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GCSE: Emily Bronte

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  1. Examine the relationship of Catherine and Heathcliff as presented in the first nine chapters of the novel

    The reason for this close relationship was given to be Heathcliff's willingness to let Cathy act as the "mistress" and command him. This start to their relationship was convincing since Cathy's fiery and short-tempered character would not have made friends with anyone, let alone a stranger of the family, unless Heathcliff succumbed to her orders. Mr Earnshaw's death was a major event in the life of Heathcliff. Of the three children, Mr Earnshaw liked Heathcliff most and therefore he was treated well despite having made enemies with both Hindley and Nelly Dean.

    • Word count: 1154
  2. Czarina Catherine

    She married Peter the same year. In 1761, Catherine's husband, Peter, was crowned emperor. Catherine learned Russian customs, the language, and gained the throne of Russia upon her husband's death in 1796. After two miscarriages, Catherine gave birth in 1754 to Paul, the future emperor of Russia. The father was Serge Saltykov, and Catherine never was close to her son. In 1762, Catherine and members of the court overthrew Peter and she became the Czarina of Russia. Several weeks later, Peter was killed. Catherine II married a child in an adult body, and was very unhappy with her marriage.

    • Word count: 1206
  3. Wuthering Heights

    Edgar became very annoyed and I realised I had always had an affinity for Heathcliff that could not be compared in strength to anything. As I would not let Heathcliff go, Edgar and I grew further apart, and our arguments more frequent until one day I decided that I would feign illness to see if he still loved me. But instead of coming to sit by my side, he immersed himself in his books, as if trying to forget that I existed.

    • Word count: 619
  4. Briefly outline the main features of the Gothic genre and compare how effectively they are used in ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘The Woman in Black’

    Another important feature of many Gothic novels is the setting. Gothic novels are usually set in a grim, hostile landscape often on a deserted moor or marsh, as in the case of 'Wuthering Heights' and Susan Hill's 'The Woman in Black'. Such grim landscape often mirrors the character of the hero. There are also references to the supernatural in many of these novels, such as the ghost of Jennet Humfrye in 'The Woman in Black' or the ghost of Cathy in 'Wuthering Heights'. There is also a strong supernatural element in these stories often linked to the main character.

    • Word count: 1292
  5. Wuthering Heights - Contrasting Homes

    The structure of Wuthering was built rather edgy having "narrow windows deeply set into the wall, and the corners defending with large jutting stones" (10). The name of the home itself "is a significant provincial adjective, descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station is exposed in stormy weather" (10). When Lockwood enters, he notices the appearance of the inside of the home. It is not very attractive - boring, dull, dark, and gloomy. He says that the furniture was nothing extraordinary "as belonging to a homely, northern farmer" (11).

    • Word count: 857
  6. Compare the portrayal of the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë with that of Nancy and Clancy in ‘The Boy who turned into a Bike’ by Jane Gardham.

    I will study Part One of Wuthering Heights and in this section the reader witnesses Cathy and Heathcliff growing up as children, Cathy and Heathcliff's father, Earnshaw, dying, Cathy's stay at the Grange (the home to Edgar and Isabella Linton) and Cathy's acceptance of Edgar's marriage proposal. In 'The Boy who Turned into a Bike' the main characters, Nancy and Clancy, grow up together as children, drift apart during their teenage and early adult years and at the end of the book, the reader is led to believe that Clancy, having been rejected by Nancy, turns into a bike.

    • Word count: 2619
  7. Both Wuthering Heights and Catcher in the Rye use very distinctive and individual characters to narrate the stories. What are the characteristics of these narrative voices, and what do they contribute to the novels?

    Earnshaw, was kept in 'The Grange' (the Linton home). She stayed at the grange, and came back to Wuthering heights as a young proper lady, much to Heathcliff's dislike. Hindley's wife died after childbirth to a son named Hareton, and Hindley became an alcoholic and the house fell to ruin. One of the Linton children, Edgar, fell in love with Cathy, and she became engaged with him, although her love for Heathcliff was greater. Edgar and Cathy were married when she was 18 or 19. For a year or more, there was no sign of Heathcliff, but then he returned.

    • Word count: 5489
  8. How should the role of Catherine be performed in A View from the Bridge?

    Paragraph 1 In the play Catherine is a 17/18-year-old girl with blonde hair, blue eyes. She is a very attractive 'big' girl we know this because it says "Beautiful. Turn around, lemme see in the back. Oh if your mother was alive to see you now!

