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GCSE: Mildred Taylor

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  1. How does Mildred D Taylor show the ways in which black people could deal with racism and injustice in the south?

    They were abused seriously by the white, and had no rights over the white people. This is a story were racism is taken as far as burning the Berry's alive. A nine year old girl named Cassie tells the story as she grows up, Cassie learns the truth of a bitter situation and the inner strength and conviction of her mother's words, 'everybody born on this earth is something', 'and nobody, no matter what colour, Is better than anybody else,' must sustain her despite what she sees around her. The character of Miss Crocker shows that she believes the manner to deal with racism is to just accept it.

    • Word count: 2021
  2. A Comparison of Cassie and T.J. in the novel 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry'

    Cassie does not, and cannot accept the way things are between black folks and white folks. This is shown in chapter one when Cassie refuses to take the 'new' school book, like her brother Little Man, because the front page classified them as nigre and that they got the book last: ' See Miz Crocker, see what it says. They give us these ole books when they didn't want 'em no more.' It is also shown in chapter five when Cassie goes to Strawberry and Cassie can't accept the reason 'them's white folks' wagons,' and later on, Cassie fights back to Mr Barnett because she thought it was unfair he served white folks first, especially a child.

    • Word count: 2031
  3. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry; What is life like for the Logan family living in Spokone County, Mississippi?

    For example when Stacey goes to the Walace store to fight T.J., he tells Mama as it is on his conscience. The white people believe themselves to be religious in bringing the slaves to America so the Blacks could learn Christianity and be a 'better' race. 'They also said slavery was good for us as it taught is to be good Christians - like the white people.' Mama tells us of what she thinks the real excuse for bringing them over from Africa and teaching Christianity, '...they did not teach us Christianity to save our souls, but to teach us obedience.'

    • Word count: 2013
  4. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor is set in the 1930's Mississippi, in the southern states of America.

    This helps us, the readers to place ourselves in the novel. Although it is only a few slang words, it tells us a lot about the individual characters. The first Character we are given a description of is little man. His real name was Clayton Chester but was known to almost everyone by his very appropriate nickname. Little man always kept himself meticulously neat which was a bit surprising for a six year old boy. The author portrays this image very well by using vocabulary such as: ...his studied steps. In addition, by directly telling us through little man that he likes to stay clean:.

    • Word count: 2027
  5. What is the importance of family in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

    She glues paper over the offensive pages, despite what others think, and therefore shows Cassie and Little Man the way to behave when an incident like this occurs. Mama and Papa use firm discipline with their children throughout the story. This is shown when Papa whips the children for going to the forbidden Wallace Store, and when Mama whips Stacey for cheating in the test. Mama and Papa use this punishment to discipline their children, and, as a result, they learn their lesson.

    • Word count: 2176
  6. Roll of thunder - Explore the idea of racial prejudice and discrimination by writing about Cassie's visit to Strawberry with Big Ma. Show how the ideas are brought out powerfully because of Cassie's age and character?

    Therefore, black people had to work very hard because they didn't have the same rights as white people. This can be shown in the novel where black and white children are separated in schools and only black children take the bus to school. After the civil war, slavery had abolished in the South and most black people worked on the land. Racism came about when the blacks were shipped into the country for slavery, from then on, the white people consider the blacks as a lower class and that is what Cassie has to come to terms with.

    • Word count: 2925
  7. Explore Mildred Taylor's ability to create unforgettable incidents in Roll of Thunder, Hear MyCry.

    The second part requires more thought. The action in the second part is of a more brutal nature. The children are getting whipped but this still appeals. If one thinks about it, one realises that it is not the actual whipping that we like, in fact we dislike this infliction on the main characters, we like that they are standing up for themselves. "Little man bit his lower lip, and I knew that he was not going to pick up the book."

    • Word count: 2416
  8. An Examination of Racism in the Deep South of America From the1930's to the 1960's through a variety of texts.

    also a small JACK ASS... a reward of a pistole will be given for each..." This shows that their masters treated the slaves with about as much respect and sense of belonging as a horse or donkey. Such disregard upset many Americans and so some spoke out against it. In 1861, because they would not agree to abolish slavery, the Southern States left the Union of American States. This created even more outcry until Abraham Lincoln , the then President of America declared war on the Southern States.

