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Compare and contrast how different poets, some from the past and some from the modern era, develop the sonnet form to explore different themes and ideas

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Compare and contrast how different poets, some from the past and some from the modern era, develop the sonnet form to explore different themes and ideas Sonnets written by poets from different eras, past and present, have many similarities and contrasts between each other. Some are the basic structure of the sonnet form, or the subject of the poem, and some are the small details of the rhyming pattern or the way the poet has adapted the words to express his or her feelings. A simple sonnet structure consists of 14 lines with each line containing 10 syllables. It will most likely have either a rhyming scheme of a b b a a b b a c d e c d e which is the pattern of a Italian or petrarchan sonnet, or it could have the rhyme scheme of the English sonnet which is a b a b c d c d e f e f g g. ...read more.


In the sestet, Milton answers the question in lines 9 - 14. By the end of the poem, he has realised that God loves him as much as any other person, regardless of weather they are perfect and talented or not, or in Milton's case, blind and unable to work. "The Silken Tent" by Robert Frost has the structure and subject of a typical English sonnet, ending in a rhyming couplet. It was written in the 20th century, therefore making it a modern sonnet. In the sonnet, Robert Frost talks on the subject of a woman that he loves, and he describes her through out the poem as a silk tent. The whole poem is an extended simile comparing the woman to a tent. This is how Frost shows his affection, through poetry. The woman he is describing is a girl who's head is up in the clouds and is only kept down to earth by love as Frost says in ...read more.


"This way, and that, she peers, and sees" Silver is a colour of innocence, purity and beauty which the poet tries to convey in his sonnet. He uses the 14 lines and makes them in to 7 pairs of rhyming couplets. This is neither a Italian or English sonnet but has been adapted by the poet to fit his description of the moon. Walter de la Mare wrote the sonnet in ............also making it a modern sonnet. These three sonnets differ greatly, yet all have similarities with each other. The older sonnet, "On his blindness", is the only Italian sonnet out of the three sonnets that I have mentioned previously. Both the sonnet by John Milton and Robert Frost share the topic of unrequited love for some one, either a woman or God. "The Silken Tent" and "Silver" are both modern sonnets; however one is an extended simile, and the other an extended personification. "Silver" is the only sonnet with an abnormal rhyming pattern, where as the other two follow either the traditional English or petrarchan. ...read more.

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