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Ranvir Kandola 10.5 English Media Coursework The Titanic The Titanic The Ship of Dreams... Titanic, the unsinkable is known as the ship of dreams as two young, star-crossed lovers Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) struggle to fight for their love despite coming from different social classes. Rose goes back to the past as she narrates a romantic, emotive, death-defying tragedy showing her ongoing love with Jack. However, when Rose's fianc� Cal (Billy Zane) realises Jack has sketched an exposed portrait of Rose wearing no more than her Blue diamond necklace he has bought for her illustrating his love. He shows his jealousy immensely towards their relationship. Meanwhile, the Titanic unexpectedly collides with an iceberg, whilst Jack and Rose show their ongoing affection for one another. As a result of this, Cal hatches a plan to get Jack arrested, will he succeed and win Rose back over? Or will they find themselves fighting for survival? Unlike many romantic films, a contemporary, luxury cruise ship named the "R.M.S. ...read more.


Billy Zane is an exceptionally talented actor as he only thinks about himself and causes mayhem on the ship which engages the audience into the film. The actress Kate Winslet plays the important role of Rose, showing her passionate love for Jack, as of the moment he saves her from committing suicide off the top of the liner. However, Cal becomes involved into their love affair and consequently attempts to end their relationship, before she decides to marry Jack instead of him. A scenario in which her performance exemplifies her distinctive affection for Jack and odium for Cal is when he safely settles her into a lifeboat, however knowing Jack has been punished for an accusation of stealing she bounds from the boat in order to rescue him. The director, James Cameron selects Kate Winslet to star in a role as a young, brave lover who is purposely separated from Jack, by her fianc�. She accomplishes the role immaculately by showing her love emotionally and hatred bravely. ...read more.


Likewise, whilst the third class passengers are tap dancing to the music it assists in accumulating rhythm to the music. Furthermore, a scenario which utilizes fast music in addition to the composition of the strident machinery to create panic within the crew is when they endeavour to save the Titanic from colliding into an iceberg. Conclusively, during the final few hours of the Titanic's survival, violins and cellos are played in order to calm passengers however as the ruffle and squealing continues they begin to perform heart-rending, high pitched and emotional music. For me, Titanic has left me thinking of it has a brilliant, emotional and memorable film of all time. The story line of the reconstruction leaves you glued to the seat as you desire to find out what happens next. The Titanic is an exceptional film for all, since the plot of the story encourages the audience to keep tuned in as Rose and Jack fight for their love on the unsinkable Titanic and believe me, you'll be wiping your tears away by the end of the film. ...read more.

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