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GCSE: JRR Tolkien

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  1. In the Grimm fairytale "The Lady and The Lion," L. Frank Baum's fantasy work, The Wizard of Oz, and J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy work The Hobbit, the concept of a promise is a prominent and important theme in maintaining one's honour.

    Yet, it is his hubris, his inner pride which compels him to actually commit to helping them, despite the dangers involved. As the dwarves had belittled him with remarks of mockery towards his very nature of small size and apparent weakness, Bilbo states, Pardon me, if I have overheard words that you were saying. I don't pretend to understand what you are talking about, or your reference to burglars, but think I am right in believing...that you think that I am no good.

    • Word count: 2434
  2. Cousin Kate.

    she was a young innocent girl. The relationship between 'Cousin Kate' and the Lord is true love, he has finally realized he cannot keep getting young girls into trouble and must be serious about Kate if he is prepared to marry her and as Kate is a 'good and pure' girl it is even better. Their love is described by the Cottage Maiden as being 'writ in sand'. I think that one of the messages in this poems was at this time is that society thought men were better than women and had more rights than women we can see

    • Word count: 1205
  3. The Hobbit - review.

    is a wise and old wizard who always seems to know more than he reveals and tends to get the dwarfs out of trouble. He was the one who believed in Bilbo's potential to be a Burglar and got him involved in the adventure of a lifetime. As for the dwarfs, the other main characters, they are Thorin Oakenshield and his band who go along on this search for riches. He leads them all to reclaim the gold from Smaug, a terrible dragon who hungers to keep it.

    • Word count: 800
  4. Comparison / Contrast of "Cousin Kate" by Christina Rossetti, and "The seduction" by Eileen McAuley.

    She speaks kindly of Kate at the beginning and then gets bitter by verse 5. The maid knows that the lord would give everything he had to have a child and she is not sorry for what happened because the lord was not honorable to her and used her. Even though she is the victim she is the one that the neighbors call "an outcast thing" Where as her cousin Kate is spoken of as "good and pure" and because Cousin Kate did not have sex with the lord he married her.

    • Word count: 720
  5. How does the film 'Shrek' challenge the fairytale genre?

    But Prince Farquaad won't back down without a fight, and so he sends 'Shrek' on a daring quest to rescue the Princess of his dreams Fiona. So 'Shrek' takes up his offer, and with a little help from his loveable loud - mouthed donkey, and successfully completes his mission. Having 'Shrek' as the hero defies the law of fairytale writing, because usually in fairytales the hero is young, handsome, popular and usually human, but in 'Shrek' they have turned this around to make Shrek the hero, who is ugly, unpopular and is an ogre.

    • Word count: 1038
  6. Christina Rossetti Poems.

    This hurts the cottage maiden deeply and the author shows this in stanza three. Christina Rossetti helps the reader to understand the feeling of the maiden by using emotional words like 'contented' meaning that the maiden was happy and satisfied before the lord came along, it shows that the maiden was unhappy when the lord left her, she shows this unhappiness in the second stanza "woe's me for joy thereof", this phrase shows it was a cause of sorrow and trouble, that she has had sexual intercourse outside of marriage. This is because of the 19th centaury attitudes, if a woman had sex before marriage and got found out she would be treated badly,

    • Word count: 1819
  7. The Lord of the Rings - review.

    and his quest to destroy the Ring of Power, Jackson pulls out all the stops here, both in terms of visual spectacle and in the characters that give it so much weight. Gigantic tombs populated by an army of ghosts; the city of Minas Tirith, last hope for a tormented humanity; the legions of Sauron, who lay siege to the city in one of the greatest battle sequences ever conceived; and a queen giant spider guaranteed to rattle even the most tired horror fan.

    • Word count: 1125
  8. Compare and contrast the poems "Cousin Kate" and "The seduction".

    The seduction is split into two parts and the young girl's emotions and feelings change drastically from the first part to the second. In the beginning of the poem the girl is put across as quite na�ve and blatantly childish, Immature and heavily reliant upon teen magazines for her information "reminded her of numerous stories from teenage magazines." As the poem goes on we begin to see that maybe this girl cannot separate real life from the fantasy she reads in these magazines.

    • Word count: 3678
  9. Why is the Novel called The Remains of the Day?

    During this time in Darlington Hall's past, Lord Darlington was famous, well-liked and still lived in Darlington Hall, so the word, 'Day' in fact pertains to the whole 'era'. An unnamed retired butler listens to Stevens as he pours out his feelings to him at the end of the novel and brings Stevens back from the edge of despair and instead tells Stevens to enjoy the 'remains of the day', which is a reference to the rest of Stevens' life.