    • Word count: 427
  9. “Bronte has made Heathcliff cold blooded and calculating. There is little to redeem his character.” How far do you agree with this statement?

    To respond to the question, it is highly important to cover all aspects of the way Heathcliff's character is shown, and of his motivations in the situations he had been placed in. We are given a commentary by Nelly Dean, of Heathcliff's past, from her perspective. There is no knowledge of who and where Heathcliff is from, adding an air of mystery to his character, and also making it harder to fully analyse his background. Upon arrival, he had been described in contradicting ways, both as 'A gift from God,' and also 'A dirty ragged black-haired child.'

    • Word count: 1550
  10. What is your assesment of Hareton, and does he deserve the happiness he eventually finds with Cathy?

    From that moment on, Healcliff vowed to take retribution on Hindley. Hindley's wife, Frances, died during the child birth of Hareton Earnshaw, and from that moment on, Nelly Dean decided to be the babies nurturer. Nelly took over as the motherly figure, gurding Hareton from his fathers 'mad mans rage' She would lock him in cupbords, 'stowing him away in the kitchen' Even Catherine was aware of his 'violence' and 'evil conduct'. Most of this conduct was due to the ever growing drinking problem Hindley had. Any major part in a childs youth has an effect on him later in life, so it is far to say that the poor father figure he had as a child contributes to his orr behavior as an adult.

    • Word count: 1258
  11. Write a detailed character study on Heathcliff, focusing on the theme of evil and the question of whether he might really be a demon.

    "I'm trying to settle how I shall pay Hindley back. I don't care how long I wait, if I can only do it, at last. I hope he will not die before I do". For Heathcliff, the world becomes an increasing trying place to be in - either to be shrunk back from, or lashed out at. To cope with the torrent of abuse directed at him from almost everyone he meets, he takes on a 'devilish' character. After adopting this role, he uses it to get revenge by making everyone else's life as difficult as possible.

    • Word count: 1750
  12. Compare and Contrast the Work of two Novelists who have Outsiders as their Main Characters - Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Brighton Rock by Graham Greene

    Wuthering Heights would be described as wild and harsh reflected in the inhabitants. Thrushcross Grange would be described as calm and orderly just like its occupants. Between them are the moors, which link the two households together, which are separate from the village and others. Brighton Rock compared to Wuthering Heights is however very different. It is set in Whit-sun in Brighton, a popular seaside resort. It is bustling and busy with seemingly happy holidaymakers. There are smoky and very noisy pubs. There is also a racetrack and there is the Cosmopolitan, which is grand hotel for the rich people.

    • Word count: 2159
  13. How does Bronte use natural setting and imagery in ‘Wuthering Heights’?

    This natural aspect reflects Heathcliff's toughened and unemotional character. He is also described as 'an arid wilderness of furze.' This perhaps is drawn more directly form the surrounding moors and echoes his seemingly wild and barren temperament. This image of infertility is reinforced later in the novel. Heathcliff's affinity with nature is also shared by his soul mate, Catherine. She is part of this natural bond with nature and also seeks her retreat on the moors. This reveals her unusual character, whilst human disposition would instinctively seek shelter and protection away from the elements, both children are most comfortable with the rawness of the moors.

    • Word count: 2268
  14. What Is True Love?

    Dean would even say that Catherine was too fond of Heathcliff. That the greatest punishment they could invent for her was to keep her separate from him: yet she got chided more than anyone on his account, (41). While the Lintons took in Cathy, she was accommodated as a true high-class young lady, thus she began to learn of the social norms and mannerisms for her stature. Cathy, catching a glimpse of her friend in his concealment, flew to embrace him.

    • Word count: 1042
  15. Discuss the use of shifting narrative view points and the effects achieved in “Wuthering Heights” and “The tenant of Wildfell Hall” and compare and contrast the main characters.

    The Bronte sisters all had to write under a male name because it wasn't acceptable for women to be writing books. In both of the stories, 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' and 'Wuthering Heights' there is a lot of shifting narrative used. Shifting narrative viewpoints is used in the two novels because; we can get the feelings of different characters involved because of the shifting. The effects created are, we can now tell how the different characters feel about the situation and compare their thoughts and ideas to other characters who is also narrating.

