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Jane Eyre

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Mutha 1 Mutha Rushabh Ferns Sylvia English language 06 November 2008 JANE EYRE -BY CHARLOTTE BRONT� Self Reflection /World Connection Personal response to the novel - According to me the author of the novel, Charlotte Bront� has articulated herself to the fullest. She has described the plot, theme, and the setting in such a good way that it is very easy for the reader to create a picture in his mind. In my opinion the themes that provoked my interest mainly are -Confidence and Independence, Morality, Social Class, Atonement and Forgiveness, and of course Love and Passion .Throughout the book Jane Eyre demands to be treated as an independent human being, a person with her own needs and talents. The story is not only a love story; but recognition of the individual's worth. Jane refuses to become Rochester's wife because of her "impassioned self-respect and moral conviction." She also rejects John River's purity as much as Rochester's liberty. ...read more.


is orphaned as a child, she does not have any money, and then all of a sudden she meets this rich person and then later on falls in love with him. As usual there is a twist in the story, she comes to know that he already has a wife, she leaves him, and then years later they meet again and then get married. I had surely anticipated the ending of the story, when I was in the very midst of it, because of the twists in it. Mutha 2 I did not have a really difficult time relating to the novel .But, the author has used some French words which I did not really understand. Life examples of how I connected with the story or characters - The story didn't really connect to my life, but some instances did. For e.g, the part when Jane Eyre's best friend dies (which is as good as parting). Even I had to leave a very good friend of mine. ...read more.


Difficult Times (World Connection) I did have a bit of difficulty in relating to the setting because as I live in India and the story is set in London. The culture and the period are different. For instance, the way John Reed discriminated against Jane Eyre, and the way Georgiana and Eliza Reed reply in a disrespectful manner to their mother. The whole culture is typically Europe in the 1800's, which does not have much in common with contemporary Indian culture in which we live. In my view the most thought provoking quote from the book is "The human heart has hidden treasures, in secrets kept, in silence sealed; the thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, whose charms are broken if revealed" said by Jane Eyre. This quote has a very meaningful connection withal our lives irrespective of the time and place that it was spoken. As a reader I recognize that each one of us at some point has held on tight to secrets in silences, to avoid breaking their charm. ...read more.

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