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sense and seeability review

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Film Review - sense and sensibility 'Sense and sensibility' was Jane Austen's first published novel. Although it was published 16 years after she wrote it in 1795. It tells the story of two sisters; Elinor played by Emma Thomson and Marianne played by Kate Winslet. When their father, Henry Dashwood dies, by law the house must go to the eldest son of his first marriage. Therefore, his current wife and his three daughters are forced to live on a meager income and live in a cottage generously supplied by a distant relative.Their new house is less grand to say the least but they soon accept this along with the judgemental society. ...read more.


We then find out what is "wanting" Edward and makes him suddenly leave for London later in the film. The next man in view is Col. Brandon, played Alan Rickman. He is attracted to Marianne, but before he has a chance to act, she is consumed by the dashing Willoughby played by Greg Wise, who sweeps her of her feet, quite laterally, from a mishap. Then suspiciously these men are called of to London as well. Although before Col. Brandon disappears into the county horizon he states he knows something unspeakable about his love rival Willoughby. At this point in the film you can really see how fast things get around now days compared to how they used to in Austen's time, Willoughby's secret would not be kept a secret for long nowadays. ...read more.


"Sense and Sensibility" was written by Emma Thomson and directed by Ang Lee who also directed "The Wedding Banquet" who is from Taiwan. It altogether won 21 awards including 2 BAFTA awards,2 golden globe awards and 1 London and 2 New York critics circle awards. Sense and sensibility is an enjoyable film, and yet it left me somehow ungratified. I liked the witty humor, the charm of the actors; the tension when grant's Edwards is made to suffer an unbearable situation. And I appreciated the way Elinor kept her character's face carefully expressionless as she negotiated scenes in which some knew her secrets and others did not. But I don't like how Edward is off-screen so long that instead of growing concerned about his whereabouts, we forget him. I think it was a good adaptation that was cleverly directed and very well acted. Words = 629 ...read more.

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