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Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men: Characters George Lennie Candy Curley's Wife Slim Crooks Curley Carlson Of Mice and Men Plot Summary George and Lennie are two men who are struggling to find jobs. George is small and quick-witted whereas his friend, Lennie, is large, strong and has the mind of a child. George depends on Lennie for protection and Lennie depends on George to talk for him when he is having difficulties. Lennie enjoys petting soft animals; he is especially fond of rabbits. Lennie, gentle and kind does not understand his own strength which leads to many catastrophes. George promised Lennie's Aunt Clara that he would take care of Lennie before she passed away. Together George and Lennie share a dream, a dream that one day they would own some land of their own. Lennie likes hearing when George tells him about their dream: "All kin's a vegetable's in the garden, and if we want a little whisky we can sell a few eggs or something, or some milk. We'd just' live there. We'd belong there. There wouldn't be no more runnin' round the country and gettin' fed by a Jap cook. No, sir, we'd have our own place where we belonged and not sleep in no bunk house." George and Lennie camp in the brush the night before they start their job at a farm in California, Weed. ...read more.


Candy agrees half-heartedly and Carlson shoots his dog at the back of its head. Crooks: Crooks is the only black man on the ranch. Back then when The Great Depression took place, racism was still present and there was segregation. Crooks was not allowed in the bunk house where the other white men were and he refused to let anyone else to enter his room. Apart from this, Crooks is a nice man altogether. Slim: Slim like Carlson is a pleasant man, his name goes with his looks. Slim is like the manager of the ranch. Most of the men on the ranch seek advice from him as he is very intelligent and sharp-witted. Slim promises Candy that he can have any of the pups that he owns when Candy's dog was shot. I believe Slim's character is in the story to calm down the tension which takes place. Short Plot Summary: So those are all the characters explained to you, some are alike and some are different. So it's George and Lennie's first day at the ranch. They meet a kind old man called Candy who owns a smelly dog. Candy shows them around the barn and their workplace. Curley comes in the barn and talks to George then to Lennie, when Lennie doesn't answer, Curley gets angry and tells Lennie to be spoken to when spoken to. ...read more.


She then expresses her feelings about Curley and how she thinks that he isn't a very nice fella. Next unexpectedly, out of the blue she talks about how soft her hair is and asks Lennie to feel it. Lennie starts to pet her hair and when Curley's wife tells him not to mess it up he gets carried away and like the pup, pulls it too hard. Curley's wife starts screaming so Lennie covers her mouth and nose and sadly she gets suffocated to death. Lennie remembers George's words about hiding in the brush until he comes for him so he does so. When the other ranch men find out, everyone is flabbergasted, gobsmacked and absolutely astounded. Everyone knows that it must have been Lennie as he was the only missing one. Curley is very angry about this and is determined to get revenge on Lennie. He decides to get Carlson's gun and shoot him however Lennie stole Carlson's gun and went. George knows where Lennie is so he tells the men that he will handle it himself. George finds Lennie where he thought, hiding in the brush waiting for him. George starts telling Lennie about their dream and tells Lennie to look down at the river as though he can almost see it, While Lennie does that, George takes Carlson's gun and without Lennie noticing, he shoot's him at the back of the head. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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