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GCSE: H.G. Wells

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  1. The Whole Towns Sleeping,” by Ray Bradbury and “A Terribly Strange Bed,” by Wilkie Collins.

    We were both young men then, and lived, I am afraid, rather a wild life in the delightful city of our sojourn." These sentences betray no hints of danger. The sentences let you gently into an atmosphere of excitement and this continues even as the friends go out: "One night we were idling about the neighbourhood of Palais Royal, doubtful to what amusement we should next betake ourselves. My friend proposed a visit to Frascati's, but his suggestion was not to my taste."

    • Word count: 1783
  2. In both of these ghost stories, the narrator goes into a big, old building. With this as a starting point, show how both the authors evolve their stories in different ways, to get different effects.

    This 'supernatural' language he uses helps show how the setting is sombre and 'spooky,' the sort of building which one would surely think there was a ghost in. In Susan Hill's new story, the building is big and old, but it is still full of life and love, because it is now a home for older persons called Farthing House. This story was in the 'Good Housekeeping' magazine in the 1990's for housewives, and in contrast with the first story, Susan Hill makes the effort to move on from the stereotypical ghost story.

    • Word count: 1229
  3. The Darkness out there

    We are worried when it is described by Sandra as 'nasty, creepy�. The fact that we never get the full story about this place adds tour unease. With this combination of fear and calmness, we are constantly on edge. The images of sweet old Mrs. Rutter contrasts with those of Packers Wood, subtly suggesting that we must be prepared for what happens next. When later we hear of how, during the war, Mrs. Rutter let a German Airman die when his plane crashed in Packers End, we are shocked at how someone who we thought of as 'nice' had such evil in them.

    • Word count: 2202
  4. The Red King

    The Red King was once a caring, generous hermit who liked to see the happiness of the people whom he healed with magic water. When he started to grow old, he turned greedy and selfish, desiring to live forever. He started to look for the lightless flame, which he had heard about. The Red King survived the flame and when he came out, he was not the same man and would never be again. The deadly red fever became his weapon and he spread it when people questioned his authority.

    • Word count: 619
  5. A close look at the first page of the book Barbara, written by Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen and translated by George Johnston.

    What does this all mean? Well it is certainly meant to be a parallel to the main character of the book, Barbara. What I mean by stating that is that Barbara is an incredibly vivacious character. Coming into peoples lives and leaving a path of destruction in her wake. To continue, the passage then carries on with, "Then the thick beams and rafters would give as the wind renewed its attack on these tarred wooden structures. It whined grievously in every corner, the warehouse shutters sprang and tugged at their iron hinges, the sod roof waned and flattened like tempestuous

    • Word count: 1037
  6. In what respects are ‘The Red Room’ by H.G.Wells and ‘Farthing House’ by Susan Hill typical ghost story genre?”

    As the story progresses, three elderly custodians enter into the story as H.G Wells uses them to create a sense of dread and darkness by their presence within the castle. H.G Wells cleverly creates an eerie and negative atmosphere, by the clever description of the elderly people. He describes the narrators first meeting; 'I heard the sound of a stick and the shambling step on the flag in the passage outside, and the door creaked on its hinges as a second old man entered, more bent, more wrinkled, more aged even than the first.'

    • Word count: 3364
  7. Fear is a central theme in ‘The Clubfooted Grocer.’ and ‘The Red Room.’ Analyse, compare and contrast its role and development in the two stories.

    The Clubfooted Grocer is mostly set in darkness, this emphasises the sense of fear and danger in many ways as the narrator expresses the uneasiness it creates for him. P23 "without seeing anything, we heard the clumsy scuffling of the creatures in the darkness." The description of the house is also slightly eerie and strange, almost made for fear to be created in. p26 "Up with him to those hooks" There were rows of them along the walls were the meat used to be hung.'

    • Word count: 2019
  8. H.G. Wells’ ‘The Red Room’ and Penelope Lively’s ‘The Darkness Out There’

    There' the characters have a lot of conversation to lead to the unusual part of the story when Mrs.Rutters past is revealed. In the two stories especially 'The Red Room' there is a lot of personification in the corridors and 'the red room' when objects such as ornaments and candles are described to do actions that they would not be able to do, that humans can do. Another similarity is that although 'The Darkness Out There' is written in 3rd person narrative and 'The Red Room' is written in 1st person narrative, both stories are written from the main characters point of view and start with personal pronoun.

