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English - Love Poetry

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Love Poetry Coursework The two poems I have chosen to study for my coursework are "A Woman to Her Lover", and "First Love". The reason I have chosen to study these two poems is due to the vast contrast between them. "First Love" by John Clare was written in the 19th century. The poem is written in rhyme rhythm ABABCDCD. ...read more.


First love has a simple rhyming scheme and uses very basic language to show the innocence of the man it is happening to. "A Woman to Her Lover", on the other hand, is written by Christina Walsh in the 18th century. It describes a woman who has been proposed to. She however, wishes to have her say before agreeing. She does not wish to be treated like a queen, nor like a sex object, nor like a slave. ...read more.


She wishes to have an uncommonly unique relationship with her husband. If he agrees with this, then she will accept the proposal. A woman to her lover is a very sophisticated piece of poetry. The language used is complicated, and likewise is the structure. The poems represent different types of love, and the techniques that are used to achieve this. There is a wide variety of the types of love with different aspects to the affects and meaning of love. This makes it harder to define them, as there is first love, and emotional love involved in both poems. ...read more.

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