing myself to die).... I had no right to let myself die.

    • Word count: 863
  9. Comparing and contrasting the two poems: 'Cousin Kate' and 'The Seduction'.

    In 'Cousin Kate' the maid feels betrayed by the Lord because the Lord uses her and dumps her for her cousin Kate, 'you grew more fairer than I: He saw you at your father's gate, chose you and pass me by'. Further more, both of the women have a child out of wedlock. In Christina Rossetti's time, it was wrong to have a child out of wedlock and I can prove this by 'The neighbours call you good and pure and call me an outcast thing'.

    • Word count: 942
  10. Looking at the poems "Cousin Kate" by Christina Rossetti and "the Seduction" by Eileen McAuley you can see that they contrast in many different ways.

    Linking back to the previous paragraph another difference between the two texts is the setting and difference in the periods of time, early nineteenth century and late twentieth century. One difference between the two poems is the males, the boy and the lord, the lord does not really have to try to impress the maid or Kate. He can just use his power and money. The boy in 'The Seduction', however, has to try to impress the girl. The poem tells us he is wearing a leather jacket; this could be to make him look older or more sophisticated.

    • Word count: 987
  11. ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘The Seduction’

    In both poems the poets begin by setting the scene and telling you what has happened previously (a short time beforehand) and both express vividly the emotions of the main characters. For example, in 'Cousin Kate', a 19th Century poem, we can pick up that the main character is bitter towards her cousin, Kate, through lines thirty seven and thirty eight: 'won me with his love nor bought me with his land'. This could also suggest jealousy, that Kate has a lot of land and she does not, or that Kate is loved, and she is not.

    • Word count: 963
  12. "Porphyria's lover" and "Romeo and Juliet" comparison.

    Doesn?t want to miss opportunity to trap her into this eternal love state. Perfect timing. Both pieces are Paradoxical as both personas portray strength and power and surprisingly on the other hand their cowardice is also expressed The writer is trying to communicate that the destructive nature of love, can lead to many negative destructive feelings like the possessiveness which can lead to insanity which is present in the persona which eventually leads him to killing the one he loves.

    • Word count: 936
  13. How are male and female relationships portrayed in "Romeo and Juliet", Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy and Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barret Browning,

    Romeo says ?she hath Dian?s wit?. This refers to the goddess Diana who is chaste. Because of this Benvolio suggests that he should leave her but because his love consumes him Romeo says that he is ?blind? without her. Shakespeare alludes to the lover?s fate by writing ?winged messenger? this could also be seen as irony as it refers to the Greek god of messaging Hermes.

    • Word count: 666
  14. english poem essay

    He seems proud of his power though he does not actually say what he has done; the chilling ?all smiles stopped? only implies that he killed her. His power is highlighted by his polite yet forceful tone when talking to his guest. He says, ?nay, we?ll go / together down, sir? which shows that he is very much in charge. Unlike the Duke, the river god admits that he killed the woman, saying ?I brought her down here? which is a euphemism for death which sounds loving but possessive.

    • Word count: 731
  15. Quickdraw by Carol Ann Duffy and Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare are both very different poems but are linked by one common theme, that of a relationship between two people

    mentioning fatal flaws and in ?Sonnet 116? Shakespeare attempts to define love, by telling both what it is and how much it means to him. The main contrast between the poems technically is the rhyme scheme, one having a rhyme scheme and the other not. ?Sonnet 116? is written in the form of a traditional sonnet, meaning that the poem is fourteen lines long and is divided into three quatrains and a concluding section, a rhyming couplet. Each quatrain has an alternating rhyme scheme: ?a,b,a,b?, ?c,d,c,d?, and ?e,f,e,f?.

    • Word count: 860
  16. The two poems I shall compare are the poems Sonnet 116, by Shakespeare, and Hour by Carol Ann Duffy.

    The pleasures and riches that the couple gather in an hour allow them to feels as if they are frozen in time: ?Time slow, for here/we are millionaires, backhanding the night?. The hour spent together in the golden light gives them a sense of power, making them feel as if they can bribe the darkness to hold back, giving the lovers immense joy and wealth. In sonnet 116 we are told that love?s ?worth unknown?, as if it?s something too important to give a fixed value.

    • Word count: 876

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