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GCSE: H.G. Wells

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  1. Desperate Bosnians

    This is called investment in character. Maggie O'Kane tells the article in a different way. She uses something called a 'fictional technique'. She tells the article like a story. It makes it more interesting for the reader so the reader doesn't feel bored. It helps us to feel what it is like to be them. Maggie O'Kane's descriptions are powerful. Her descriptions are very colorful as well. 'A woman in a white bib and green overall mopped up her red blood.'

    • Word count: 578
  2. Karenia brevis: Ecological Effects of Red Tide

    One particular dinoflagellate, Karenia brevis, occurs almost annually along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida waters. Karenia brevis releases potent neurotoxins called brevetoxins that affect the nervous system of vertebrates, accumulate in shellfish, and can become aerosolized. The occurrences of "Florida Red Tide" have resulted in serious and harmful ecological effects such as the air pollution, immense mortalities of invertebrates, mammals, and fish, as well as severe health threats to humans. First to understand the ecological effects of red tide, one must know the underlying factors of this natural phenomenon, neurotoxins. In this case, brevetoxins are the neurotoxins produced by Karenia brevis that are released during a bloom.

    • Word count: 1036
  3. What make a good suspense / mystery story? Explain how the narrator of the red room and the signal man narrator create effective suspense and mystery in their stories.

    Go through that ad down the long corridor to the end, and the red room is on your left up the steps.'" The significance of the long distance to the red room show that the narrator is going on a physical journey to the red room, the journey made by the narrator to the signalman is described in an elaborate way, adding to the gothic theme, "time to recall singular air reluctance or compulsion" suggesting there is something more sinister to his descent too the railroad.

    • Word count: 820
  4. autobiographical writing

    It was slowly burning up the carpet I had tom act fast in the corner of my eye I saw a bottle of mineral water I rushed to get it. When I did get I tipped it over the flaming trap of death E.g. the burning carpet. I was relieved as not much damage had been caused and in peace of mind I sat on the sofa but this sanctuary did not last as after 2 minutes I could smell the disgusting smell of burning leather and so I looked under the sofa to my horror there was AQ bright orange glow quickly eating up the sofa like a savage beast.

    • Word count: 666
  5. Is 'The Red Room' by H.G Wells a good ghost story?

    The story is based on this unnamed narrator who chooses to spend this night within Lorraine castle. The narrator will rest in a room said to be haunted; in an effort to disprove the various legends and rumours claimed about it. At the beginning of the story he is inside a room with three infirm elderly people inside with him, the owners of Lorraine castle. An old man with a withered arm, an old woman and another old man with shade. He and the beginning of the story is reminded constantly of this 'haunted room' and that 'it's his own choosing' to enter the room and try to warn him not to sleep in this room.

    • Word count: 2092
  6. copper chloride lab

    strip in comparison to a pH scale and record observations Experiment #2: * Fold filter paper into a cone * Place filter cone in a ring stand, supported by the stabilizer * Place spare beaker underneath filter cone * Take the beaker with the red substance and slowly pour it through the filter paper * Scrape the remaining red substance into the filter paper * Place the filter paper with the red substance into another small beaker * Place beaker into the oven to dry overnight * On day 2, remove red substance from the beaker and unravel the filter

    • Word count: 1093
  7. Gothic Horror

    The young man meets three old people whom all have no names, yet are identified by their distorted features. He is advised not go to the room, yet he persists that he will not believe in a ghost until it has physical defiance. Later on the young man is faced with the ghost, and finds out that there is more to the ghost than it first appears. In this essay I will write on the area under discussion of how the two writers of Red Room, and Monkeys Paw create suspense, and tension in each of their short stories.

    • Word count: 1527
  8. Pre 1914 Prose Fiction - Stories of Mystery

    The reader soon realizes that the fear of the vulture eye has consumed the narrator, who has now become a victim to the madness that he had hoped to elude, heightening the tension in the story greatly. Poe then builds on the foundations he has set early in the story, and the eerie tension increases about a third of the way in. He describes the narrator's nightly visits to the old man's chambers, in which he, once again, uses repetition to exemplify the narrator's obsessive insanity; 'cautiously, oh, so cautiously' 6.