    • Word count: 1602
  10. Shrek - In this essay, I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, and write about how filmmakers use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairy tale.

    This is different because usually the story would continue from the book, and you wouldn't expect to see the ogre straight away. This would surprise viewers because you don't expect to see the traditional villain so early in the film. The change in opening suggests that this isn't going to be like the other fairy tales. It's going to be unique. When the storybook characters arrive Shrek threatens to throw them out of his swamp. He tries to frighten them by shouting. The characters are scared of Shrek. This shows us that he can be a really scary, 'traditional' ogre.

    • Word count: 1935
  11. The Hobbit - by J.R.R Tolkien.

    The story begins by introducing us to the main character, Bilbo. Bilbo is "the hobbi"t which are a breed of people who are small, quiet and very shy. Originally, this was not so, we are told from the narrater that Bilbo's ancestors were very" tookish" (different breed of hobbits) known greatly for their bravery and courage. His ancestors were also a great deal bigger, which meant that most of them were brave enough and big enough to ride on horseback, which is a great achievement for hobbits.

    • Word count: 1431
  12. Sam Strutt and the Magic Bat

    "I am a star," he said. "I want a better bat." Mr. Dollars gave him a platinum bat. It had dollar signs made of emeralds on the barrel. Sam hit 75 home runs that year. When spring came again, Sam said to Mr. Dollars, "Give me a better bat. I can hit a hundred home runs if you give me a golden bat." So Mr. Dollars gave Sam a solid gold bat. On opening day, Sam arrived at the ballpark in a limousine.

    • Word count: 1035
  13. Analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, and write about how the film makers use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairy.

    He visits Snow White and the seven Dwarves on a white horse covered in gold jewels. He is dress glamorously with a red waist coat with gold buttons and a blue silk cape. The Prince is very smart and handsome. He kisses Snow White and the spell is broken. They leave together on the white horse to the palace to get married and they live happily ever after. The film Shrek opens with a plain brown book in the middle of the screen, no- one knows what it is, until a beam of sunlight catches it and it opens.

    • Word count: 2408
  14. Humanity, the Absolute Truth.

    The peaceful setting was suddenly disrupted when two monkeys raced into the orchard, chattering and screaming. Adam ceased chewing as he watched the larger of the two monkeys chase the smaller one. Screeching loudly, they raced up and down the trees, in and out, around and around, until finally, the larger monkey caught the smaller one and grabbed hold of it tightly, and instantly assaulted it in a way Adam was not familiar with What are they doing? Adam wondered. Whatever it is it looks like fun. They seem to be enjoying it, whatever it is.

    • Word count: 1452
  15. Life and Times of J.R.R. Tolkien.

    Tolkien's work commonly reflects events in his life; this is shown through Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings (Sale 27). Tolkien was devastated when his mother died tragically in 1904 from diabetes. Tolkien died September 2, 1973 at the age of eighty-one (Sale 27). Tolkein's first job came when he enlisted in the army during World War I. While enlisted, he married his childhood sweetheart. Later, Tolkien married Edith Mary Brett and fathered four children: John Francis Tolkien, Michael Tolkien, Hatfield 3 Christopher Tolkien, and Priscilla Tolkien (Sale 27). But, the war was not full of pleasurable incidents.

    • Word count: 1341
  16. The Burden of the Ring In "The Choices of Master Samwise" in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers, the parallels between the Ring carried by Frodo and the Cross taken on by Jesus of Nazareth are abundant.

    In a biblical parallel, it can be said that this could be related to the fate of the world if there were no hope, no divine savior, no Cross. In Christian beliefs, without the Cross--as told in the New Testament--there would be no hope for mankind, just as there would be no hope for the beings of Middle-Earth if the Ring were to fall into evil hands and not meet ultimate destruction. It is important to note that while this connection cannot be taken verbatim from the Bible, the message it conveys is vital to the storyline of The Lord

    • Word count: 1589
  17. Lord of the Rings: Adaptation Evaluation

    Because the Dark Lord Sauron made the ring of power, his life is bound to it. If Good can prevent defeat for long enough so that the ring can be destroyed, Sauron shall be overcome. However, the ring of power can only be destroyed where it was made - deep in Sauron's realm. This means that hope is in speed and secrecy, not force. A fellowship of the ring is formed and the quest is begun. The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the ring is the first part of the trilogy, which shows how the fellowship evades the servants of the Dark Lord and how the fellowship eventually breaks.

    • Word count: 769
  18. Shrek - a review.

