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Diverse Culture- Guleri and Veronica

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Diverse Culture Compare and contrast the female characters Veronica in 'Veronica' and Guleri in 'A Stench of Kerosene'. In this essay both female characters in 'Veronica' and 'A Stench of Kerosene' will be examined for similarities and differences in their culture and traditions. When you read these two stories the three things that stand out is their culture, tradition and the theme of love. The story teaches us that sometimes tradition gets in the way of life. It can sometimes control your life or sometimes not. In both the stories, the women hold on tightly to their traditions. The authors are not just talking about their family traditions but the global tradition of fertility and obedience. The main characters in these stories are Veronica and Guleri. This essay portrays about the roles of women. Although there are a lot of similarities between them on the surface but there are more concealed. In both the stories, the main belief in the female characters is their culture. Throughout the stories it shows us how important their culture is to them and how their society forces them to do certain actions that occasionally leads to a person's death as seen in 'A Stench of Kerosene'. ...read more.


She is like a slave first to her father and then to her marriage to her husband. She is pleased with what she does and doesn't complain about it much but if she had the opportunity to raise her voice she would have probably had a say in what she desires to accomplish in life. 'They are my family and this is enough', this is a line of Veronica's low expectations. She feels her family is everything she needs and nothing else would have the same satisfactory. Guleri on the other hand is very 'childishly stubborn' and always wants everything her way. She is portrayed similar to a little girl. Guleri is a happy go lucky person and loves her life. Manak and Guleri are expressed as a happy couple and care about each other. In 'Veronica' culture is a main portion of her life. Her life was about tradition. When she refuses to go to the city with Okeke and says that it will be harder for her as she is a woman and she isn't educated enough. 'God blessed us with a son. Is that not enough?' this explains that Veronica is always the same after a long period of time that the two have been apart. ...read more.


Amrita Pritam shows us how this guilt has not only affected his life but his mind and senses at the same time as it reads in the last line of the story when he holds the new born baby of his second wife when it is given to him, he says; 'Take him away! He stinks of kerosene!' this portrays that the baby symbolizes the death of his former wife and the baby being brought to this world has made his former wife leave it. In both the stories we should pity Veronica and Guleri, as they were just 'victims of death'. Veronica physically dies against her own rule and Guleri mentally felt that she could not live no more. Therefore, the main two women, in both the stories suffered the main tragedies. The reader may also have felt pity that Veronica was unable to prevent being born into a sexist and poor culture, which caused her to live her life with the tragic ending. Manak was also a victim, not of death but of guilt as he was taunted by the events of his wife and the evidence at the end of the story proves this as he thinks his child smells of kerosene, which is the liquid that caused his previous wife to burn to death. This proves that his future with his new wife will be very hard to cope with. ...read more.

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