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"Aquila" by Andrew Norris is a novel in which the main characters have a wonderful adventure

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"Aquila" By Andrew Norris Critical essay Int 2 English Mrs Auld Gregor Baird "Aquila" by Andrew Norris is a novel in which the main characters have a wonderful adventure. This essay will examine how the author portrays the theme of adventure through his clever use of characterisation and key incidents. In this novel a pair of best friends is on a school trip and they find a flying machine. However because it is a school trip they cannot take the flying machine home so they hide it at the site of the school trip so that they can return later and get the machine. When they do return to pick it up they play with the buttons and realise the flying machine called Aquila turns itself invisible. In the novel there is a lot of good use of characterisation. This is shown by the way the author wants to portray the characters. He wants to show them as best of friends when they actually are the complete opposite. ...read more.


The author has created the characters so that the reader can relate to them and remember how they felt near that age. When I say relate I mean the reader can see the characteristics in these characters and can connect them with someone who may automatically come into their head: whether it is a cousin or a son the reader is likely to know someone at that stage. In the novel the author creates several key incidents to explore the theme of adventure the first one is when they actually discover Aquila. This all comes about when they are sitting have lunch and they are sitting on the stones at the quarry near the site of the location of Aquila. While they are having there lunch the mound beneath them crumbles and they end up in a cave where they find Aquila. So they get in to Aquila and press buttons and they establish that Aquila moves. ...read more.


The last key incident in which the author explores the theme of adventure is when the boy finds out that Aquila disappears. The boys get Aquila back home and they are storing it in the garage. They press buttons. The first one is a laser beam that shoots through the wall and sets the neighbours garden shed on fire. However when they press the next one they realise it makes the machine invisible. This is a key part as this is the start of the adventure for the boys. "I think it might be best if we don't try any more buttons for a while. In conclusion, Aquila is a novel in which the writer uses very creative and imaginative writing to show and put over the story about two boys and a flying machine. I found the novel very enjoyable to read in the way he uses characterisation and key incidents kept my attention by the great detail and very effective word choice. I would advise people to read it but most importantly I would encourage the writer write a follow up. ...read more.

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