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GCSE: JRR Tolkien

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  1. Are young people demanding new ways in which books are published?

    But, books which fit in this genre, according to my experience, are quite rare. This caused me to read less as I grew older, because I was forced to read when I was young, but now, I am not forced anymore and can only read books that interest me. This is perhaps why most young people do not like to read. Therefore, publishers and authors would have to find new ways to keep these people interested and eventually buying their products.

    • Word count: 635
  2. How do the makers of 'shrek' use presentational devices to reverse this tradition, to reveal the ogre as good, and the prince as evil?

    There are too many storybook characters for him to scare away so he asks why the characters had arrived and finds out that the characters where forced to stay on his land. Shrek goes to see Lord Farquaad to get rid of the characters for his own benefit. When Shrek tells the storybook characters that he is going to get them off his land, they all applaud which suggests that Shrek is a hero. Language is an important device, and I am going to write about how language can create the impression of good and evil in both characters and films.

    • Word count: 2046
  3. How does Book Four of Lord of the Rings illustrate the view that a convincing character should not be wholly good or evil, but a mixture of both?

    But its going to Him, yes, nearer every step. What's the hobbit going to do with it we wonders, yes we wonders' " This quote is from a debate that Gollum/Sm�agol has with himself. It shows how Sm�agol doesn't know what to do, or what is right. He tries to argue that one thing is right, but then is unsure and knows it's wrong. Sm�agol character is inconsistent throughout the whole play. It is possible that Tolkien has done this to make us question whether Sm�agol is good or evil, or neither.

    • Word count: 1243
  4. Discuss the Ways in Which Lian Hearn Develops the Theme of Personal Identity in Across the Nightingale Floor

    He is able to hear things said in other rooms and all around Lord Shigeru's house. On one of the nights this acute hearing comes to the lord's rescue and Tomasu manages to alert the lord that there is an assassin trying to get in the window. The lord regards this as a very noble act and decides to adopt the child. In order to stop Lord Iida from finding the boy and attacking him Lord Shigeru renames the boy as Takeo. This name change signifies a change in personality for Takeo as he seems to develop more as a character and we find out more about him.

    • Word count: 930
  5. Compare two film trailers, 'Lord of the Rings III' and 'The Gladiator'.

    The sound of the music and the scene is still quite fast and dramatic when a close up of an old man with a long white beard is shown beside a rock, his facial expression looks either sad and regretful or evil; the old man is shown in a rather luminous atmosphere. The clip is then followed by another scene, which consists of two or three dragons flying fiercely down towards a big castle; everything is still happening quite fast and the narrator says "the end has come" whilst a man is heading to climb a set of rocky stairs out in a open space.

    • Word count: 3244
  6. Knights in the Middle Ages.

    (Harding 164-170.) If the page showed promise, the next step in training is at the age of fourteen when he is considered full grown, he is made a "squire." The most important duties of a "squire" were to care for his knight's horses and armor. The squire had to become accustomed to heavy armor. The squire would ride with his knight to battle carrying the knights extra weapons. He was to stay near in the case the replacement weapons were needed.

    • Word count: 1975
  7. People's first impressions of the ogre Shrek.

    This shows what Shrek thinks of the happy ending of the book. Early on in the play the producers of Shrek use modern rap music in the background, which gives an indication that this is no ordinary fairy tale. Shrek seems like a traditional ogre because after the introduction to Shrek is done it shows a different side to his personality. He intimidates the villagers who were plotting to kill him by doing both the normal and expected way and the unexpected way. The normal way, that you expect Shrek, an ogre to do, is roar at them and scare them away, which he does and succeeds doings, but he does not eat them.

    • Word count: 1105
  8. Shrek - how do the makers change the traditional fairy tale?

    that's ever going to happen," a toilet is flushed, the romantic music cuts off and is quickly replaced by modern, rock music. The ogre then bursts onto the scene in an array of comical sequences with squash his reputation as a hideous beast. His entertaining, well-known voice of Mick Myers and the colours of greens and brown let the audience know Shrek is not going to be a typical fairy tale creature. When the people from the village set out to catch the ogre with pitchforks and torches, low lighting is used throughout the scene making it seem scarier.

    • Word count: 1653
  9. Norse, Teutonic, or Scandinavian mythology

    From that union, Odin, Vili, and Ve were born. Growing tired of Ymir's brutality and the growing band of frost giants, Odin, Vili, and Ve took up arms and slew Ymir and all the frost giants, excluding Bergelmir and his wife who fled across the sea. Odin and his brothers then threw the corpse of Ymir into Ginnungagap. Ymir's flesh became the earth, his unbroken bones mountains, his teeth and jaws rocks and boulders, his blood rivers, lakes, and the sea, and his skull the sky held at the corners by four dwarfs.