    The audience can now tell that this is not a conventional fairy tale. In the third scene of the story, rewards are being given for the capture of fairy tale creatures by Lord Farquaad's demand, as his orders are being carried out it gives the impression that he is a very imposing ruler. Many of the traditional fairytale creatures are visible in this such as the three bears, Pinochio. Many of these fairy tale creatures use lines from there stories for example baby bear (from the three bears) says ' my cage is far too small' and starts crying.

    • Word count: 3161
  19. In this essay I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad and write about how the film makers use different interpretations making Shrek as good and the Prince as evil to create an unusual fairytale.

    The hand rips the page out of the book, you hear a flush of the toilet at the start and modern rap music is played that is when you realize that the film won't be a traditional fairytale. When the storybook characters arrive Shrek threatens them saying "I will grind your bones for my bread and shave your liver and make jelly from your eyes" Shrek tries to frighten them saying "ogres are worse than giants. The storybook characters react by running away screaming this suggests Shrek seems like a traditional ogre because like 'Jack and the beanstalk' ogres and giants like the taste of humans "Fe fi fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman".

    • Word count: 2626
  20. The Ultimate Tale.

    As Jeremy moved closer, out jumped a little man dressed in tweed. 'Hello Princess', squealed the man. 'Hi', said the princess. 'Uh...I'm taking a survey and would like to know what is your favourite food?', asked the tweed wearing clad midget. 'Hmmm...' thought Jeremy 'I suppose I would have to say that I absolutely love cabbage, yes, cabbage'. 'That's a bit of luck', said the man 'I've got loads of cabbages in my castle, it's that black one over there', he pointed. 'Really?' asked Princess Whelk. 'Yes', answered the midget. 'Wow, let's go', shouted the princess. 'He he he', muttered the man.

    • Word count: 2186
  21. Analyse the opening of the film 'The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring', how is it an effective opening?

    Galadriel does not describe how it has changed, she describes how she 'feels' it. The music starts off very quiet, but as Galadriel's words become increasingly tense, the music builds up, more instruments are added and the volume is increased. The last thing said, before the end of the blank screen states: 'much that once was, is lost, for none now live, who remember it.' This suggests death and destruction, the viewers are left wondering what catastrophe could have happened. The music then changes slightly, violins join the background music. On screen the title, 'The Lord of the Rings' is displayed.

    • Word count: 1425
  22. Appreciation and comparison of modern and pre-twentieth century poetry - "Cousin Kate" by Christiana Rossetti and "Manwatching" by Georgia Garett.

    In the second stanza we find out more about the affair of the cottage maiden and the lord. In this stanza we find out how the lord lured the cottage maiden into his palace. Christiana Rossetti uses the word "lured" because it means to trap and that is the lord did. The cottage maiden is unhappy that she enjoyed the affair. There is an oxymoron in this stanza; it is "shameless shameful life". She felt shameful because she thought it was true love, but afterwards she is made shameful by other peasants because they are not good enough for her.

    • Word count: 1650
  23. Media - The Lord of the Rings.

    By being the only fixation on the display at one time the observer is totally committed to that one line of text, they identify and take in the scene. I have also noticed that when the logos appear there is no background sound to accompany them, which again is evidence that the directors want the spectator to remember the title. By the directors opting the film to have one dominant title "Lord of the Rings" and a subordinate title "Fellowship of the Ring" this prepares the spectator for more movies that will be under the focal title but as a fresh sub title.

    • Word count: 2048
  24. Comment on in detail how genre and narrative are established in the opening scenes of 'the Lord of the Rings' and Gladiator.

    It is a calm female voice, informing the viewer about the quest for the rings. She is one of the only female stereotypes in the film, so she is represented as omniscient (all knowing) and powerful. Her voice sounds mythical, which is a convention of a fantasy film. The music is sad and sombre. It gives the feeling of a tragedy. Organs and violins are used which represent evil. We are then introduced to the history of the rings and how they are distributed. Straight away I can recognise that it is a fantasy genres/Nine rings gifted to the race of men," who represent power and dominance, three are given to the Elves and seven are 'gifted' to the Dwarfs however there will be 'one ring to rule them all".

    • Word count: 2010
  25. Chart Stevens' realisation that Lord Darlington was not a "great man" and show how the author has integrated this into Stevens' developing personality

    On frequent occasions throughout his journey Stevens finds himself standing up for and defending Lord Darlington's memory. One of the most memorable for me, is when Mr Farraday jokes about Stevens' relationship with Miss Kempton being something other than professional, in a friendly non intimidating way. However Stevens manages to take this as an insult of some kind and remarks to himself: "This was a most embarrassing situation, one which Lord Darlington would never have placed an employee" It seems like Stevens is trying to convince himself and his conscience that he had respect from Lord Darlington, it makes his memory of the things that happened under Lord Darlington's authority less painful to remember.

    • Word count: 1168

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