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Women in 'Tickets please' and 'Turned' behave in an unacceptable and unreasonable manner, how far do you agree with this statement?

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Prose Comparison Women in 'Tickets please' and 'Turned' behave in an unacceptable and unreasonable manner, how far do you agree with this statement? The short story 'Tickets Please' was set in 1918, which was the final year of the war, and was written by the author D H Lawrence in the mid 20's. Society during this period was in a state of flux, having women do traditional male jobs due to the war. The central characters in this story are 'Annie' and 'John Thomas'. 'Annie' is a strong-minded individual who works in the railway industry as a conductor. These girls that work in this industry are known as 'Fearless young hussies', the meaning for this is that they don't fear anybody. Before this period in time women used to wear big persumtustuas gowns. Having the women in this time scale to be very proper and well mannered, but now society being in state of flux and was called the 'wild time', since women had to go to work in these strange environments, from wearing a pretty dress to an 'ugly blue uniform'. Another main character in this story is 'John Thomas' who worked in this protected industry and being unable to go off to the war ...read more.


The quotation below shows the comparison of verbs, changing from intense to vicious a juxtaposition of roles of power. "She fetched him a sharp blow over the head with the buckle end. He sprang and seized her". Their wild animal packed conduct was very inexplicable especially, during that period in time especially. The writer uses an animal metaphor "wild frenzy of fury and terror", showing the reader how bizarre Annie's demeanour is. Also there is another animal reference, since the women appears to be acting as a packed of hyenas would. "Their faces were flushed, their hair wild, their eyes were all glittering strangely", I noticed this is also a metaphor for the after stages of sex. In my opinion Annie's means of revenge is highly uncalled for and she could have found other numerous methods to get her revenge, without damaging his health and pride to such an extent. Also during that period of time that sort of behaviour would have been definitely not acceptable to that society and also in 2002 terms as well. The comparisons and similarities of both short stories are that they involve betrayal between relationships. ...read more.


The actions of Mrs Marroner due to this distraught event, is quite peculiar since she defends Gerta and basis her anger and blame on Mr Marroner "Some men can love two women at the same time. This was not love". Semantically he distances himself from line 108-115. Mr Marroner unorthodox behaviour was a taboo in that society and his reputation will be "doomed to degradation". His careless stupidity is somewhat humorous but ironic "One thing he felt perfectly sure of-she knew". Mrs Marroner's demeanour is quite odd since she leaves her husband, which is understanding but takes Gerta and looks after her and her baby. Personally I think that Mrs Marroner decision was quite acceptable to a certain extent, but taking Gerta and the furniture was quite strange. Also from lines170-174 her husband shows true remorse and still she doesn't forgive him. But what she's forgotten is that it takes two people in an affair and not all the blame should be based on Mr Marroner. The last quote "What have you to say to us?" can have numerous meanings, but my interpretation is that Mrs Marroner was completely heart broken and finds it very hard to forgive but takes occurrences extreme and emotionally intense. ...read more.

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