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Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver.Thomas Hardy.

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Michael Webb 21st January 2006 Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver. Thomas Hardy. For the past few weeks in English we have been studying the short story, "Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver" by Thomas Hardy and this will be the subject of this coursework. The main question for this coursework is "How does Thomas Hardy create humour in the story and how effective is it?" In this coursework I will first explain the outline of the story, I will then analyse the characters individually and then try to show humour is created. I will do this in four sections. Firstly by how the situations and events create humour then in the characterisation, the setting and the use of dialect and vocabulary. The story starts with Tony Kytes travelling back from the market one Saturday in his wagon. As he's travelling home he meets Unity Sallet, a beautiful girl who he liked very much even before he was engaged to Milly. She asked Tony if she could have a lift home, and Tony obliged. ...read more.


Tony still having liking towards Hannah he asked his fianc�, to avoid any unpleasantness, if she would mind hiding under the empty crates at the front of the wagon. Milly agreed and hid out of Hannah's sight. Tony drove on up the road, with Unity still hidden at the back and Milly at the front. Hannah had soon caught Tony in the corner of her eye coming up the road; Tony smiled and went on his way. Just as he thought he had got past, Hannah called him and asked for a lift back home. Tony thought for a moment but soon obliged, again. They rode on, both getting closer to each other until Tony, forgetting about Milly and Unity, told her about how he had not exactly settled the marriage with Milly. At that point Milly let out a squeak, "mice" said Hannah, but Tony assured her it was only the axel squeaking in the dry weather. ...read more.


In this section I will comment on how humour is created in the situation and the events of the story. The main section humour is created is in the beginning when he keeps on picking up the women. This is very amusing as it is very repetitive and each time you can see what is about to happen. Another extremely humorous part of the story comes when he ends up with three of the women in his wagon each hidden from each other in different parts of it. This part brings a certain amount of tension to the story as we keep thinking they may find out about each other. This tension is then further increased when Tony is talking to Hannah saying he would marry her instead of Milly and Milly screams. Although you are worried at this point it is still quite funny as each time Milly let of a squeal Tony had to make up another elaborate story to cover up. The part of I find most humorous is when Tony leaves the wagon with Hannah to look after it while he speaks to his dad. She ...read more.

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