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English Media Coarsework

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Compare And Contrast Two Car Advertisements How Do They Attempt To Persuade Their Audience? Which is the most successful? In this essay I am studying two advertisements for different car manufacturers. I will be analysing how successful they are in persuading their audience to buy their cars. The SAAB advertisements that we have looked at appeals to its audience on the issue of safety. They use safety as a method to persuade because most people would look at the safety of the car in case they get involved in a serious accident. In the advert they use a number of safety features to prove that the car is very safe, e.g. "USA size air bag, burst into action" "Engine being transversely -mounted, doubled as a protective barrier". They also offer and carry out a test crash showing a picture too proving that they are dreadfully serious about the safety of their car, "energy- absorbing door blocks, helped cushion the shock". Mainly young family men would buy a car like this, because they wouldn't want any of their family members to be injured in any way. In the headline they offer you a test crash, The first picture shows a picture of a crashed SAAB car with a family inside it perfectly safe, this proves that SAAB really do test drive their car, this is linked with the headline because it shows a crashed car. ...read more.


Both advert do not deal with the same safety issue, because HYUNDAI concentrate more on the people outside the car telling you that you will never hit any pedestrians when you are driving the HYUNDAI, SAAB concentrate on the safety of the people inside the car telling you how safe you will be even after an accident. SAAB advert makes you think about the safety of you and the people inside the car e.g. Family members, HYUNDAI advert makes you think about the unprotected vulnerable youngsters out there. In a sense both advert appeal to people with children. The HYNDAI car is much more bigger than the SAAB car but the price of the HYUNDAI is much cheaper than the SAAB, so more people are likely to afford the HYUNDAI. A powerful rhetorical question is used in the headline to make you think, how safe is the brakes in your car? This plays on your emotions. This advert evokes a concerned, anxious or guilty feeling inside you, the feeling of guilt is not the same as the what the SAAB evokes, SAAB advert brings out a nervous feeling and makes you think, if you had the SAAB car you would never hit vulnerable child out there. This advert makes us think we are not going to be involved in an accident because, by buying a HYUNDAI we are avoiding the accidents in the first place. ...read more.


It also suggests the safety of the driver, e.g. 'full size drivers airbag', 'inflates in an incredible 0.03 seconds'. The first image is very effective on me because, as soon as you look at the advert, the face of a vulnerable child comes in to my mind and concerns me that I could hit a child, after looking at the vulnerable child's face with an anxious look in its face. This concerns me because it makes me feel that if I don't buy this car i might hit a child with a car with not as reliable brakes as the HYUNDAI. Overall I think that both of the adverts are equally effective. First of all the SAAB advert offers you a test crash, proving the point that the car is really safe inside for you and your family whatever happens outside, this is effective because, people think about the security of their family first before buying the car. But the HYUNDAI advert concentrates more on the people outside and around the car, and uses much more emotive words with a very effective image on the top of the advert, unlike the SAAB car which shows a crashed car for first image, which is also effective because that shows that the safety is really true about what they are saying. The SAAB advert also includes a rhetorical question in the headline, which sets the reader thinking from the start. ...read more.

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