    • Word count: 1472
  9. Comparing The Sea-Raiders by HG Wells with The Birds by Daphne du Maurier

    Both of these stories are based on another species posing a threat to the survival of mankind. I think The Birds seems to be more real because it is a common everyday animal that is posing the threat. I think that maybe Daphne du Maurier is saying that we should take care of nature and the environment or birds might one day end up attacking us one day. I don't know if that is her reason for writing the story but after reading it, it left that idea in my mind. The Sea-Raiders is set in a place called Sidmouth, Devonshire.

    • Word count: 1569
  10. Comparison of ‘The Red Room’ By H.G. Wells and ‘Farthing House’ by Susan Hill.

    They seem to have some connection with the Red Room or the presence within. The setting is also important for creating an atmosphere and creating the needed tension. The surroundings also help setting the atmosphere. In 'Farthing House' there is a graveyard near the destination the character is heading, and there is a contrast between the outside and inside of the house. The time of the story is in late autumn, this can be related to the season of death. This and the graveyard, together create a negative feeling about the expectations of Farthing House.

    • Word count: 902
  11. ‘The Necklace’ and ‘The Red Room’ Comparative Essay

    When M.Loisel reads out the invitation he expects Mme.Loisel to be delighted but she is not,' Instead of being delighted, as her husband hoped, she threw the invitation on the table with annoyance, murmuring', she does this because she has nothing to wear,' She looked at him with an irritated eye and she declared with impatience, "What do you want me to put on my back to go there?"' I think Mme.Loisel is ashamed of what possessions she holds.' The day of the party drew near, and Mme.

    • Word count: 1086
  12. Different Types Of Clay.

    This allows the clay to fuse and integrate more strongly with the glaze layer and makes the unglazed clay relatively vitreous (glass - like). Other commonly used clays are; Red Clay. Red clay is an iron bearing clay. It includes bricklayers. Although called red clay its fired colour is brown or terracotta. It is present in vast quantities and a great variety of qualities all over the earth's surface. Slip. Slip is any clay or body mixed with water to a smooth creamy consistency.

    • Word count: 1064
  13. Clearly, the Time Traveller Believes That the Morlocks and the Eloi Are a Race of People Who Have Regressed When Compared To the People of His Own Generation In the Late Victorian Era. Why does he come to this conclusion?

    The Time Traveller feels disheartened upon realising that the Eloi show the virtually no intelligence: scientific or otherwise. 'I had built the time machine in vain.' The frail creatures don't seem to be superior people in any way to the late Victorian era; they are frail, small and extremely light. 'I could fancy myself flinging the whole dozen of them about like ninepins' The late Victorian era was a time of great technical progress. The Eloi must have abandoned all forms of science and technology because they do not require the knowledge very much. The Time Traveller thinks that communism; a philosophy produced by Carl Marx had become used in some course of human evolution.

    • Word count: 1405
  14. Discuss the techniques which affect the management of tension in ‘The Red Room’ and ‘Farthing House’.

    Some people are more logical when talking about Ghosts: "They are just the use of our imagination" "They are not real" "They are what Writer's have created to scare the likes of us" Yet, when you are put in the situation of unfamiliar surroundings where the slight creek of a staircase can send you into an uneasiness, the experience can make you change your mind about 'Ghosts being the use of your imagination'. An experience of the 'Supernatural' can send your mind on a rollercoaster of fear, panic, worry and horror, the phobia of the unfamiliar is so strong, it can send a person off the edge.

    • Word count: 2086
  15. Comparing short stories

    The storyline of 'The Red Room' is that a young man goes into a castle to investigate a supposedly haunted room. Suddenly all the candles that have been lit start going out for no reason. This creates fear and atmosphere. The storyline of 'The Whole Towns Sleeping' is that there is a murderer on the loose that is going around strangling beautiful women. It creates fear and atmosphere because we don't know who is going to die. In both stories we never see the culprit; the villain or the ghost.

    • Word count: 1771
  16. The Girl With The Rusty Red Hair

    The girl with the rusty red hair. She almost seductively walks down the stairs, enslaving everyone with her spell. The light shimmers off her red silk dress, and still she moves on. The girl with the rusty red hair. Someone starts to walk toward her. "Can she be real?" he thinks. "Is she from the heaven that everyone talks about?