    • Word count: 6059
  9. How does the writer build up suspense and present the supernatural in 'The Red Room' and 'Withered Arm'?

    People were also very religious and believed in God, the devil, and witchcraft. They also believed that people who were disfigured or ugly were evil. A quote is, "what came by a spell will go by a spell." Victorians prized appearance. What they looked like was very important. Men often married for wealth or status like farmer Lodge marrying Gertrude for her beauty and youth, but doesn't love her, especially when she becomes disfigured. This is more obvious when he appears to go off her. An example of men marrying for status in Victorian times is Farmer Lodge not loving Gertrude anymore because of her arm.

    • Word count: 1711
  10. How does H.G Wells use language and other devices to create suspense?

    At the beginning of the story H.G Wells uses the custodians to enhance the suspense in the story. Firstly the custodians are described as `one unit'. " At the door I turned and looked at them and I saw they were all close together" This suggest to the reader that the custodians are working together as one by them sitting closely together with each other. The custodians therefore seem against the narrator because there are three of them and only one of him.

    • Word count: 2234
  11. War of the worlds prose Coursework

    H.G well's was a scientist, not only did he write fictional books, but he also went on to write science text books as well his own scientific papers. During the late 1800's, the theory of evolution was published, Britain's industry was booming, not to mention the countless scientific and creative breakthroughs being made at the time. This was a disconcerting time for many, especially the religious, and such times are regarded as ideal conditions for science-fiction authors. Well's at the early stages of 'War of The Worlds' employs the use of a scientist, Ogilvy 'a well known astronomer,' this is so that Well's can add a sense of credibility to his ideas by making them come from an astronomer.

    • Word count: 919
  12. The Timetraveller

    You could compare the book to current films like 'Day After Tomorrow' because it deals with current issues. 'Day After Tomorrow' talks about a current issue of global warming. When 'Time Machine' was written there were many theories about evolution. For instance, the time-traveller goes forward in time and expects the world to get better; this could go with the issues that Darwin and his theory of evolution were raising in Victorian society at the time. The word 'desolation' shows H G Wells agreement with Huxley's theory of entropy and decay. When the time-traveller goes forward in time, what he finds is not what he expected.

    • Word count: 909
  13. the red room

    Not only does Wells use terrifying language, he also sets the setting through the narrator, we realise that the Narrator is very well educated as he uses complex words such as, "tangible", "grotesque" and "custodians". In some ways this makes you dislike the narrator and so you want him to get a fright, creating suspense. In the red room the narrators language goes from being very "matter-of-fact", to being very emotional; this change in language is what makes you feel comfortable, because he is comfortable and then he loses this "matter-of-[fact ness]" and so it creates something terrifying.

    • Word count: 1243
  14. How are the advances of the Victorian era presented in 'The Time Machine'?

    While other writers might choose to force facts on you, convince you that as time went on society would cease to exist, Wells sold his ideas to society, covering up his thoughts under layers of appealing material. People read what they initially thought was going to be an adventure story with a hero at the centre of it who travelled off into the distant and mysterious future, rescued the damsel in distress, fought a few bad guys and ended with the words "happily ever after".

    • Word count: 2114
  15. The Red Room

    In 'The Signalman', the story of the haunting of the "appearance" makes the signalman feel very responsible of the two deaths which occurs after seeing the ghost and listening to its warnings. The first death that happens is when the signalman sees the "appearance" and listens to his warning. The dead and injured were brought over the spot were it stood on. The second death happens to a young and beautiful lady. After stopping the train they find her dead in the cabin.

    • Word count: 1300
  16. The Red room

    At the first mention of the monkey's paw the sergeant major hastily replies "nothing...leastways nothing worth hearing" this again creates tension as we do not know what it is and makes the reader want to read on. As the reader reads on and we advance through the story we find the Monkey's Paw is "just a bit of what you might call magic" this makes the story very exciting as more tension is created. It is essential to note the family has to get the sergeant major drunk before he will even consider talking about the monkey's paw but when

    • Word count: 989
  17. How Does the Author of The Red Room create tension in his writing?

    H.G Wells describes a fire-lightened room and straight away ghosts and the supernatural are mentioned by the main character, this gets the reader involved straight away where it starts with speech. After this the reader meets the strange characters of the story - the old people.When the narrator meets the old people we see his arrogence towards them as he describes them in a sense that he is actually mocking them and their suspicions to do with the red room.

