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Literary Analysis and Comparison of

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Literary Analysis and Comparison of "A Persistent Woman" And "Uncle Ernest" I have chosen to compare and analyse the openings of "A persistent woman" and "Uncle Ernest" because the both authors have used similar literary techniques to try and make the reader read on but it in very different ways. For example both extracts describe the main characters (Uncle Ernest and Temple) but in "Uncle Ernest" this is very explicit, describing his appearance in great detail. Just from the first sentence we know he is a "middle-aged man wearing a dirty raincoat" and can begin to form a mental picture, creating familiarity and empathy. In sharp contrast, A Persistent Woman creates mystery and suspicion about the main character, Temple. ...read more.


For example, "Ernest...walked through a caf� doorway, instinctively lowering his head as he did so" gives the impression than Ernest is very self-conscious and insecure. "A Persistent Woman", on the other hand, implies that Temple is unforgiving and intolerant because when " she (Sarah) clung to his arm" he "would not relent" and "tried to shake her off" even though he knew that she was sorry - "she was repentant" In "A Persistent Woman", strong language is used to foreshadow, violence, confrontation and dramatic events. For example, " atrocious quarrels" "killing him" and "furies" are used in the first sentence. This creates tension because the reader is in anticipation of these events. Whereas in "Uncle Ernest", words like "casually" and "eased" give the story a more leisurely pace and give the impression of the plodding routine of his existence. ...read more.


In conclusion I would say that "A Persistent Woman" is more effective because though many of the same techniques are used, it creates a great deal more apprehension and suspense than "Uncle Ernest" by hinting at the dramatic events that have and will take place. There are a lot more unanswered questions, which makes the reader want to read on because they want to see whether their predictions and interpretations are correct. I did, however, enjoy the slow leisurely pace in "Uncle Ernest" and the informal tone made it an easier read. I would also be much more interested to find out what happens to Uncle Ernest than I would to Temple because I know more about him so can relate better to him. By Sohna Jawara ...read more.

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