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victorain short stories

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Essay title: I will be Exploring three Victorian short stories which fit into the Gothic genre. I will examine how the settings the writers have chosen create certain effects and how they contribute to suspense and atmosphere. Introduction I will be exploring three Victorian short stories which fit into the Gothic horror genre. I will examine how the settings that the writers have chosen create certain effects and how they contribute to the suspense and atmosphere. All three create suspense through the language that the writers have used. "The Red Room" fits into stereotypical gothic horror genre. Because it has been set in a creepy old house and most of the action takes place in "The Red Room" itself. "The Red Room" symbolises fear, blood, hell and evil. "The Signal Man" is strange as it is set by a railway line. The railway tunnel represents hell and graves which gives hints to the reader as it someone might have died. "The Man With The Twisted Lip" keeps the reader in suspense as you're not sure what's going on at all times and creates suspense through the text as it draw the reader in so that they want to carry on reading as the writer uses suspense and the surprise to. The writer also uses connotation, imagery and similes to create effect. The "Signal Man" is the oldest of the three Victorian short stories. In 1860s, the railway system was a new invention that had just began to spread over the nation. I think Dickens chose this setting because it is a contemporary touch. Dickens also chose to combine the ancient supernatural with a modern railway setting which was unexpected. Dickens himself injured himself on the railway after a crash. ...read more.


When there is danger The Signal Man should raise alarms. Three times the Signal Man receives phantom warnings of danger when his bell rings in fashion where he can only hear. At this point the Signal Man is confused and doesn't know what is going on. This therefore creates atmosphere and tension and builds up suspense. Each warning is appeared by a phantom and then a terrible accident occurs. Where in the second warning of a young woman passing on the train mysteriously dies. The third warning is a premonition of himself (the Signal Man) dieing. In "The Signal Man" the author creates tension and atmosphere in many ways. Such as "I am troubled sir, I am troubled." This tells us that there is something wrong with the Signal Man and draws the reader in because they want to know what's going on what's wrong or their might be something wrong the narrator. The setting creates atmosphere and suspense because the setting is underground and in a tunnel. Also the tunnel represents ghosts as if something is about to happen for example "there was the dismal mouth at the tunnel. There were high, set walls of the cutting." This tells us about the tunnel for example what the tunnel was like and what it looked like. Dickens also creates suspense in the "Signal Man" by keeping the reader interested in many ways. He exposes the mysterious and deadly setting. The introduction of the "Signal Man" and the impression of the narrator fully. Dickens often uses personification such as "angry sunset" this shows that the narrator may be angry as the sun would be blazing down his eyes. ...read more.


The narration shows us that there is something evil in the stories. In the Red Room there is red furniture everywhere in the room. This colour represents blood, evil; fear also the colour red represents darkness in a red light which shows there's darkness and evil. I think the red light also shows danger as if something is going to happen or has happened. In The Man with Twisted Lip the story is about a missing person whom turns into a mystery as it seems he might be murdered and about drugs then the red room and the Signal Man. Also the Signal Man and the Red Room both relate to ghost in some way and is mentioned in the stories. The stories actually give you a feeling about hell and the natural world about how it was in those days. Another thing which brings the story together is the fact that all of the stories have red light in them. There are differences between the stories for example in the Red Room it is full of lights because there are loads of candle lit up whereas in the Signal Man there is less light. Overall I think the Red Room creates more atmosphere and suspense because in the story you never have a clear picture of what's going on, this makes you wonder what will happen next and makes you want to read it the story therefore drawing the reader in. The Red Room creates scarier atmosphere through language then the Signal Man and The Man With The twisted Lip. This creates more suspense as you are made to feel that something is going to happen. I am examining the settings of the three short stories and how they create suspense and atmosphere. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anisah Habib 11L Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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