    • Word count: 1435
  16. Family Systems Theory and Wuthering Heights

    When Lockwood tries to escape from the system, a dog prevents him, as in the Leary household. In his case, two dogs attack and pin him to the ground and a servant asks, "Are we going to murder folk on our very door-stones?" The family motto, "Every man's hand was against his neighbor," appears to Lockwood in a dream and he adopts it has his own. When one of the ancestors, a recently dead family member. comes to him as a child in the dream, crying "Let me in ....

    • Word count: 1938
  17. Can Heathcliff be simply regarded as a stereotypical villain?

    They are also outcasts of society or have some kind of deformity. Villains made be unpleasant characters but they are what help to make any story or script play interesting. Without them the story would be dull and almost factual which is bad as they are supposed to be STORIES. In Emily Bronte's well-known book 'Wutherings Heights' there is a character called Heathcliff whose history is described as a 'cuckoo's', which is reference to a homeless person. This is true as Mr Earnshaw was away on a trip when he found him and decided to bring him home.

    • Word count: 884
  18. Catherine's conversation with Nelly

    Catherine describes her secret. That is to say, she tells Nelly that she has received a request of marriage from Edgar Linton and also that she has given him an answer. Her dilemma is that she does not know if her answer was correct and is asking for Nelly's guidance. This shows Catherine's underlying insecurities and her association with Nelly and wisdom. Catherine continues, and finally says that she has accepted Edgar's request. For Nelly to give an answer to whether she thought this was appropriate, she asks some questions that reveal more about Catherine's character.

    • Word count: 767
  19. Is Heathcliff a monster, or just misunderstood?

    Heathcliff encounters many events that affect him as a person and transforms his rage deeper into his soul, from which he is unable to escape. But does this mean he is a victim or monster? Following the death of Mr. Earnshaw, Heathcliff suffers cruel mistreatment at the hands of Hindley. In these tender years, he is deprived of love, friendship, and education, while the treatment from jealous Hindley is crude and disrupts his mental balance. ?He drove him from their company to the servants, deprived him of the instructions of the curate, and insisted that he should labour out of

    • Word count: 2079
  20. Describe the Relationship Between the Family Members in Wuthering Heights

    This is similar to how society dictates Juliet?s arranged marriage to Paris as Romeo wasn?t seen as suitable for her, based on his family. Catherine and Juliet share the same pressures of the expectations children had. Victorian children were supposed to be passive and during the renaissance period, children were expected to be unquestionably docile as seen when Lord C says it?s by his ?decree? that Juliet marry. Both had an upbringing based on fear but the servant Joseph encourages Earnshaw to instil strict religious values into the children which Juliet isn?t subject to at all.

    • Word count: 1768
  21. Letter to Heathcliff from Isabella (Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte)

    Actually if I speak the truth then I do have a heart but it?s pinched by you hence it only tells a mean thing. You know your nothing but a mad lover, who knows nothing besides hatred.

    • Word count: 428
  22. Is Wuthering Heights a gothic novel?

    Heathcliff?s lack of a surname perplexes the reader and his sudden gain in wealth and elegance after his disappearance remains unexplained in the readers mind. This atmosphere overshadows the gloomy setting of the remainder of the book. Mystery and suspense is a notable feature in gothic novels, Bronte uses this a lot in her book. During Lockwood?s stay at Wuthering Heights, he encounters a supernatural event, in which he dreams of Catherine scratching the bedside window.

    • Word count: 492
  23. Explore the ways in which the difficulties of love are presented in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet and Emily Brontes Wuthering heights.

    On the other hand, in Wuthering heights, where the difficulties of love occur over such a long period, the happenings are understood and presented through the use of flashbacks, along with the use of narrators, who are actors within the film. The aim of this was to make the story more believable. Catherine and Hathcliff, the two main lovers, could also be referred to as ?star crossed lovers? as their love also ends in tragedy. As though they were destined to experience love in such a way and have it swiped right away from them.

    • Word count: 2800
  24. Mr. Lockwood and Nelly Dean as the two narrators of "Wuthering Heights".

    Lockwood first describes the Heights as an ?inhospitable place? and notices that ?grass grows up between the flags, and cattle are the only hedgecutters?. He later contradicts himself and supposes that Heathcliff must have many servants. This demonstrates that he is not quite a reliable narrator. He also describes Heathcliff as being a gentleman but criticizes him when he hides his hand in his coat. He describes Heathcliff and himself as being misanthropes. This being said, we can assume that Lockwood is not a good judge of character.

    • Word count: 838

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