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English Media - Comparison of 2 advertisments

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The purpose of this essay is to analyse two advertisements, of the same product, and evaluate on which of the two are better at marketing their product successfully. Both of the advertisements are for cars (one for Jeep and one for Citro�n) but market their respective cars for different audiences. The target market for the Jeep advertisement is for people who often go off-road or frequently drive in wintery conditions whereas the target market for the Citro�n is for people who are interested in buying a car that is ecologically friendly and is low in price (for cars of a similar nature). The first advertisement is of a festive nature for the car company Jeep. The reader's eyes are first drawn to the vehicle itself as it is the biggest thing on the page (therefore advertising the car as the most important). Our eyes are then drawn up the page by the tyre tracks onto the Christmas tree. This is good use of the Roving Eye Technique as it makes the reader look up at the tyre tracks and the direction they move in; travelling around either side of the tree. The reader is then drawn to the slogan (as it is black text on a white background) ...read more.


The image is very basic and there is technically more image than text but as previously said, the image is made up of both image and text: again a clever feature to reduce the space used and to make the image uncluttered. Both images are photos but both have been digitally altered to create the desired affect and both are in colours that have been specifically chosen: the Jeep advertisement is in seasonal colours whereas the Citro�n is in Green. The colour range enhances the message portrayed by the advertisement and reinforces it: the Jeep advertisement is for a car designed for snowy terrain and the Citro�n advertisement is marketing a care that is eco-friendly. Both of the advertisements show the product which allows the reader to see what they could purchase; should they wish to buy the car. The logos are placed in specific areas. On the Citro�n advertisement, it is placed with the founders name and slogan; and as these things are the only items on the page they stands out and are easily seen. In the Jeep advertisement, the car logo is placed under the slogan by the information. It is black text on a white background which makes it stand out, again enabling the reader to quickly identify who has made the car in question. ...read more.


This is a good feature as you have to re-adjust your focus to find what the image is truly of. The fan that turn the turbine into the wind is a picture of Andre Citro�n; he is placed here as he is the one that moves his company in the "right direction", just like the fan does for the turbine. This is good as it is a subconscious message that most people will not instantly pick up and read it; not read into it. The fonts in the Jeep advertisement are all the same; as are the colours. Nevertheless, the sizes vary according to the importance of the text. The slogan is the biggest and boldest and the small print (which includes the necessary information as well as the more detailed financial information) is the smallest. In the Citro�n advertisement, the slogan, promotional catchphrase and web address are all in bigger fonts and all coloured black and of varying fonts. The start of the text is in green and is in a bigger and different colour font; this highlights the passage, drawing the reader's eye to that part of the advertisement first. All of these tricks allow the company to make the reader see the main parts of the advertisement before the others; making them digest the key bits of information over the insignificant ones. ...read more.

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