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GCSE: Arthur Conan Doyle

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  1. Compare and Contrast The Big Sleep and The Sign Of Four

    In Conan Doyle's 'The Sign of the Four' the language is English and is very proper, sophisticated and elegant. It uses phrases like 'tremendous' and 'bon vivant'. This is also affected by the setting. It is set in London, England in the upper middle class and Holmes is shown as a very formal character. Therefore the language helps to suggest the setting of the book. The setting or environment on a detective novel is of crucial importance. The environment in all detective novels is always thought of as being the main contributor towards atmosphere. In these two novels, it is particularly noticeable.

    • Word count: 1338
  2. Comparing Lamb to the Slaughter and the Speckled Band

    The characters in both texts are well worth a mention. In TSB the characters are predictable. The strong, brutal male, Dr Roylott is the murderer and the emphasis is less on who and more on how. I don't think that Sir Arthur Doyle would be allowed to get away with this in either the present day climate or the climate of 1954. Just as Dr Roylott is an obvious murder suspect Helen Stoner is the obvious damsel in distress. The dragged out description of her and her features describe " a woman with a figure of thirty" but starting to sprout "premature grey" hair.

    • Word count: 1444
  3. The Changes that took place in English SocietyDuring the Holmes and Watson era.

    The working conditions of Holmes and Watson are flexible. Wherever Holmes is at work on a case away from Baker Street, he and Watson usually sleep at a place near to the crime scene. Holmes and Watson are also great travellers, and this goes along with the fact that there are no women or families in their lives-they have a habit of going away at very short notice, often leaving home in the morning and reaching their intended destination in the afternoon.

    • Word count: 1828
  4. Lamb to the Slaughter’ and ‘The Speckled Band’ - Typical Murder Mysteries?

    In 'LTTS' the narrator tells the story. The differences between the setting in the two stories is that the 'LTTS' is written by Roald Dahl is set in the present time, where as the 'TSB' is written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story is set in the 1800s. Both of the murders are set in the family home. The 'LTTS' is set in a suburban area, Roald Dahl describes the room a lot "The room was warm and clean, the curtains drawn, the two table lamps alight hers and the one by the empty chair opposite.

    • Word count: 1247
  5. Compare and contrast ‘Brighton Rock’ by Graham Greene, and ‘The Speckled Band’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    This keeps the reader interested in the story, and encourages them to read on. This is what Graham Greene does in 'Brighton Rock'. In 'The Speckled Band', Conan Doyle uses an alternative method to keep the reader interested. Instead of showing the crime at the start of the story, he gives the reader all the same clues as Sherlock Holmes has, so that the readers have a chance to solve the crime themselves. Holmes, and his assistant Dr Watson, solve the crime in this story. Holmes is a private detective who is very scientific and methodical, and Watson recalls the case as narrator of the tale.

    • Word count: 1468
  6. The similarities and the differences between the two detective stories The Speckled Band written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Forever After written by Jim Thomson.

    In they1890s the people could relate to the speckled band because they where living in the same situation and the same lifestyle, but that was a long time ago so when people look at it now they might not be able to understand the situations and circumstances that they where in. The way of life has changed considerably. In the speckled band was written in the normal way of writing detective stories. There is a detective, a shady, typical villain, a spooky house, a suspect, many red herrings and a very difficult mystery to solve.

    • Word count: 1211
  7. Compare and contrast the two detective stories ‘Three-Dot Po’ and ‘The Speckled Band’

    He was the first writer in the nineteenth century to have the same characters in his stories but different stories each week. Both writers were/are respected in their fields of work and although they both had different backgrounds they had at least one thing in common, they both wrote murder mysteries that included the same characters but different stories in each edition. Both stories were aimed at the same audience range, however 'The speckled band' may appear slightly more to an adult audience.

    • Word count: 1186
  8. Can the continued popularity of the Sherlock Holmes stories be explained by the similarity to modern television detectives? Discuss this statement with reference to ‘The Speckled Band’.

