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English Media Bowling For Columbine

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'Bowling For Columbine', directed, produced and written by Michael Moore is a documentary film. The film is about the Columbine High School massacre on April 20th 1999. The film explores how and why gun crime in America is a major problem. Michael Moore explores the ways in which the Gun culture in America has led to their freedom and their devastation. Michael Moore has used a variety of directorial techniques such as visual, audio, positioning, cutting and tone to persuade the viewer of his own opinion. Here these techniques have been examined. In the first scene, Moore presents examples of how corrupt and violent the US has been for the past 50 years. He illustrates how the US builds weapons and uses them for selfish and aggressive attacks against other counties. The scene implies that the US has, for many years, attacked innocent civilians of countries that are, supposedly, a threat to them. Moore has made the USA look like an 'evil' dictator by using an army font during the scene, that reflects the way in which military commands are sent to the army, '1953: US overthrows Prime Minister Mossadeq of Iran.' The caption at the bottom of the screen is 'typewritten' on screen like how military commands are sent to imply that the USA has planned a large army backed operation in doing this. This indirectly changes the viewer's opinion because Moore has deliberately used this method to make the viewer think that America is a dictator sending out commands to its army. ...read more.


Moore has cleverly cut the scenes so that the president is shown to be more worried about the shooting than their bombs killing innocent people in Serbia. During the whole scene, the quiet, sombre, guitar music has been used cunningly, as Moore has clearly juxtaposed the music and the scene, whilst the music is sombre and mournful and the scene is shocking and disturbing. The music being played is by Marylyn Manson, who was thought to be an influence on violence in America, but using this quiet, harmless music has obliterated Manson's involvement. Moore has once again, given the impression that there is a much worse reason to the boys' behaviour. Moore has also, slyly, used scenes that alter the viewer's opinion, near the beginning of the scene, he has included the school motto, that says, 'home of the rebels,' and also showing a model soldier holding a gun. The use of these small, short clips suggests that, maybe the school has produced these 'rebels'. The viewer is persuaded by the use of these simple scenes because Moore has made it easy to picture the boys becoming 'rebels' because of the school's connection. Whilst the scene progresses, the clip takes the audience through the school with clever camerawork. Moore has clearly added this part into the scene to make the audience feel as if they are actually walking themselves, because of the slight wobble of the camera and the realistic, walking up the stairs. ...read more.


He has also shrewdly juxtaposed the lowest figure of Japan with the very high figure for USA to give a wrong impression to the viewer. The overall impact of the scene conveys the message from Moore that, all the other countries gun crime rate is laughable or unnecessary, and in some cases, just accidents. However, when it comes to America, there is no joke and no accidents, because Moore suggests that America has bought the violence in itself. To conclude, the techniques used by Moore to manipulate the viewer's perception of America has raised the question of whether or not the film is legitimate. The techniques, mainly positioning, cutting, audio, visual and tone have been used by Moore to create what may be a film based on opinion and not on facts. Because at any point where something may seem factual, no source of the facts are cited which reduces the validity of the film. The way, in which Moore has made America look like a super powered, violent country using the techniques has raised concern on the validity of the film. In most parts of the film, Moore has used his directorial skills to cut and position scenes that will manipulate the viewers thinking into that he is right, when, in fact, at many points of the film he is only telling the viewer his opinion. Consequently concluding that Moore has made the film into a mainly fictional 'telling' of his opinions, rather than pure facts. ?? ?? ?? ?? What techniques does Michael Moore use in Bowling for Columbine to persuade the viewer of his opinions? ...read more.

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