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GCSE: William Golding

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Golding's ideas and expression

  1. 1 The novel's title The Lord Of The Flies comes from the Arabic Ba‘al az-Zubab, so Beezlebub, meaning 'lord of demon flies' or 'the devil'.
  2. 2 The novel explores the thin veneer of civilisation and considers the idea that a scratch to the surface will resort everyone to savagery.
  3. 3 It also considers the loss of innocence, the break down of civilisation and the break down of friendships through violent bullying, death or the violence around them.
  4. 4 As the novel progresses the boys’ language deteriorates to mirror the events. For example

The themes of 'Lord Of The Flies'

  1. 1 War

    Plane crash,
    Nuclear bomb,
    The violent ‘games’ the boys play reflects what is happening in the adult world.
  2. 2 Violence

    The killing of pig,
    The boys revert to ‘wild’ savages,
    Ralph becomes a hunted animal,
    Simon is torn apart.
  3. 3 Setting

    The island originally seems like a paradise but there is foreshadowing in ‘the scar’ that the plane makes,
    Humans turn paradise into a hell,
    The boys literally set the place on fire; turning it into hell.
  4. 4 Religion

    The symbolism of paradise,
    Man’s basic evil,
    Adam and Eve, with the loss of innocence mirrored in the growing evil in the boys.

  1. Compare and contrast the presentation of the extremes of good and evil in Goldings Lord of the Flies and Shakespeares Macbeth. How do these extremes reflect the times in which the texts were written?

    This is because only a few scenes before Macbeth forfeited his soul in exchange for earthy desires. Macbeth acknowledges that he has committed a grievous sin but does not even have the ability to ask for forgiveness. Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, views evil as something less absolute and tells Macbeth that, ??Tis the eye of childhood / That fears a painted devil.? Lady Macbeth sees fear of the devil as something childish and doubts his very existence, peradventure to ease her conscience.

    • Word count: 2819
  2. How do Hill and Golding Create Sympathy for one Character in Each Text

    Additionally, the description of the boys being a ?closed circuit? almost implies that they are a group who rely on and need each other. The use of ?closed? only served to further distance the gap between Piggy and the others. Golding then goes on to describe Piggy as ?intimidated by the uniformed superiority? of Jack. Golding uses this sentence to show the readers Piggy?s stance on the subject of class status. Upon seeing Jack in uniform he views him as someone who is better than himself in all aspects, as evidenced by the use of ?superiority?.

    • Word count: 1569
  3. In both Hills I'm The King of The Castle and Golding's Lord of The Flies, children are shown to learn from their experiences

    Hill shows Hoopers inconsideration towards death in the opening pages of the novel when she described Hooper as having ?thought nothing of his grandfather? shortly after his death. This lack of care towards the death of a supposed loved ones shows not only his emotional disconnect with his family, but also his stance on life; at this point of time Hooper sees so significance in life or a living person and in this sense could be seen as nihilistic. Hill shows Hoopers descent into this disrespect through his relentless bullying of Kingshaw which shows his lack of respect for other people.

    • Word count: 1342
  4. Childhood is portrayed as being full of difficulty and fear. How do the writers of Lord of the Flies and I'm the King of the Castle present this?

    This is most likely due to him being ?fat? and due to his ?specs? and accent, showing how Piggy is excluded by the upper class boys purely due to superficial reasons. Through this, perhaps Golding is trying to illustrate that the older generations, specifically men, have had an effect on the children, due to the prejudice involved in warfare. This is because Golding was possibly known to be a pacifist, and spoke out against warfare, and especially the way in the British forced their power upon other nations, due to them being perceived as inferior, similar to the way in

    • Word count: 1842
  5. How do the writers present difficulties faced by those who are different in "Lord of the Flies" and "Im the King of the Castle"?

    In fact, the fact that Kingshaw is said to feel ?extreme isolation? further displays this idea that because of Kingshaw?s lower-class upbringing, he does not fit into the upper-class setting, because he is ?different?. Hooper?s statements of ?I didn?t want you to come here? and ?You do what I say? goes to show the rejection towards Kingshaw, and the prejudice he faces, because these things are said before Hooper even properly gets to know Kingshaw. Furthermore, this repetition of the pronoun ?you? could possibly suggest that Hooper is trying to distance Kingshaw, labelling him as ?different?, and trying to alienate him.

    • Word count: 1300
  6. How do Hill and Golding present a warning to society?

    This point is further backed up the colour ?red?, which holds connotations of anger, blood and hatred, all of which are savage descriptions. The chant of ?cut her throat, spill her blood? could be compared to an army march or chant, and the graphic nature of ?spilling blood? and a ?cut throat? could further convey these ideas of savagery. This influence of the upper classes and the British Empire can further be seen in the way in which Ralph ?machine gunned Piggy?, showing how the minds of young children have been affected by the negative influence and ?savagery? of the behaviour of the army or British Empire.

    • Word count: 1746

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