  18. How does H.G.Wells describe the future world and its inhabitants in "The Time Machine?"

    He went on to write other books, including The Invisible Man (1897), The War of the Worlds (1898) and The First Men in the Moon (1901). Wells also wrote sociological novels and non-fiction works, including his Outline of History (1920) and The Shape of Things to Come (1933). The narrator, Mr. Hillyer, is the Time Traveller's dinner guest. In chapter 3, the time traveller shows the audience that the time machine works. In that morning, he uses it to jump ahead over five hours and gives it a second run, watching the world around him as the advance in time continues to speed up.

    • Word count: 2792
  19. will discuss the things in two Victorian ghost stories i.e. 'The Monkey's Paw' and 'The Red Room' which they have in common

    The reader knows the wish has come true: Herbert has risen from the grave having been dead for ten days. This will be a fearful image because he is now a rotting corpse. In 'The Red Room' fear is also a key element. As the narrator who doesn't believe in ghosts, he walks towards the 'Red Room' he goes through a passage where he sees a shadow as a person, 'crouching to attack him. The narrator is scared, even before he gets to The 'Red Room'! Feelings of fear are making him doubt his original feelings that ghosts don't exist.

    • Word count: 1106
  20. Gothic Horror stories. The three stories are 'The Signalman' written by Charles Dickens in 1865, 'The Red Room' by H.G Wells in 1894 and 'The Man With The Twisted Lip' written by Arthur Conan Doyle

    The new technology also made their lives easy for example the railway made travel easy. 'The Signalman' is the oldest of all three stories and was written in 1865. 'The Man With The Twisted Lip' was written in 1891 and 'The Red Room' in 1894. All three stories have suspense in them however the setting chosen by the writer are very different. However two of the stories are ghost themed and 'The Man With The Twisted Lip' is a mystery. 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens In the 1860's, the railway was a recent invention, it was cutting edge technology.

    • Word count: 4537
  21. The Time Machine

    Even after a lot of persuasion from the 'Time Traveller' they refuse to believe the fact that he travelled into the future and witnessed the two different species. At the end of the book the ''Time Traveller'' goes off into time again. Years and years go by but the 'Time Traveller' does not come back to his own time. The Morlocks, who were subterranean for innumerable generations, came to find the daylight surface intolerable. The 'Time Traveller' describes one on page 44 and 45 as an 'ape-like figure,' with long arms and hairy fingers, 'a solitary animal with a pair of large greyish-red eyes,' eyes that are luminous by reflection against the daylight.

    • Word count: 3522
  22. THE ASSASSIN.An extensive glossy and refined car with dark inclined windows

    As the night persisted, the dismal atmosphere sustained on the soundless streets around within miles however, across from the building from which the strange man had entered was an apartment room, which was as elegant as a slight encounter of a heavenly breeze. The elegant simplicity of the furnishings did nothing to disguise the very tense atmosphere, which was created by a short stocky man standing next to a huge clear viewed window out of which he was starring intently into an apartment room located somewhere within the building in which the wealthy man had just entered.

    • Word count: 695
  23. Compare and Contrast at least two Victorian Ghost Stories.Signal Man and The Red Room

    There are other supporting characters that warn him about the haunted room and are important as they demonstrate the main character's ignorance. As these are ghost stories, the elements of mystery and fear are very important. In order to create this, the description of the surroundings and atmosphere must be incredibly detailed. The poetic use of language sets the scene. In "The Signal-man" the scene is set in the seventh paragraph where the narrator walks down the path to visit the Signal-man for the first time.

    • Word count: 1080
  24. What does "The War of the Worlds" tell us about human nature?

    In the 1890s, England, along with the rest of the Europe, was a smug and complacent country. We invaded countries on other continents to gain their resources, Wells is fervent so therefore doesn't feel it is right for us to do this. This is why H. G. Wells believes that:- "Before we can judge them too harshly, we must remember what ruthless and utter destruction our own species has wrought, not only upon animals ........but upon its own inferior races." He remains neutral towards the Martians, as their actions were parallel to those of the British Empire therefore ourselves.

    • Word count: 1020

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