    " "There is no mystery, my dear madam," said he, smiling. "The left arm of your jacket is spattered with mud in no less than seven places. The marks are perfectly fresh. There is no vehicle save a dog-cart which throws up mud in that way, and then only when you sit on the left-hand side of the driver." " Quoted from The Speckled Band. Holmes is a realistic and believable character, bringing the novels to life. Holmes always inspires a sense of confidence in other characters and indeed the reader as he shares a certainty of his attitude towards the mystery and the way he doesn't suffer fools gladly, always using his own initiative.

    • Word count: 1139
  9. The Speckled Band

    In the climax the story tells the reader about the narrator and Sherlock Holmes suddenly after two hours of waiting, seeing the signal from Mrs Stoner and making their way to her house. In her house they wait longer until leaving home and getting lost. In the rescue the narrator gets rescued by his elder brother but his older brother dies in the process. And in the conclusion of the story, the narrator tells the reader how his brother saved him, about the respect that his brother gains from saving his life and the sadness faced by everyone because of the way they treated his eldest brother.

    • Word count: 1489
  10. In What Ways can “The Speckled Band” be seen as a classic Murder Mystery story?

    Before that, however, I need to explain what exactly makes up a "classic" murder mystery story. There are several essential criterions. There must be: a crime, a victim, a detective figure and his assistant, a villain and a motive, and an unexpected ending. I will be looking at all of these in further detail and collecting evidence to prove the points I make. The crime & the victim. In the Speckled Band the murder of the sister of Helen Stoner, Julia, is the crime. Helen stoner is the lady who, in a vision of distress, comes to Sherlock Holmes in order to solve the unsolved mystery of her sister's death.

    • Word count: 1884
  11. With reference to two of the stories that you have read discuss what makes Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle such a successful crime writer within the genre of detective writing

    However, if the daughters were to marry they would get a percentage of the assets. When the sister was to marry she died suspiciously one night, however nothing could be proven. Now Miss Stone is to marry and she has been moved to the room her sister died in. Miss Stoner is hearing the same noises her sister said she heard just before she died. We are introduced the clues as Holmes investigates. He sets a trap in the room Miss Stoner is supposed to be sleeping. When Watson and Holmes hear the hissing they beat at the bed.

    • Word count: 1312
  12. You Sherlock Holmes are now knighted

    The first thing that I did was to called over my companion Watson to look at the letter. We both looked at the letter and tried to find out who had sent it to me? I discovered that the letter had come form a wealthy German speaking man. The letter told me that he was to come over to my house to talk about his problem. Before my client was to come over I needed to try and come to some conclusion about the letter. But before I could work out what to say the doorbell had rung.

    • Word count: 1130
  13. What appeal would the story “Speckled Band” have on Victorian audiences?

    He successfully attempts to murder one of his stepdaughters. And now he is planning to kill Helen Stoner. He makes her to move to a small room where her sister died. The small room where she has to move is like a trap, the bed is fixed to the floor and there is hole, which interconnect two rooms. Mrs Helen Stoner fears for her life and an early morning in April, she dresses in black and is heavily veils goes to town to seek help from Sherlock Holmes. When she sees Sherlock Holmes she tells him about her sister's tragic death, how she hers whistling in the middle of the night and how Dr Roylott keeps exotic animal at home.

    • Word count: 1153
  14. Comparing and contrasting Silver Blaze and Finger Man

    In Hard-boiled stories the detective solves the mystery by creating more trouble and being tough but does not return society to order or vindicate the power of reason. It was this new Hard Boiled setting that Raymond Chandler set his stories, and created his hard boiled detective Philip Marlow. Philip Marlow was first introduced in 1921 through a magazine called The Black Mask, which contained his short stories. Both Silver Blaze and Finger Man are fictional Detective stories, but differ in many different ways from language and dialogue to cultural changes shown between both stories.

    • Word count: 1453

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