    • Word count: 296
  17. Compare 'The Red Room' and 'Farthing House', looking particularly at how fear and tension are built Fear and Tension are built up quite differently in the stories 'The Red Room', and 'Farthing House'.

    In other words, despite the sinister, discomforting appearance of the castle (its darkness, its draughts, it shadows, for example) and 'the man with the withered arm' (who repeatedly warns the author that 'It's your own choosing.'), we begin this tale with the feeling that the narrator will be easily convinced that the castle is haunted. To the reader it seems that the writer has set up the narrator for a big change of mind. The first thing that the narrator says is full of confidence, maybe even over-confidence: 'I can assure you,' said I 'it would take a very tangible ghost to frighten me.'

    • Word count: 1553
  18. Ghost Story Write up

    I have never told anyone.' we are immediately sharing a secret with the character, that know one else nos. hill is involving us in the story. This makes us seem in line with the narrator. This is an important aspect of build tension and for the ghost story to become successful. We get into an investigation of the characters life as we get to know more about the characters background. We get to know that the character 'began to be restless'.

    • Word count: 1568
  19. The Red Room

    He keeps relighting them but they keep blowing out. The room is being haunted. The narrator fails to relight all of the candles as they are being put out too fast. He is left in darkness and is petrified. He wants to get out of the room but cannot find the door. In all his fear, he ends up knocking himself out before he manages to find an escape. Section four, the last section, is where the narrator wakes up the next morning. He describes what it was like in the 'Red Room' and how it is not haunted by spirits but by the fear of those who had died in there.

    • Word count: 1864
  20. Incident on a journey By Thom Gunn

    The red-coat ghost's purpose seems to be to teach the man a lesson about the way to live his life. The red-coat soldier tells a story of hunting, fighting, blood, strength and other similar themes. The story has much symbolism though, when the red-coat says 'turn your closed eyes to see upon these walls' he is telling the man to look around his own mind, the murals being memories.

    • Word count: 522
  21. ‘The Time Traveller describes his story as a ‘prophecy’. What warnings from the future does he bring to the people of the 1890s and, overall, do you consider his message to be one of hope or despair?’

    This therefore adds a touch of mystery to the book even before the first sentence is complete. The prophetic manner of the Time Traveller is also enhanced by the fact that nowhere in the book do we find out his name. He is always refereed to as 'the time traveller' this adds a sense of mystery to the novel because it suggests that he is so deeply profound that to know his name would be creating a sense of familiarity between the reader and the character, it is best left out of the novel for this reason.

    • Word count: 1782
  22. Coursework the darkness out there- the red room

    The children soon realise there is a Darkness in everyone. The Red Room is about a mansion with an apparently haunted room. A young man comes to investigate this. He is told that no customers will enter this room- Especially on 'tonight of all night'. We are not told what is significant about this night but it is used to make the story scarier and build up a climax- introducing more fear to the story. At the end of the story the man realises that there is no ghost but something far worse 'fear itself'.

    • Word count: 1555
  23. Compare the two stories `The Red Room`And `Farthing House`

    The both authors explain their stories in different point of views Well's was a male writer so he explain his story in bravery and in scary situations, while the Hill's was female writer so she write her story in her style of emotions and in mysterious situations. Although the both stories are of the ghost genre, but in a number of ways they are very different the most striking difference between the `The Red Room` and `Farthing House` is the emotions of each story teller feels as the both of the stories begin to develop.

    • Word count: 1436
  24. Red Room and Farthing House comparison coursework.

    When the man is engulfed in total darkness he panics and tries to run out of the room but trips and knocks himself unconscious. He them goes on to describe to the residents of the castle that the haunting in the room is not a ghost but fear... In 'Farthing House' a woman is writing a letter to be read at a latter date by her pregnant daughter. It tells of the woman's experience when she went to visit her aunt at Farthing House.

    • Word count: 1701
  25. Red Shift

    When a red shift occurs, all wavelengths are lengthened by the same fraction. A red shift is expressed as a percentage increase over the normal wavelength. An example of a red shift can be seen in the spectra of quasars, extremely powerful sources of radio and light waves. A series of bright spectral lines caused by hydrogen appears in the spectrum of Quasar 3C 273.

    • Word count: 378

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