    • Word count: 1814
  10. The Ethereal Plane

    Especially by you Liwl, they are especially suspicious of the God of Assains and Thiefs. " For a moment he gazed upwards towards the top of the stairs, almost caustiosly. Then it passed, an air of confidence and power grew about him, and he grew in size as he, with a great sweep of his cloak, transcended the great staircase in one leap. He was closely followed by Liwl, who had climbed the stairs quietly, quickly, making sure to stay in the shadows.

    • Word count: 4758
  11. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings - An analysis of the portrayal of Frodo and the Shire.

    Frodo sitting under a tree alone also suggests that he is a solitary person. Music and sound effects are two very important features in a film, which need to be addressed carefully and skilfully. The theme music for the Shire is particularly effective as it is a soothing and peaceful theme. It is very relaxed and happy - almost natural. 'The Shire Theme' is a combination of flute and strings; this gives us a rural, pastoral feel and reminds us of folk and Gaelic music. This Shire theme is not only associated with the Shire, but with Frodo, as well.

    • Word count: 1373
  12. Analysing the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad.

    When the film opens we are lulled into a false sense of security by the soft, magical music. This has a calming effect on the audience, who relax into their chairs to enjoy the movie. The soft voice and low lighting also add to the effect. The old style book and typical writing style and pictures give the impression of a typical fairy tale. It comes as a shock when a loud ripping sound is heard and the soft music cuts off to be replaced by loud, new age, pop/rock music. The so-called hideous ogre, Shrek bursts onto the scene in a comical sequence that certainly does not help his reputation as a violent, man-eating beast.

    • Word count: 2310
  13. How Effective Is The Promotional Media For The Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King.

    Then it starts to redeem itself, showing Aragorn and Legolas talking in the dark, and flashbacks of the Ring, the forest and Gandalf. Straight after this they show some evil-looking black dragons swooping down towards the land. The way these couple of shots have been done is decidedly good, and definitely makes up for the poor start. It gives a feeling of the past, like something happened long before, that now they're about to find out about an old terror that once reined.

    • Word count: 1044
  14. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse the tradition of fairytales to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil?

    The storybook characters react by running away screaming this suggests Shrek seems like a traditional ogre because like 'Jack and the beanstalk' ogres and giants like the taste of humans "Fe fi fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman". When Donkey approaches, Shrek roars at him and tries to intimidate him, Donkey is not frightened and Donkey responds to Shrek by laughing at him and is not intimated. Donkey says "You need some tic-tacs" Donkey ridicules Shrek about his bad breath.

    • Word count: 2557
  15. In traditional fairy tales, ogres are man-eating beasts, the Prince rescues the Princess and they live happily ever after. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse this tradition, revealing the ogre as good, the Prince as ev

    From this we can tell that Shrek is a nice friendly harmless beast. A few scenes later Shrek and Donkey meet for the first time in the film. Donkey's first impression of Shrek is that he is scared but later finds out that Shrek is harmless and starts to make friends with Shrek but Shrek finds Donkey annoying by singing, making comments and constantly talking. From this we can see that Shrek is not as frightening as he should be.

    • Word count: 1821
  16. In 'Shrek' the roles of traditional fairy tale characters are switched.

    Donkey runs away and hides behind the great green figure that is Shrek. Shrek frightens the knights away and Donkey begins to trail Shrek. Shrek gets annoyed so he roars at Donkey who responds, in a comic way 'Wow if that didn't work then your breath did cus your breath Page 1 of 2stinks!' This gives the audience that Donkey is not one bit intimidated by Shrek being an ogre. Donkey proves this when Shrek shouts to him 'What am I?!'

    • Word count: 1268
  17. How effectively do the opening scenes of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' and 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' create an atmosphere of fantasy and intrigue?

    But which film is truly superior? The 'Harry Potter' books are credited with saving the genre and introducing it to a wider audience, with their accessible storylines and language. However, The 'The Lord of the Rings' is widely believed to be the grandfather of all modern fantasy novels, despite earlier efforts, foremost those of William Morris (of wallpaper fame) and Lord Dunsany. Before the publication of the trilogy, in the 1950s, fantasy writing rarely reached publication. Traditional settings for fantasy films include mostly parallel universes, and other worlds, where the normal rules of reality need not apply.