    • Word count: 2652
  9. Non-Fiction personal writing.

    As we got on really well, I knew she was going back this year but she had a boyfriend so it would be a bit different. We got parked up eventually, I went to get the wated while Quinny, started putting up the tent our sleeping house for the week. After we had finished setting up my mum and dad sent us down to the fish and chip shop that we had seen on the way in. It took about twenty mintues to walk to, so on the way back I phoned my dad to come and pick us up.

    • Word count: 2270
  10. How are the young David and Cassie presented as victims in the novels 'David Copperfield' and 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry'

    In the early days of David's existence he describes his life as being picture perfect. 'my mother and I and Peggoty-for Peggoty is quite our companion...my mother reads to Peggoty and me ... there is nothing half as green as... that grass' David loved his childhood he remembers everything to be idealistic which reminds us that the story is from David's point of view and may not be exactly how it was really. We can tell that he cherishes the time when it was only he Clara and Peggoty because of the emotive language used by the author.

    • Word count: 2335
  11. To what extent does Mildred Taylor portray TJ as a victim of the times?

    He says to Stacey 'You my only true friend...ain't never really had no true friend but you...,' emphasising to the reader that he realises they way has treated Stacey was wrong, and now knows that Stacey stands by him through everything and is his best friend, and knows that he will help. Papa thinks that TJ is a fool. This is made clear when the Averys are going to be attacked by the Wallaces. He says 'This thins been coming for a long time, baby and TJ just happened to be the one foolish enough to trigger it.

    • Word count: 2102
  12. What picture of Mississippi in the thirties do you get from " Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry"?

    In the novel by Mildred Taylor, the black children attend a school, which is far less equipped than Jefferson Davis is, which is the school of the white children. The black school is called Great Faith. The school is run-down and greatly deprived of essential resources and maintenance. This reflects on the lives and out come of the pupil, as the school can only teach to a certain level, the black dropout rate (which really can't be called drop out because they don't have much choice)

    • Word count: 2863
  13. I took in a deep breath of the thick air that surrounded me

    Mama was crying 'It could be one of our children next.' I hate it when Mama is upset, I slipped down from the wall and lay in bed, and then I quickly hopped out and ran through to the room in which Mama sat on the chair with her head in her hands. She was sobbing away, Papa was trying his best to comfort her but it was going to take more than a cuddle to solve this problem. I ran towards her, 'Oh mama' I cried out, and as soon as I was in Mamas arms I let my tears out again, 'I don't want T.J.

    • Word count: 2572
  14. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

    As the numbers grew, many whites began to feel afraid of rebellion. Strict laws were past about what the slaves could or could not do. They were denied all their personal rights and completely belong to and had to respect their owner. Roll of Thunder shows how slavery in a milder form still took place, with the blacks practically living like slaves on the white's land. They were even rejected the write to read or write in an attempt to avoid a revolt.

    • Word count: 2922
  15. Compare how Charles Dickens and Mildred D Taylor portray the social and personal problems of the main characters in Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry and Oliver Twist. Who overcomes their problems more successfully?

    Towards the end of the book, TJ, a friend of Stacey's (Cassie's older brother who is around the same age as him) is involved in a robbery along with two white boys who lay he blame on TJ when they are later found out. A lynch mob then comes after TJ with the intension of hanging him. Mr Logan sets his cotton field on fire as a distraction and blacks and whites are momentarily united as they try to extinguish the fire.

    • Word count: 2270
  16. How does Cassie Logan become more aware of what life is like for black Americans living in Mississippi in the 1930’s?

    Little Man is upset and as the bus drives past, the bus driver and the passengers deliberately humiliated Cassie and the other children. We know this because they see; 'Laughing white faces pressed against the bus window' At another time they hear; ' Moronic rolls of laughter and cries of "Nigger!, Nigger! Mud eater" waffled from the Open window. When the children arrive at school for the first day Little Man is not happy about the condition of the books, as they are old and dirty and Little Man doesn't want it.

    • Word count: 2872

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