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How do Gold Cadillac and Country Lovers differ in their presentation of Prejudice?

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How do Gold Cadillac and Country Lovers differ in their presentation of Prejudice? Both Mildred Taylor (Gold Cadillac) and Nadine Gordimer (Country Lovers) grew up in cultures where racism was a part of their everyday life. This theme of racism is reflected strongly in their stories. Mildred Taylor's experience of racism in the Southern States of America is reflected in the themes and setting of her writing. She was born in 1943, Jackson, Mississippi, the strongest racial prejudice sate found in America. In many of her college preparatory classes, Mildred Taylor was the only black student. She often found herself painfully embarrassed by the lacklustre portrait of black people as presented in history class. Similarly, Nadine Gordimer's life in South Africa allowed her to witness first hand the human effects of segregation and state-sanctioned racism, during the Apartheid. From her early childhood, Nadine Gordimer witnessed how the white minority increasingly weakened the rights of the black majority. She states in 'The lying days', which is based closely on her own life, that she had a "growing disaffection toward the narrow-mindlessness of a small town life". In the Gold Cadillac, the author focuses on the themes of racial prejudice through family life. By using dialogue, the reader senses the closeness of the family; we know they are secure and loved, "Wilma and I hugged our father with our joy. My uncles came from the house and my aunts, carrying their babies, came out to." ...read more.


It then later becomes more personal as Nadine Gordimer focuses on detail of their daily lives, 'when we were fifteen, six foot tall and...' The type of racism presented in Gold Cadillac is seen to be born out of fear and ignorance. America is known for being a land of freedom; there are many cultures and different ethnic background found there. However, white people still treat black people unfairly. Many laws were passed, for example the Civil Rights Movement Act, but this did not banish racism. The police, could not and did not want to accept that the Gold Cadillac was owned by a black man, "whose car is this boy?" The police does this because of fear, they does not want to challenged, they and many other white people are scared, that is why there are many signs saying, "WHITE ONLY, COLOURED NOT ALLOWED". White people in the South saw black people almost as a disease. Nadine Gordimer did not believe in apartheid. She felt strongly about equality and this is seen in many of her stories like Country lovers. Paulus Eyzebdick, who is a rich white boy, and Thebedi, a poor black girl, are lovers from their childhood. Because interracial relationship was forbidding in South Africa, they would plan to meet each other in "secret"; "they met just before the light went". ...read more.


The author has created this feeling because she wants the readers to reflect on the inhumane situation of apartheid. Apartheid seems to present ignorance and selfishness. South Africa has been used as the slave trade; many black people live in the worst areas of South Africa. The pioneering Europeans settles in South Africa to find wealth, this mainly came from diamond and gold. However due to their ignorance these treasures have abused. The gold mirrors the baby, the gift of the child is selflessly used to protect and provide for ones self, because of this it dies. Mildred Taylor, Gold Cadillac, allows the reader's to feel and think how she feels and thinks. We see how family is important to Mildred Taylor, because, the father gave up the Gold Cadillac to protect his family. The Gold Cadillac is represented as America, it may seem to be a country of freedom, but it really is a country of racism and prejudice. The author of Gold Cadillac allows the readers to engage with the author. Because the narrator is a young girl, the story becomes more truthful, this helps the reader to create a more vivid image of the Gold Cadillac. Finally, both stories have a strong theme of racial prejudice. They explore deal with and present these tensions in a strikingly different way, both stories allows the reader's to engage with the author. We learn how both Mildred Taylor and Nadine Gordimer's historical background help contribute to the stories, bringing the text to life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chinyere Akosim ...read more.

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