    • Word count: 1770
  18. Analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad.

    The film 'Shrek' begins as if we are reading a book or a fairytale. The character Shrek is reading the fairytale story and roughly halfway through he exclaims "Yeah right!" and rips the page out of the book and consequently uses it as toilet paper! We are astonished as the viewers as we were expecting a conventional fairytale. There is a good use of toilet humour and it is aimed at children or teenagers. We know right from the start that Shrek is a nice character as he has a comical impact on the film.

    • Word count: 3712
  19. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse the tradition of fairytales to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil?

    No one knows about this, apart from Donkey who found out accidentally. Shrek then saves the day, by interrupting Lord Forquaad and Fiona's wedding ceremony and telling Fiona his true feelings. These two kiss which releases the spell on Fiona and she turns into a beauty... which happened to be an ogre! Then Fiona admits that she is an ogre and explain the story to Shrek. Shrek and her then live happily ever after. In the first rescue scene it is fairly conventional. For example it is set in a castle, there is a dragon living there and princess Fiona is awaiting her rescuer.

    • Word count: 1664
  20. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse the tradition, to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil?

    Many brave knights tried to free her from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed. So she sat in her tower and waited for true love, and true love's first kiss.' and the soft slow music in the background. Shrek then rips that page and wipes his bottom saying, 'like that's ever going to happen', with a Scottish accent. He then bangs the toilet door and then you notice a change in music and atmosphere. There is a sought of rock and roll music which suggest to the viewers that Shrek is not going to be a movie that they had expected it to be like.

    • Word count: 3303
  21. The Ancient Egyptians.

    His father was a poor draughtsman who taught his son to draw at home. Howard showed promise at copying detailed work and at 17, under the recommendation of Lady Amherst, was tracing inscriptions in ancient Egyptian tombs along side Professor P.E Newberry at Beni Hasan. The following year (1892), Carter had his first experience of excavation when he accompanied Sir Flinders Petrie to El-Amarna. It was with the meticulous Petrie, Carter learned the principles and methods of archaeology that were to stand him in good stead in the future. In 1900, Carter was appointed Chief Inspector of Monuments of Upper Egypt with the Valley of the Kings, Tutankhamen's final resting place, under his jurisdiction.

    • Word count: 1809
  22. How does "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings" use techniques to create interest for the audience and introduce the film?

    Whilst she is talking, we see the action on screen mirroring her words as well as an "ancient" map, which points out where in Middle Earth the different races of life live. We are then taken to a panning shot of a huge battle scene in which the keeper of the last remaining ring is defeated. From then on filming follows this one ring as its new owner is ambushed in the forest and the ring drops to the riverbed, then as a creature known as Gollum finds it. This sequence of filming ends when Bilbo Baggins finds the ring.

    • Word count: 1766
  23. Compare and Contrast The different views of love presented In "Cousin Kate" and "The Seduction".

    The poem begins with: "Not mindful I was fair Why did the great lord find me out And praise my flaxen hair? Why did the great lord find me out To fill my heart with care?" The cottage maiden emphasises: "Why did the great lord find me out" by repeating it twice. In the second stanza Cristina Rossetti explains how the lord lured her to his palace, and just used her as a fashion accessory. The same thing happens in modern day life, people would much rather walk round the streets with a slim and beautiful woman, rather than an obese and ugly woman.

    • Word count: 738
  24. Lord Of the Rings: Media Assignment

    The next section uses a wide variety of verbs. He uses the verbs to create tension and atmosphere. Some of the verbs used were; The other two ran quickly. Frodo hesitated for a second. Threw himself down. Then he lifted his head. Peered cautiously. These verbs all give the effect that the hobbits were scared and vulnerable. Frodo was trying his best to help his colleagues in what he thought was the best way at the time. The author also uses these verbs to show what Frodo and his colleagues actions were during this time.

    • Word count: 964
  25. Compare and contrast the complete theatrical trailers of the movies 'Lord of the Rings-Return of the King' and 'Pearl Harbour' and evaluate on a whole the effectiveness of these pieces of visual media…

    Fighting is done by sword and shield, man against monster, with skilled displays of archery and siege equipment. The men are all fighting a complete battle of good verses evil, where the fate of the world rests on one character's shoulder, who holds the item that will mean that evil will triumph, as he continues to embark upon the quest to destroy the one ring. He may be the most important character, but throughout the film there are displays of heroism by men fighting selflessly to defend middle-earth for future generations to come.

    • Word count: 1977

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