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english macbeth

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'Macbeth is a cautionary tale, warning against ambition and the dangers of the supernatural.' Discuss Macbeth is amongst the best known of William Shakespeare's tragic plays. The play is loosely based upon the historical account of King Macbeth of Scotland by Raphael Hollinshed and the Scottish philosopher Hector Boece. This often seen to be a tale in regards to the dangers of the lust for power and betrayal of friends. He becomes so ambitious he doesn't see the dangers of the supernatural. There are many themes in this play such as the supernatural, deception, secrecy, loyalty, betrayal, greed and ambition. The supernatural include the three 'weird sisters' who tell Macbeth the prophecies which lead to all the deception and secrecy. Throughout the play the idea of 'Fair is foul, foul is fair' is portrayed, what appears to be good can be harmful, Macbeth also says to Banquo 'So foul and fair a day I have not seen', referring back to the paradox. Shakespeare uses this paradox to create recurring images as a technique, e.g. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. The supernatural phenomena called the weird sisters in Shakespeare's Macbeth are known to be the three fates in classical mythology. ...read more.


Banquo is almost amused by them and questions them calmly. He does not think much about them like Macbeth does, even though in act 2 scene 1 he is a bit disturbed, but even so he says, 'so I lose none in seeking augment it, but still keep my bosom franchis'd and all allegiance clear, I shall be counsell'd'. Saying he will keep his heart clear and not even considers it or gives it another thought. This is a Shakespearean tragedy, meaning the protagonist must be an admirable but flawed character, who the audience can sympathize with. They should be capable of good and evil, they can always back out and redeem themselves, but Shakespeare dictates they must move unheedingly to their doom. Macbeth is a tragic hero; he's a character with high repute but by virtue of tragic flaw and fate, falls into suffering. The tale of Macbeth fits the genre, because he is a hero, an admirable man who had been named Thane of Glamis and Cawdor, however prophecies made by the withes, tragic flaw, makes him power hungry, which unfortunately leads to his downfall. ...read more.


In everyone's eyes Macbeth was a hero, Lady Macbeth was seen as a 'fair lady', but they just used this to their advantage. No one suspected them of the regicide accept Banquo, Macbeth picks up on this and it becomes another reason to get Banquo murdered; it was their own actions that led them to their deaths. The Elizabethan audience would see this as the works of the devil, the witches influence on an innocent man. That he wasn't in his senses that he was possessed which lead to his and Lady Macbeth's inner turmoil. But we as the modern audience would blame Macbeth and his wife, and his greed for ambition and success. We can see that becoming ambitious had changed Macbeth; he became ruthless and power hungry, and murdered whoever got in his way. But the supernatural did play a big part in it all, as the witches did make Macbeth believe that they were the reason for his growing power, this shows a danger as it did tempt him and Lady Macbeth, and they played with their greed and ambition. Overall the dangers of the supernatural lead to Macbeth getting ambitious, and the play does warn against it. BY RAHELA RAHMAN 10N - 1 - 2042 words ...read more.

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